[St. Pauls Faringdon Ward within. New Built]156

[St. Pauls Faringdon Ward within. New Built]

the Church and Choir are divided into 3 Parts or Iles; the Roof of each is adorned with Arches, and spacious Peripheries of Enrichments; as Shields, Leaves, Chaplets, &c. (the Spaces included being somewhat Concave) admirably carved in Stone; and there is a large cross Ile between the N. and S. Porticos, and 2 Ambulatories, the one a little Eastward, the other Westward from the said cross Ile, and running parallel therewith: The Floor of the Choir and Church is paved with Marble, but within the Rail of the Altar, with fine Porphyry polish'd, and laid in several Geometrical Figures; the Arabathrum whereon the Communion-Table is placed, is 5 Steps higher than that of the Choirs Iles.

The Altar-Piece is adorned with 4 noble fluted Pilasters, finely painted, and vein'd with Gold, in Imitation of Lapis Lazuli, with their Entablature, where the Enrichments, and also the Capitals of the Pilasters are double gilt with Gold; these Intercolumns are 21 Pannels of figured Crimson Velvet; and above them 6 Windows, viz. in each Intercolumniation 7 Pannels, and 2 Windows, one above the other; at the greatest Altitude above all which, is a Glory finely done. The Apperture Nd and Sd into the Choir, are (ascending up 3 Steps of black Marble) by 2 Iron Folding-Doors, being (as that under the Organ Gallery, &c.) exquisitly wrought into divers Figures, Spiral Branches, and other Flourishes; and there are 2 others at the W. end of the Choir, the one opening into the S. Isle, the other into the N. done by the celebrated Artist in this way, Monsieur Tijan.

In this Choir, are the Galleries, the Bishops Throne, Lord Mayors Seat, with the Stalls, all which being contiguous, compose one vast Body of curious carved Work of the finest Wainscot, constituting 3 sides of a Quadrangle.

The Organ Galley (with 4 Stalls, 2 Nd, and 2 Sd therefrom) compose the W. end. The Organ-Case is magnificent and very ornamental, enrich'd with the carved Figures of Cupids (under mantling) Terms, and 8 Fames standing at the top of this Case, 4 looking Ed, and as many Wd. each appearing near 6 Foot high: It is also enrich'd with Cherubims, Fruit, Leaves, &c. very lively represented, by that excellent Artist, Mr. Gibon, all which is elevated on 8 beautiful fluted Columns of the Corinthian Order, of polish'd Marble, White vein'd with Blue, and the Organ Pipes are very spacious and gilt with Gold, preserved from Dust, &c. with fine Sashes. The N. and S. sides of this Choir have each 30 Stalls, besides the Bishops Throne and Seat on the S. side, and the Lord Mayors on the N.

The Dimensions taken from the best and largest Draughts, as the Le. and Latitude from the Ichnography, and the Altitudes from the Orthography thereof, are

500 Foot from E. to W. Wall within.

162 ---- Breadth (of the W. end for 103 Foot of the Length)

117 ---- Breadth of the rest (except between the Porticos)

249 ---- Breadth between the N. and S. Portico's with the Walls.

2292 ---- the Circuit of the Walls outwardly.

2 Acres, 16 Perches, 23 Yards and 1 Foot the Area of the ground Plot.

88 Foot perpendicular Altitude within, over the middle Ile.

120 ---- Altitude to the upper Angle of the W. Pediment.

208 ---- Altitude of the W. Towers.

60 ---- to the Top of the Cornish of the lower Order.

103 ---- to that of the upper Order.

143 ---- the Diameter of the Cupulo's Base to the middle of the 8 Pillars.

116 ---- the Diameter within the Cupulo before it begins to arch.

208 ---- Perpendicular Altitude to the top of the outward Vases round the Gallery of the Cupulo.

224 ---- Altitude to the Place where the Spherical Part of the Dome begins to appear outwardly.

276 ---- Altitude to the Crown or Vertex of the Dome's Roof, or Base of the Lantern.

64 ---- Altitude of the Lantern Ball and Cross.

340 ---- Altitude of the whole Dome, &c. of which

10 ---- the Altitude of the Cross from the Ball.

6 ---- the Diameter of the Ball.

18 .8 ---- the Circumference.

113 ---- the Solidity.

90 Bushel, the Capacity at 2150 Inches per Bushel.

The Statutes and Customs of this Church of St. Paul, having laid scatteringly in many old Books and Muniments, in the Archives of the said Church, and contained in them confusedly, without any certain Order; Radulph de Baldock, sometime Dean of the Church, with the Chapter, did reduce them methodically into a Register; together with certain Injunctions and Declarations, afterwards following.

Statutes and Customs of it.

J. S.

After that, Thomas Lyscaux, Dean of the said Church Anno Dom. 1450. in the ninth of his Deanery, and in the first of the Consecration of Bishop Kemp, caused a Book of Statutes, (called Liber Statutorum) of the Cathedral Church of London, to be written. Wherein was contained, among other Things, the abovesaid Register of the Statutes by Dean Baldock.

Lib. Statutorum.

Also in that Book was transcribed the Carta Libertatum, i.e. the Charter of the Liberties of that Church; being the Confirmation of them by King Henry VI. An. regn. 20. It consists of several Inspeximus's, and mentions the Gifts to the Church by several Kings.

This Book sets down also the Order and Prayers for a new Bishop; which was after this manner. They received him at the West Door, and there sprinkled him with Holy Water; and being incensed, he was brought with Processsion to the great Altar; and being there prostrate, the Major of the Church said, Salvum fac Servum tuum Episcopum nostrum, &c. i.e. Save thy Servant our Bishop. Send him help from the holy Place. Lord, hear my Prayer. The Lord be with you. Let us pray.

Grant, we pray thee, O Lord, to thy Servant M. our Bishop, that by preaching and exercising those things which are right, by the Example of good Works, he may save the Souls of those that are set under him; and that he may receive the Reward of eternal Recompence by, &c. as it is in the Manual of the Church.

There is also set down in the said Book of Statutes, the Churches antiently belonging to the Patronage of the Dean and Chapter, with this Title; viz.