[Black Friers.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]181

[Black Friers.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]

Dame Sible, Daughter to William Patteshulle, Wife to Roger Beauchampe. And by her Sir Richard, or Roger Beauchampe.

Dame Jane Boteler.

Lord Scrope. Upsal.

Sir Fanhope Lord S. Amand, and Dame Elizabeth his Wife, Daughter to the Duke of Lancaster.

Richard S. Amand, Lord S. Amand, bequeathed his Boidy to be buried in the Church of the Black Friers, next Ludgate, June 12, 1508.]

J. S.

Sir Stephen Collington, Kt.

King James of Spain.

Sir William Peter, Kt.

The Countess of Huntington.

Dutchess of Exeter.

Sir John Cornwall.

Lord Fanhope died at Ampthill in Bedfordshire, and was buried here, 1433.

Caveston Talbot, Esq.

Sir John Tipofte, Earl of Worcester, beheaded, 1470.

And by him, in his Chappel, James Turchet, Lord Audley, beheaded 1497.

William Paston, and Anne, Daughter to Edmond Lancaster.

The Heart of Sir Westye.

The Heart of Dame Margaret, Countess of the Yle.

The Lord Beaumont.

Mr. Geth.

Sir Edmond Cornewall, Baron of Burford.

The Lady Nevil, wedded to the Lord Dowglass *, Daughter to the Duke of Exeter.


Richard Scrope, Esq.

Dame Katharine Vaux.

Alys [Alice] Cobham.

Sir Thomas Browne, and Dame Elizabeth * his Wife.


Sir George Browne, and Dame Elizabeth his Wife.

Jane Powell *.


Thomas Swinforth *.


John Mawsley *, Esq; 1432.


John de la Bere *, Nicolas Carre, Geffrey Spring, William Clifford, Esquires.


Sir Thomas Brandon, Knight of the Garter, 1509.

This Noble Knight, by his last Will, dated June 11. 1509. bequeathed his Body to be buried in the Friers Preachers, London; as near unto the Sepulchre of Sir John Wingfield, Kt. as might be. He was Uncle to the famous Charles Brandon, afterwards Duke of Suffolk; that married the Queen Dowager of France. To him, by his said Will, he left 300 Marks of his Plate. He also gave to the Friers Austins, London, 60l. for a perpetual Memory to be had of the Lord Marquess Berkley, and the Lady Marchioness late his Wife. And to the Lady Jane Gylford, Widow, he bequeathed his Place in Southwark; with his Lease which he had of the Lord Bishop of Winton.]

Sir Thomas Brandon, Uncle to Charles Brandon.

Sir John Wyngfield.

J. S.

William Stalworth, Merchant Taylor, 1518.

William Courtney, Earl of Devonshire, nominate, but not created, the 3d of Hen. VIII. &c. To these I add,

Elizabeth Lady Scrope, of Upsal and Marsham, Widow. Who by her Will bequeathed her Body to be buried in the Black Friers, London, beside her Husband Lord Thomas Scrope, of Upsal and Masham. By which Will, dated the 7th of March, the 5th of Hen. VIII. She appointed the Trentals to be sung in the Church of Black Friers, for the Soul of the said Lord her Husband, and Alice their Daughter; for Sir Henry Wentworth's Soul, and for the Soul of her Lord her Father, John Marquess Mountague; and her Mother, the Lady Isabel his Wife. She willed also, that a Stone should be prepared with three Images, one of her Husband, another of her Self, and the third of their said Daughter: And their Arms upon the said Stone, and Scripture, making mention what they were; to the Value of 10l. (If any please to hear more of this Ladies Will) She willed moreover a Tomb to be made over Sir Henry Wentworth, Kt. late her Husband, lying in Newton Abby, in Lincolnshire, to the Value of 20l. Sterling. And a Tomb likewise to be made over her Lord her Father, and her Lady Mother, lying buried in Bisham Abby in Berkshire, to the Value of 20l.

Lady Scrope.

Lord Thomas Scrope.

Prerog. Off.

J. S.

Sir Thomas Par seems also to be buried here, according to his Will dated Novem. 9. the 9th of Henry VIII. bequeathing his Body to lie in Black Friers, London, if he chanced to die within twenty Miles thereof. He willed, that all his Lands that descended to him, as Heir to Sir William Par, his Father, should remain to Maud his Wife, for her Jointure. He willed his Daughters, Katharine and Anne, to have 800l. between them; except they proved to be his Heirs, or his Son's Heirs; and then they should not. But willed the said Monies to be laid out for Copes and Vestments, to be given to the House of Clervaux, &c. and 100l. to be bestowed upon the Chauntry of Kendal. He willed his Son William to have his great Chain, worth 140l. which the King's Grace gave him. He made Maud his Wife, and Dr. Tunstal, Master of the Rolls, his Executors. This Will was proved in the Year 1517. This Man was Father to Katharine Par, King Henry's last Wife.

Sir Tho. Par.

Dame Maud Par, Widow to the abovenamed Sir Thomas, and Mother to Queen Katharine, by her Will, bearing date May 20. the 21st of Hen. VIII. bequeathed her Body to be buried in this Church. In this Will, she mentioned her Son and Heir William Par; for whose Preferment, she had indebted her self, as she said, both to the King for his Marriage; and to the Earl of Essex, for the matching with the Lady Bourcher, Daughter and Heir apparent to the said Earl. She mentioned also Anne her Daughter, and Katharine Borough her Daughter, and Sir William Par her Brother, and Thomas Pickring Esq; her Cousin, Steward of her House. This Will was proved 1531. Decemb. 14.

Rog. de Swillington, Kt. willed (whose Will was proved 1417.) that the Friers Preachers at Ludgate, London., should have 40l. pro anniversariis diebus annuatim tenend. of him the said Roger, and Joan his Wife, for one time, when it happened, to pray for their Souls, and for Rob. Swillington his Father. And that two Nuns, Sisters of Thomas de Swillington, should have 13s. 4d.]

Of later Times, these MONUMENTS.


A fair Monument at the South end of this Church, with this Inscription.

P. M.
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