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[St. Botolph.] Aldersgate Ward. [Monuments.]117

[St. Botolph.] Aldersgate Ward. [Monuments.]

poor People shall be bound to repair every work day in the Year, twice a Day, to hear Divine Service in the Parish Church aforesaid, at the Hours and Terms aforesaid.

And 200 Marks more to purchase Lands of Inheritance, of the annual value by the year, of 6l. 3s. 4d. for the Maintenance of one within Holy Orders, to say Divine Service as aforesaid, every work day in the Week twice, throught the whole year perpetually, in the Parish Church of St. Martens in Leicester, in the County of Leicester aforesaid, at the Hours and Times afore mentioned.

All which said Sums of Money he willed should be actually and really delivered into the Hands and possession of the Dean and Prebends of Westminster aforesaid, within 20 days next immediately after his death, for the performance and use afore mentioned, within the space and time of two years at the uttermost, after his death.

And having made Audrey, one of the Daughters of Charles Allayne of the Mote, in the County of Kent, Esq; Son and Heir of Sir Christopher Allayne, Kt. his dear and loving Wife, his full Executrix; she faithfully performed the same, according to the trust reposed on her by her Husband's Will. And in remembrance of him, hath at her own Cost and Charges erected this Monument.

Persons buried in St. Buttolph Aldersgate Church, of later times, are these.



In the Chancel. Francis Bernard, M.D. a Physician in his time of great Fame for Learning. Ob. 1697/8. Aged 70.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

James Glasbrook, Esq; 1655. who gave to the Poor of the Parish 166l. 13s. 4d. And Jane his Wife, ob. 1658.

Elizabeth, Wife of Sir Thomas Richardson, of Honningham in the County of Norfolk, Esq; ob. 1639.

Thomas Sparrow, Esq; ob. 1637.

Elizabeth Puckering, Widow, late Wife of Sir Thomas Puckering, of Warwickshire, Kt. and Bar. ob. 1652.

Elizabeth Kingsland, Daughter of Isaac Kingsland, Merchant, 1679.

Isaac Hodgkin, Citizen and Vintner, 1686.

Sarah Stirrop, Wife of Nathan Stirrop, of this Parish, 1652. and Nathan Stirrop, Esq; 1656.

John Coston, 1637. and Frances his Wife.

Elizabeth Westfield, Widow of Thomas Westfield, D.D. late Rector of Great St. Bartholomew, London, and Bishop of Bristol; Daughter of Sir Adolph Meetkirk, once President of Flanders, and Margaret his Wife. She died 1653.

At the lower end of the Church, against the South Wall, a handsome Monument for Sir John Micklethwait, Kt. Physician to K. Charles II. President of the College of Physicians for five Years. Died 1683.

Before the Pulpit, in the middle Ile, is a fair flat Stone, covering the Bodies of Richard Normansel, Son of Richard Normansel, of London, Esq; and Elizabeth his Wife. Who departed the 20th of July, 1673. and Robert Normansel, another Son, August the 1675. and Elizabeth, a Daughter of the same. And Richard Normansel, Esq; Nov. 27. 1694. and Elizabeth his Wife, April the 5th, 1705.

Against a Pillar, on a Monument of white Marble, fronting the middle Ile, is this Inscription.

M.S. MARIÆ Uxoris Georgii Buckley, Londinensis, quæ postquam per universam vitam mulieris quietæ, per sexennii spatium (Amantibus heu! quam breve) Conjugis pietissimæ officiis functa esset, nascenti filio Lampada tradidit. Obiit enim puerpera Julii 20. Anno Domini 1677. Ætatis suæ 35. Carissimæ Uxoris hoc amoris dolorisque non morituri Monumentum Georgius Buckley, M.P.

Mr. Richard Chiswel, a noted Bookseller in St. Pauls Churchyard, and one of the Proprietors of this Book, lies buried in the North Ile of this Church; and also his Father and Mother, John and Margaret Chiswel; and his first Wife, Sarah, Daughter of John King. And also five Children, who died young; whom he had by Mary, Daughter of Richard Royston, Bookseller, who lies interred in Christ's Church, London. By whom he had likewise three Sons more; John, who died in India, Richard and Royston, who survived him. He was born in this Parish, Jan. 4. 1639. and died May 3. 1711. and was a Man worthy of great Praise. As a Memorial whereof, his said Son Richard Chiswel, of London, Merchant, caused a Monument to be erected, which is against the Wall in the South Ile.

On the North side of the Communion Table.

Near this Place is deposited with her Sons and one Daughter, the Body of Elizabeth, Wife to Sir Thomas Richardson, of Honningham, in the County of Norfolk, Kt. eldest Daughter of Sir William Hewitt, of St. Martins in the Fields, in the County of Middlesex, Kt. She had 10 Children, 7 Sons and 3 Daughters. She was a fair Pattern for all Women of Honour, Piety, and Religion; Dead, is lamented by all that knew her, principally by her dear Husband, who will ever be sensible of so irreparable a Loss. Who hath consecrated her great Worth to his Memory, and this sad Monument to the Reader.     
Ob. Jan. 1639. Æt. 32.

Sir John Micklethwait's Monument at the West end of the South Ile, wrtitten by Thomas Flatman, Esq.

Heic juxta spe plena resurgendi, situm est
Depositum Mortale,
Serenissimo Principi Carolo II. à Medicina,
Qui cum primis solertissimus, fidissimus, felicissimus,
In Collegio Medicorum Londinensium,
Lustrum integrum, & quod excurrit
Præsidis Provinciam diligentissime ornavit.
Et tandem emenso ætatis transquillæ stadio     
Pietate sincera     
Inconcussa vitæ integritate     
Benignâ morum suavitate,     
Sparsâ passim Philanthropiâ     
Miserorum Asylum,     
Maritus optimus,     
Parens indulgentissimus,     
Suorum Luctus,     
Bonorum omnium Amor & Deliciæ,     
Septugenarius Senex,     
C┼ôlo maturus,     
Fato non invitus cessit
IV. Cal. Augusti, Anno Salutis MDCLXXXII.     
Cætera loquantur     
Languentium deploranda suspiria     
Viduarum ac Orphanorum
Propter amissum Patronum profundi Gemitus.     
Nudorum jam atque Esurientium,


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