[St. Botolph.] Aldersgate Ward. [Monuments.]116

[St. Botolph.] Aldersgate Ward. [Monuments.]

A very fair Monument on the South Wall of the Chancel, with this Inscription.


Vicessimum tertium ætatis Annum Ingressus obiit, vicessimo quarto die Novembris, 1616.

Under this, in an Oval, these Words.

Percivallo Smalpage, Michaelis filio Percivalli Pronepoti, ex Antiquis Baronum Familiis Hooe, Wells, & Engane oriundo, optimæ spei Adolescenti, Immatura morte surrepto, fratri suo Charissimo, M┼ôstissima soror Anna Monumentum hoc amoris & gratitudinis ergo posuit.

Upon a Stone in the Chancel is this Inscription.

Hic jacet Jana, Filia Arthuri Ducke, L.L.L. Doctoris, obiit 1 Aprilis, 1633. Hi sequuntur Agnum quocunque ierit.

On a Stone near to the other, is this Inscription.

Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Gillet, Gentleman, who deceased the 18 of October, 1624.

A very fair Table full of rich Coats of Arms, hanging on a Pillar in the middle Isle, over against the Pulpit, with these several Inscriptions in it.

1. Frances Beaumont, 2d Daughter, married to Sir Woolston Dyxy, of the County of Leicester, Knight.

2. Farnham Beaumont, 2d Sonne, married Luce Dawes, of Dawson in the County of Leicester.

3. Sir Henry Beaumont, Knight, eldest Sonne, married Elizabeth, Daughter of Sir William Turpin, of Knaptoft, in the County of Leicester, Knight.

4. Thomas Beaumont, 3d Sonne, lives unmarried.

5. Anne Beaumont, 3d Daughter, married to Sir John Dillon of Northamptonshire.

6. Jane Beaumont, 6th Daughter, married to William Temple, of London, Merchant.

7. Elinor Beaumont, 4th Daughter, lives unmarried.

8. Elizabeth Beaumont, eldest Daughter, married to Sir John Ashbornham, of Ashbornham in Sussex, Knight.

9. Isabel Beaumont, 5th Daughter, married to Hugh Snafell, of the County of Yorke.

10. Mary Beaumont, 7th Daughter, married to Richard Paramoure, Esquire.

In memory of the religious and vertuous Lady, Katharine Beaumont, late Widow of Sir Thomas Beaumont, of Stoughton, in the County of Leicester, Knight, Daughter and sole Heire of Thomas Farnham, of Stoughton aforesaid, Esquire; Who deceased on Ascension day, Anno 1621. leaving Issue, then alive, as above written, three Sonnes and seven Daughters.

This Table was set up out of the Love and true Affection of Elizabeth, Lady Ashbornham, Widdow, her eldest Daughter, Anno 1622.

And Mary, one of the Daughters of the aforesaid Lady Ashbornham, was likewise buried in this Church, November 25. 1619.

She died a Virgin on Whitsunday, An. Dom. 1622. about 18 years of Age; and having at her Death a Spiritual Combat with Satan about her Salvation, wherein she prevailing most chearfully, departed from Earth to Heaven, to be married to Christ Jesus, the Lord of both.

A Tomb in the Chancel.

At the bottom. The Monument of Mrs. Judith Plat, the only Daughter of Sir Hiugh Plat, Kt. with the Matches of her Ancestors and near Allies to her Fathers and Mothers side. As also her Lineal Descent from the antient Earls of Surry, Huntington, Arundel, and Chester; and her Spiritual Conquest at her Death against Satan.

Neere to this Place lyeth buried the body of Pierce Edgecomb, in the County of Devon, Gentleman, who deceased the 8. day of July, 1628. in assured hope of a joyful Resurrection.

A Tomb in the South Wall.

Behold the end of Dust and Clay,
O thou which livest, with living Eye;
Yet doth his Soule for ever raigne
With Christ, which he by Faith did gaine.
In Learning he his time did spend,
And Vertue was the only end:
So long before his Glasse was runne,
With World and Vanity he had done.
A. E. Frater ejus.

Here lyeth the Body of Christopher Tamworth, of Grayes Inne, in Holborn, in the County of Middlesex, Esq; 3d Son of Christopher Tamworth, of Halsted in the County of Leicester, Esq; who died the 19 of Spetemb. 1624. being of the Age of threescore and ten yeeres.

He having dealt kindly and liberally with his Wife, and many of his Kindred and Friends, and to the Poor of divers Parishes, hath also by his Will given 20l. of currant money of England, to the Dean and Prebends of the College of St. Peters of the City of Westminster, in the County of Middlesex, to be imployed by them about the Reparations of the said College Church of St. Peters.

Tamworth's great Charity.

And 400 Marks, to the intent that with that Money, there should be twenty Marks worth of Lands of Inheritance of yearly Rent to be purchased, whereby there may be one in Holy Orders maintained, to say Divine Service, such as the Church of England shall allow of, every work day in the Year, twice perpetually, viz. at about Nione of the Clock in the Morning, and at or about Three of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Parish Church of St. Botolphs without Aldersgate, London.

And 400l. to the end and intent that there would be 20l. of Lands, of annual Revenew of Inheritance by the Year bought with it, to allow perpetually to six poor Men, and four poor Widdows past labour, dwelling and inhabiting within the Parish of St. Botolph aforesaid, 40 Shillings a year apiece, to be paid quarterly, with this limitation, that the said