[Monuments Faringdon Ward within. in the Grey Friers.]133

[Monuments Faringdon Ward within. in the Grey Friers.]

Sir Edmund Burnel, at his Right Hand.]

John Hastings, Earl of Pembroke, 1389. [Slain at a Turnament.]

Margaret, Daughter to Thomas Brotherton, Earl Marshal: She was Dutchess of Norfolk, and Countess Marshall, and Lady Segrave, 1389.

[Here also lieth Joah, Queen of Scotland.]

Richard Havering, Kt. 1388.

Robert Trisilian, Kt. Chief Justice, 1308.

Geoffry Lucy, Son to Geoffrey Lucy.

John Aubry, Son to John Maior of Norwich, 1368.

John Philpot, Kt. Maior of London; and the Lady Jane Stamford his Wife, 1384.

John, Duke of Burbon, and Angue Earl of Claremond, Mountpencier, and Baron Beangen, who was taken Prisoner at Agencourt, kept Prisoner Eighteen Years, and deceased 1433. [He lieth at the Side of the foresaid Queen Joan.]

Sir Robert Chalons, Kt. 1439.

John Chalons, his Son.

[In the East Wing of the Quire.


Margery Gentlewoman; with Queen Isabel. And on her Right Hand John Romesey her Son.]

Margaret, Daughter to Sir John Philpot, first married to T. Santlor *, Esq; and after, to John Neyland *, Esq.



Sir Nicolas Brembar, Maior of London, buried 1386.

Elizabeth Nevil, Wife to John, Son and Heir to Ralph Earl of Westmoreland, and Mother to Ralph, Earl of Westmoreland, and Daughter to Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent. 1423.

Edward Burnel, Son to the Lord Burnel.

In Alhallows Chappel.


James Fines, Lord Say, 1450. and Helenor his Wife, 1452.

In Alhallows Chappel.

John Smith, Bishop of Landasse, 1478.

John, Baron Hilton.

John, Baron Clinton.

Richard Hastings, Kt. Lord of Willoughby and Wells.

Richard Lord Willoughby.

J. S.

This Lord, by Will, bequeathed his Body to lie in the Grey Friers, London, in the Vestry Chappel there; and gave 20l. to have a Tomb: His Will bore Date March the 18th, An. 1501.

Jane Hastings, Widow, late Wife of Richard Hastings, Lord Willoughby, by her Will, bearing Date March 19. 1504. bequeathed her Body to be buried in the Friers Minors Church within Newgate, London; in the Vault there purposely made, for her said Husband and her. She willed that six Priests should pray for her, &c. Whereof one Priest shall sing for ever in the Monastery of Mountgrace, another at the Chauntry founded by her Father, in his Parish Church of North Allerton. Which Will was proved 1505.]

Lady Jane Hastings.

Thomas Burder *, Esq; Beheaded 1477.


[John Viand, by him.

Lord Lisle.]

Robert Lisle, Son and Heir to the Lord Lisle.

[Sir John Lovetoht, Kt. And at his Feet, Dame Margaret his Wife.

F. 9.

Walter Bever.]

In our Lady's Chappel.


John Gisors, of London, Kt. and Lord Maior.

Lady Chappel.

Humfrey Stafford, Esq; of Worcestershire, 1486.

Robert Bartram, Baron of Bothell.

Sir Ralph Barons, Kt.


William Apleton, Kt.

Reynold de Cambrey, Kt.

Thomas Beaumond, Son and Heir to Henry Lord Beaumond.

Adam de Howton, Kt. 1417.

Bartholomew Caster, Kt. of London.

Reinfrede Arundel, Kt. 1468.

Thomas Covil, Esq; 1422.

[Dame Yde Seagrave, Wife of Hugh Peache.

J. S.

Adam Harcourt. Langley of Kt. Walter and Barre of Hereford. Dame Margaret Golysborough, Alys Kyngeston, Daughter of the Lord John St. John.

Sir James Fenys, Lord Say in Guynnes. His Wife, Daughter of Croud

Dame Petronyl, Wife of Sir Hugh Halsman. Lady Huse her Sister, Wife of Sir Henry Huse of Sussex, Dame Elizabeth Morley.

Sir Persyval Burbon, Bastard of Burbon. Dame Isabel, Wife of Roger Chanoyes, Baron. Dame Jane Newmarch. Thomas Glocester, and Anne his Wife. Margaret Othal, Wife of Sir William Othal, and Daughter of the Lord Willoughby.

Sir John Boteler, Kt.]

In the Apostles Chappel.


Walter Blunt, Knight of the Garter, and Lord Mountjoy, Treasurer of England; Son and Heir to T. Blunt, Knight, Treasurer of Normandy, 1474.

In the Apostles Chappel.

This Noble Person's last Will bore Date April the 8th, 1474. wherein it was his Desire to be buried in the Grey Friers, London; according to the Advice of his dear and well-beloved Lady and Wife Anne, Dutchess of Bucks. He willed, That every Parish Church within the Hundred of Apultree, wherein he was bred, should have a Vestment, after the Discretion of his Executors.]

Sir Walter Blunt.

J. S.

Edward Blunt, Lord Mountjoy; [his Son and Heir by his Side, 1475.]

Alice Blunt, Lady Mountjoy, sometime Wife to Will. Browne, Maior of London; and Daughter to H. Kebel, Maior, 1521.

William Blunt, Kt. Lord Mountjoy, by his Will dated Oct. 13. 1534. willed, if he died in London, to be buried in the Grey Friers, in the Chappel where his Grandfather and Grandmother, his Father, and his Wife Dame Alice, with other of his Kin, lay. Which Alice was Daughter of Henry Keble, that lay buried in Aldermary Church in London, and was a special Benefactor to the building of the same, to the Value of 2000l. and above; and had no Stone over him. This he took notice of in his said Will, and willed a Stone to be provided, to lay over him.]

William Lord Mounjoy, his last Will.

Prerog. Offic.

J. S.

Anne Blunt, Daughter to John Blunt, Kt. Lord Mountjoy, 1480.

Sir Allen Cheiny Kt. and Sir Tho. Greene, Kt.

William Blunt, Esq; Son and Heir to Walter Blunt; and Father to Edward Lord Mountjoy.

[James Blunt, Kt. Son to Walter Blunt, Captain of Gwynes, 1492.]

Elizabeth Blunt, Wife to Robert Curson, Kt. 1494.

Bartholomew Burwash, and John Burwash his Son.

John Blunt, Lord Mountjoy, Capt. of Gwynes and Hames, 1485.

Alan Buxhall, of London.

Dame Barga de Vaux, by his Right Hand. And by her, Dame Elizabeth Burwash, Wife of Sir Bartholomew. By him, Dame Isabel Gillisborough.

J. S.

F. 9.

Lord Straunge; and by him the Countess.

Sir James Blunt, and Elizabeth his Wife. Joan Samford, and John her Son. Thomas Bradbery. Nicolas Marys.