Faringdon Ward within.124

Faringdon Ward within.

FARINGDON WARD INFRA, or WITHIN. Whence so called. The Bounds. St. Peters Cheap. St. Fosters. St. Nicolas. The Grey Friers. Christs Church. St. Matthew Friday Street. The Old Exchange. St. Augustines. The Cathedral of St. PAULS. The Foundation and Building thereof. St. Faiths. Monuments in St. Pauls. St. Martins by Ludgate. The Prisoners there. Black Friers. The Liberties thereof. The fatal Vesper there. St. Michael the Querne. St. Ewins. The present State of this Ward.

ON the South side of Aldersgate Ward, lyeth Faringdon Ward, called Infra, or Within, for a difference from another Ward of that Name, which lieth without the Walls of the City, and is therefore called Faringdon extra. These two Wards (of old time) were but one, and had also one Alderman; till the 17th of Richard II. At which time, the said Ward (for the greatness thereof) was divided into twain, and by Parliament ordered to have two Aldermen; and so it continueth till this Day. The whole great Ward of Faringdon, both infra and extra, took Name of William Farendon, Goldsmith, Alderman of that Ward, and one of the Sheriffs of London, in the Year 1281. the 9th of Edward I. He purchased the Aldermanry of this Ward, as by this Absract of Deeds which I have read thereof, may appear.

Faringdon Ward within.

Faringdon extra, and Faringdon infra, all one Ward, and then divided into two by Parliament.

FaringdonWard took that Name of W. Farendon.

Thomas de Ardene, Sonne and Heire to Sir Ralph Ardene, Knight, granted to Ralph le Feure, Citizen of London, one of the Sheriffs in the Year 1277. all the Aldermanrie, with the Appurtenances, within the City of London, and Suburbs of the same, between Ludgate and Newgate, and also without the same Gates. Which Aldermanrie, Ankerinus de Averne * held during his Life, by the Grant of the said Thomas de Ardena. To have and to hold unto the said Ralph, and to his Heires, freely without all challenge; yeelding therefore yeerely to the said Thomas and his Heires, one Clove (or Slip) of Gilliflowers, at the Feast of Easter, for all secular Service and Customes, with warrantie unto the said Ralph le Feure, and his Heires, against all People, Christians and Jewes, in consideration of twenty Markes, which the said Ralp de Feure did give before hand, in Name of a Gersum or Fine, to the said Thomas, &c. Dated the 5th of Edward I.
Witnesse, G. de Rokesley, Maior,     
R. Arrar, one of the Sheriffes,     
H. Wales,     
P. le Taylor,     
T. de Bassing,     
J. Horn,     
N. Blackthorn, Aldermen of London.

Sir Ralph Ardene, Kt. Alderman of that Ward, now called Faringdon, in the Reign of Hen. III.

*Ardone, first Edit.

After this, John le Feure, Son and Heir to the said Ralph le Feure, granted to William Farendon, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, and to his Heirs, the said Aldermanry, with the Appurtenances; for the Service thereunto belonging, in the 7th of Edward I. in the Year of Christ 1279. This Aldermanry descended to Nicolas Farendon, Son to the said William, and to his Heirs. Which Nicolas Farendon, also a Goldsmith, was four times Maior, and lived many Years after. For I have read divers Deeds, whereunto he was a Witness, dated the Year 1360. He made his Testament, 1361. which was 53 Years after his first being Maior; and was buried in St. Peters Church in Cheape. So this Ward continued under the Government of William Farendon, the Father, and Nicolas his Son, by the space of Foure score and two Years, and retaineth their Name until this present Day.

John le Feure, Alderman.

W. Farendon, Alderman, and one of the Sheriffs of London.

Nicolas Farendon, Alderman and Maior.

Nicolas Farendon lived 53 Years after he had been once Maior.

Whereas Master Stowe saith, That Thomas de Ardene, Son and Heir to Sir Ralph Ardene, Kt. granted to Ralph le Feure, Citizen of London, and one of the Sheriffs of the same City, in the Year 1277. all the Aldermanry, with the Appurtenances within the City of London, and Suburbs of the same, between Ludgate and Newgate; and also without the same Gates, &c.

Either Mr. Stowe was much wronged in information, or else it was no true Deed which he saw at that time.

A. M.

I find (to the contrary) by an especial Deed (yet to be seen) delivered me by that worthy Favourer of Antiquity, Master John Williams, Goldsmith, all the former Deed, verbatim, to be granted by William de Farendon, Citizen and Alderman of London; (of whom the Ward, both within and without the Gates forenamed, being then but one, and governed by one Alderman only, took Name) to Nicolas, the Son of Ralph de Feure, Citizen of London, in the very same manner and form as hath been recited, for a Clove or Slip of Gilliflowers, Twenty Pounds, and not Marks, given for a Gersum, or Fine; and the very same Warranty or Defence against all People for ever.

Mr. John Speed can testify this to be true; for I brought the sealed Deed to him, and to divers other beside, who can bear me Witness, that herein I do no way deprave Mr. Stowe, but set down the Truth, as I received it.

A. M.

To which Deed, sealed with his own Seal, as he calleth it, being the very same of the Goldsmiths Arms, yet ingraved about in this manner: Sigilli Will. de Farndon; he nameth as Witnesses, Domino Joh. de Bretonn, Milite, tunc Custode London, Elia Russel, and Henry le Bole, tunc Vicecom. London; Steph. Assewy, Joh. de Bachkewelle, Roberto de Basing, Will. de Bettune, Rad. le Blund, Walt. de Finchingfeld, Joh. de Blund, Thoma de Estanes, Richardo Assewy, & multis aliis.
Anno Reg. Ed. fil.
R. Hen. xxi.

Since A. M. hath inserted a Paragraph or two, to charge Mr. Stow as imposing upon himself, and upon his Readers, a false Deed; I must subjoin a Word or two, by the way, in his Vindication. For if it appears that the Deed that Stow produced, and the Deed that A. M. produceth against him, were two several and distinct Deeds of the Conveyance of the same Aldermanry, then Stow's Credit stands fair. That they were two several and dictinct, is evident from the different Conveyers, and the different Persons to whom it was convey'd; Viz. Thomas le Ardene to Ralph le Feure, in Stow's Deed; Will. Farendon, to Nicolas, Son of Ralph le Feure, in A. M's. Deed. Besides, the

Stowe vindicated in this Deed.

J. S.