[Q. Elizabeth comes Faringdon Ward within. to St. Pauls.]169

[Q. Elizabeth comes Faringdon Ward within. to St. Pauls.]

"others. Which you knowing such Abuses to prevail in the People to you committed, by winking at them, have permitted to be done; or rather for Profit and filthy Lucre sake, have dissembled. About which we are not a little troubled."

"Therefore We command you, firmly enjoining, that the Premisses, with a provident Deliberation weighed; and considering that the said Church is of our Patronage, and that you, on account of the Fealty to us given, are bound to consult for the preserving Our Honour, and to decline our Disgrace, by all means restrain the said People, that they do not presume to come to the said Table, and there to make Prayers, Offerings, or other Things tending to Divine Worship, without the Authority of the Church of Rome; as ye know, by Vertue of your Duty, belngeth to you according to Canonical Sanctions. And that ye so carry your Self in this behalf, that ye may avoid God's and Our Indignation. And that the People beforesaid, being by the Prudence of your Doctrine wholsomely instructed, may wholly desist from the said Abuses: And that the setting forth of your Praise may spread among the same People; and that we may deservedly continue our Benevolence conceived towards you, and the Church aforesaid. And what ye resolve to do upon these Things, write back to Us by your Letter, without loss of Time. Witness, the King at York, the 28th day of June."

After the same manner was writ to the Dean and Chapter of St. Pauls, mutatis mutandis.

Now to close up all these Memories, concerning this Cathedral Church of St. Pauls, London, we may not be unmindful of a very bountiful Benevolence given thereto, by Mr. William Parker; whose worthy Gifts deserve Volumes of Remembrance. By his last Will and Testament, he hath given the Sum of 500l. to be imployed in the repairing of the Windows of Paul's Church, from the upper end of the Stairs, from the first entring of the Quire, unto the upper end of the Church: By the Order and Direction of the Right Honourable the Lord Maior of the City of London, and the Right Worshipful the Aldermen, his Brethren, for the time being. So are the express Words, set down in the Codicil annexed to his Will.]

Five hundred Pounds given by Mr. William Parker, towards the glazing of Paul's Windows.

For the preventing of Prophanation and Abuses offered to Pauls.


This Act of Common Council was made August the 1st, Anno 1 and 2 of Philip and Mary.

"Forasmuch as the material Temples of God, were first ordained for the lawful and devout Assembly of People, there to lift up their Hearts, and to laud and praise Almighty God; and to hear his Divine Service, and most Holy Word and Gospel, sincerely said, sung, and taught; and not to be used as Markets, or other prophane Places or Thorowfares, with carriage of Things: And for that (now of late Years) many of the Inhabitants of the City of London, and other People repairing thither, have (and yet do) commonly use and accustom themselves very unseemly and unreverently (the more the pity) to make their common Carriage of great Vessels full of Ale and Beer, great Baskets full of Bread, Fish, Flesh, and Fruit, and such other Things; Fardels of Stuff, and other gross Wares and Things, thorow the Cathedral Church of St. Pauls. And some, in leading Moyles, Horses, and other Beasts through the same unreverently; to the great Dishonour and Displeasure of Almighty God, and the great Grief also, and Offence, of all good People: Be it therefore, for remedy and reformation thereof, Ordained, Enacted, and Established, &c. That no Person, either Free or Foreign, of what Estate or Condition soever, do at any time, from henceforth, carry or convey, or cause to be carried through the said Cathedral, any manner of great Vessel or Basket with Bread, Ale, Beer, Fish, Flesh, &c. or any other like Thing or Things, upon pain of forfeiture or losing for every such his or their first Offence, 3s. 4d. for the second 6s. 8d. for the third 10s. and for every other Offence, after such third time, to forfeit 10s. and to suffer two Days and two Nights Imprisonment, without Bail or Mainprise. The one moiety of all which Pains and Penalties, shall be to Christ's Hospital within Newgate, and the other half to him that will sue for the same in any Court of Record within the City; by Bill, orignal Plaint, or Information, to be commenced or sued in the Name of the Chamberlain of the said City, for the time being; wherein none Essoine or Wager of Law for the Defendant, shall be admitted or allowed."

Common Carriages, and leading of Cattle thorow Pauls, restrained.


Upon great Festivals and solemn Occasions, to this Cathedral Church repaired in great Grandeur, not only the Maior and Aldermen, and Companies of the City, but also the Kings and Princes, attended with their Nobility and Court. In the remarkable Year 1588. Nov. 18. when Queen Elizabeth had got the Victory of the great threatning Armada of Spain, and had now began the 30th Year of her Reign, she repaired hither to thank God, with her Officers and Court attending, in a most goodly Equipage; as this ensuing Scrole will demonstrate.

The Queens proceeding to St Pauls, Nov 18. 1588.

J. S.

Messengers of the Chamber.
Gentlemen Harbingers.
Sewers of the Chamber.
Six Clerks of the Chancery.
Clerks of the Signet.
Clerks of the Privy-Seal.
Clerks of the Counsel.
Chaplains having Dignities.
Master of the Revels.
Masters of the Chancery.
Aldermen of London.
Knights Batchelors.
Attorney and Sollicitor.
Serjeants of the Law.
The Queens Serjeant alone.
Barons of the Treasury.
Judge of the Common Place.
Judge of the King's Bench.
{ The Lord Chief Baron, and
{ The Lord Chief Justice of the Common
{ Place.
{ The Master of the Rolls, and
{ The Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench.
The Queens Physitians.
Esquires of the Queens Body.
Barons younger Sons.
Knights Baronets.
Viscounts younger Sons.