[Bounds.] Faringdon Ward within. [S. Peters.]125

[Bounds.] Faringdon Ward within. [S. Peters.]
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Faringdon Ward within and Baynards Castle Ward.
  Faringdon Ward within and Baynards Castle Ward. ]

different Sums of Money paid, in the one 20 Marks, in the other 20l. The different Dates, in the one it is the 5 of Edw. in the other, the 21 of Edward. And lastly, the Witnesses to these Deeds are all different.]

This Ward of Faringdon within the Walls, is bounded thus: Beginning in the East, at the great Cross in West Cheap; from whence it runneth West on the North side, from the Parish Church of St. Peter, which is at the Southwest Corner of Woodstreet, unto Gutherons lane; and down that Lane, to Hugon lane on the East side, and to Kery lane on the West.

The Bounds.

Then again into Cheape and to Fauster lane; and down that Lane on the East side, to the North side of St. Fausters Church; and on the West, till over against the South West Corner of the said Church; from whence, down Fauster lane, and Noble street, is all of Aldersgate street Ward, till ye come to the Stone Wall in the West side of Noble street. Then by the said Wall, down to Windsor House, or Nevils Inn,; and down Monks Well street, on that West side; and then by London Wall, to Cripplegate, and the West side of that same Gate, is all of Faringdon Ward.

Then back again into Cheape; and from Fauster lane end, to St. Martins lane end; and from thence through St. Nicolas Shambles, by Pentecost lane, and Butchers Alley; and by Stinking lane, through Newgate Market to Newgate. All which is the North side of Faringdon Ward.

Then on the South, from against the said great Cross in Cheape, West from Friday street; and down that Street on the East side, till over against the North-east Corner of St. Matthews Church; and on the West side, till the South Corner of the said Church.

Then again along Cheape to the Old Exchange; and down that Lane, on the East side, to the Parish Church of St. Augustine. Which Church, and one House next adjoining in Watheling street, be of this Ward. And on the West side of this Lane, to the East Arch or Gate by St. Augustines Church, which entreth the South Church yard of St. Pauls; (which Arch or Gate was builded by Nicolas Farendon, about the Year 1361.) And within that Gate on the North side, to the Gate that entreth the North Church yard; and all the North Church yard is of this Farendon Ward.

St. Augustines Gate.

Then again into Cheap, and from the North end of the Old Exchange, West by the North Gate of Pauls Church yard, up Pater noster Row, by the two Lanes out of Pauls Church yard; and to a Sign of the Golden Lyon, which is some twelve Hpuses short of Ave Mary lane; the West side of which Lane is of this Ward.

Then at the South end of Ave Mary Lane, is Creed Lane, the West side whereof is also of this Ward.

Now betwixt the South end of Ave Mary lane, and the North end of Creed lane, is the coming out of Pauls Church yard, on the East, and the High street called Bowyer Row, to Ludgate, on the West side; which Way to Ludgate is of this Ward. On the North side thereof is St. Martins Church; and on the South side, the Turning into the Black Friers.

Now to turn up again to the North end of Ave Mary lane, there is a short Lane, which runneth West some small distance, and is ther closed up with a Gate into a great House; and this is called Amen Lane.

Amen Lane.

Then on the North side of Pater noster Row, beginning at the Conduit, over against the Old Exchange lane end, and going West by St. Michaels Church; at the West end of which Church, is a small passage through toward the North. And beyond this Church some small distance, is another Passage, which is called Panier Alley, and cometh out against St. Martins Lane end.

Panier Alley

Then further West in Pater noster Row, is Ivy lane, which runneth North, to the West end of S. Nicolas Shambles; and then West Pater noster Row, till over against the Golden Lion, where this Ward endeth for that Street.

Ivy Lane.

Then about some dozen Houses (which is of Baynards Castle Ward) to Warwick lane end; which Warwick lane stretcheth North to the High street of Newgate Market. And the West side of Warwick lane is of this Ward: For the East side of Warwick lane, of Ave Mary lane, and of Creed lane, with the West end of Pater noster Row, are all of Baynards Castle Ward.


Yet, to begin again at the said Conduit by the Old Exchange, on the North side thereof is a large Street that runneth up to Newgate, as is aforesaid. The first part, or South side thereof, from the Conduit to the Shambles, is called Bladder street. Then on the back side of the Shambles be divers Slaughter-houses, and such like, pertaining to the Shambles; and this is called Mount Godard steet. Then is the Shambles it self, and then Newgate Market. And so the whole Street, on both sides, up to Newgate, is of this Ward: And thus it is wholly bounded.

Bladder street.

Mount Godard street.

Monuments in this Ward be these: First., the great Cross in West Cheap street, but in the Ward of Faringdon; the which Cross was first erected in that Place by Edward I. as before is shewed in West Cheap street.

Monuments in this Ward.

The great Cross in Cheap.

The Parish Church of St. PETER in Cheap.


At the South-West Corner of Woodstreet, is the Parish Church of St. Peter the Apostle, by the said Cross; a proper Church, lately new builded. John Sha, Goldsmith, Maior, deceased 1503. appointed by his Testament, the said Church and Steeple to be new builded of his Goods, with a flat Roof. Notwithstanding, Thomas Wood, Goldsmith, one of the Sheriffs, 1491. is accounted a principal Benefactor, because the Roof of the middle Ile is supported by Images of Woodmen.

S . Peter in Cheape.

This Church was repaired and beautified at the Charge of the Parishioners, in the Years of our Lord 1616, and 1617.



James Ridgeard,
Walter Eldred.

The Charge of it amounting to 314l.]

This Church was burnt down in the great Fire, but not rebuilt.



I find to have been buried in this Church, Nicolas Farendon, Maior, Richard Hadley, Grocer, 1492.

John Palmer, Fishmonger, 1500.

Wil. Rus, Goldsmith, Sheriff, 1429.

Thomas Atkins, Esq; 1400.

John Butler *, Sheriff, 1420.

*Botiler, Alderman.

Henry Warley, Alderman, 1524.

Sir John Munday, Goldsmith, Maior, deceased 1527.

Augustine Hinde, Clothworker, one of the Sheriffs in the Year 1550. whose Monument doth yet remain, the others being gone.

Sir Alexander Aventon, Maior 1570.