[St. Martins.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]176

[St. Martins.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]

Couch, he is to pay only 1 Penny per Week, for Chamber-room,
and no more
And the like for Lamps and Candles, which the Keeper is to provide,
1 Penny per Week, and no more

The Keeper shall not presume to take any other Fees, upon any pretence, demand, or allowance whatsoever, for Execution-Money, Action-Money, or Writ-Money.

At which said Court, it was further ordered, that the present Keeper, and the Keeper of the said Gaol for the time being, should keep the said Prison of Ludgate in good Repair, at his own Charge.

This Table, Mr. Stracey, Comptroller (now Mr. Town-Clerk,) favourably communicated to me.

In the Church of St. Martins, are these MONUMENTS.


The Monuments here be of Henry Belwase and John Gest, 1458.


William Taverner, Gent. 1466.

John Barton, Esq; 1439.

Stephen Peacocke, Maior, 1533.

William Seven-Oake, Maior, 1418, &c.

Sir Roger Cholmley, John Went, and Roger Paine, had Chauntries here.

Gulielmo Huseo, C┼ôlebi, Almæ Curiæ Cantauriensis Registro, literarum scientia vitæ probitate, morumque urbanitate claro, notis & amicis omnibus dilecto. Antonius & Katharina conjuges, Chari parentes, orbati filio, Monumentum hoc dolentes posuerunt. Obiit quinto Kalendas Novembris Anno Dom. 1559. vixit annos 28. menses 3. dies 7.
Obdormiat in Domino.

Two comely Monuments, each by other, in the East end of the Quire.

A. M.

Hic situs est Antonius Huse, Armiger, Londini natus, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, atque Capitulis D. Pauli Londinen. Registrarius primarius. Qui aliquot annos Judicis causarum Maritimarum officio integrè functus, ac etiam in Magistrorum Curiæ Cancellariæ confessum cooptatus, vergente demum ætate ad Præfectum Collegiorum Mercatorum Angliæ, tam apud Belgas, quàm apud Moscovitas, & Rhutenos commercia exercentium accitus, lingua facundus, memoria tenax, ingenio, prudentia, doctrinaque pollens, morum comitate & probitate gratiosus, Laurentio, Gulielmo, Gilberto, & Ursula liberis, ex Katharina conjuge procreatis, non infelix, sexagesimo tertio ætatis Anno è vita excessit, Kalendis Junii, An. Dom. 1560.

Here lye the Bodies of Florens Caldwell, Esquire, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, and Alderman's Deputy o the Ward of Faringdon without. And Mary Wilde, his first Wife; by whom hee had Issue one Daughter, named Mary, married to Thomas Gourney, Esquire. And Sibill Greene, his second Wife. Which Florens deceased the and Mary his Wife, the 19. day of June, An. Dom. 1590, &c.

Another sightly Monument in the same Wall.

Earth goes to }{ As Mold to Mold,
Earth treads on}{ Glittering in Gold,
Earth as to} Earth{ Return nere should,
Earth shall to}{ Goe ere he would.
Earth upon}{ Consider may,
Earth goes to}{ Naked away;
Earth though on} Earth{ Be stout and gay,
Earth shall from}{ Passe poore away.

Be mercifull and charitable,
Relieve the Poore as thou are able;
A Shrowd to thy Grave,
Is all thou shalt have.

Thomas Cooke, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, of Little Wolton, in the County of Lancaster, had to Wife Joyce Hanbury, with whom hee lived thirty Yeeres, and had issue one Sonne, and three Daughters; whereof two, (viz. Elizabeth, Wife to John Bourman, Mercer, and Mary, Wife to Thomas Bayly, Skinner,) be yet living. Hee departed this Life the 17. day of April, 1608. in the 55. yeere of his Age. Shee (his said Wife, sole Executrix of his last Will and Testament) yet surviving, to the memory of her dear Husband, erected this Monument, 1612.

A very fair new Monument in the same Wall.

To God, his Country,     
and the poore, he had
A zealous Soule, true Heart,     
and liberal Minde:
His Wife, his Children,     
and his Kindred sad,
Lack of his Love, his Care     
and Kindnesse finde.
Yet is their Sorrow swaged,     
with the thought,
He hath attain'd the     
Happinesse he sought.
Dies mortis, æternæ vitæ natalis est.

To the Memory of William Yeardly, Gentleman, and Elizabeth his Wife, sometime of this Parish. He died the 28th day of Octob. 1523. She died the 20th day of July, 1593.

William Yeardly, and     
Elizabeth his Wife,
Who lived on Earth     
free from Strife;
Not farre from this,     
in Earth doth lye,
To shew, that all     
that live, must dye.
Where they doe     
quietly expect,
To rise againe,     
as God's elect.
They left foure     
Daughters, and a Sonne,
Who left them this,     
when they were gone.

A Table hanging on a Pillar in the Chancel.

Jaspero Cholmley, Armig. Wigornienso, Clerico Recognitionum capiendi, sive recognosc. Virtute cujusdam statuti facti & ordinati 23. Hen. 8. pro debitis recuperandis; Justiciario Pacis & Quorum Dom. Reginæ in Comitat. Middl. Patri suo chariss. & amantiss. Joannes Cholmley, hoc Monumentum dolens posuit. Decem liberos ex Margareta sua unica conjuge procreatos, viz. Joannem, Thomam, Gulielmum, Hugonem, Franciscum, Mariam, Julianam, Margaretam, Annam & Janam, tempore mortis superstites reliquit. Obiit ultimo die Octob. Anno ætatis suæ 48. & Salutis nostræ 1586.

A comely Monument in the same Wall, but on the Quires South side.

Here lieth the Body of Thomas Antrobus, Esquire; who deceased the first day of May, 1611. Having Issue by Elizabeth his late Wife, (the

A new fair Monument in the same Wall.