[S. Botolph.] Aldersgate Ward. [Monuments.]115

[S. Botolph.] Aldersgate Ward. [Monuments.]

Religious Zeale     
did thy pure Heart command,
Pitty thine Eye,     
and Charity thy Hand.
These Graces joyn'd     
with more of like degree,
Make each Man's Word     
an Epitaph for thee.
Calme was thy Death,     
well-ordered was thy Life,
A carefull Mother,     
and a loving Wife.
Aske any, How     
these Vertues in Thee grew?
Thou wast a Spencer,     
and a Mountague.

Katharina Mountague obiit 7 die Decembris, Anno Domini, 1612.

Mortua Tamworthi     
spectas Monumenta, viator?
Quin potius vivus,     
disce, quis ille fuit.
Si proavos quæras,     
Generoso sanguine ductus,
Usque per innumeros     
invenietur Avos.
Si mores, dicam mores?     
nec amantior æqui,
Nec Patriæ quisquam,     
nec probitatis erat.
Si quæ conditio,     
(si quid sit laudis in illa)
Vita sub illustri     
Principe clara fuit.
Et si Principibus     
laus est placuisse probatis,
Laudibus hæc pars est     
annumeranda fuis.
Jam volucris sua lustra     
novem transegerat ætas,
Quum Mors hunc fæva     
falce cruenta metat.
Hæc satis hospes, abi,     
nec vivere differ in horas,
Quæ sua pars hodie,     
cras tua forsan erit.
Obiit 19 die Aprilis, 1569.

A fair Tomb of whitestone in the Chancel.

Johanni Morleio, Armigero, & Elizabethæ Wotton Conjugi, parentibus charissimis, Johannes Morleius de Halnaker, in Comitatu Sussexiæ, Miles, & Edwardus filii, pietatis & memoriæ ergo hoc posuerunt.

Another beautiful Piramide directly opposite to the other.

Vixerunt Conjuges annos 16. Ille obiit die 20 Novembris, 1587. Illa, die 7 Novemb. 1603. Tres filios totidemq; filias superstites reliquerunt: Johannem, Edwardum, Willielmum, Mariam, Elizabetham, & Magdalenam.

Here under lyeth buried in the Mercy of God, the Body of Thomas Goodwin, Esquire, who married Anne, Daughter of Thomas Peacocke, by whom hee had issue one Daughter, named Anne. Which Thomas deceased the 27 day of January, Anno Dom. 1565.

A fair plated Stone under the Communion Table.

Hoc latet in Tumulo     
præstanti corpore Nympha
Margareta quidem     
repsque parente sata,
Censor erat genitor,     
Sponsus venerabilis extat.
Woodhouse; bis decies     
quinaque arista tulit.
Siste pedes igitur     
sternis qui busta prophanus,
Nam Christi cupiens;     
sic bonitatis erat.
Vixit & illa piè,     
moriens & sancta vocatur,
Exemplo simili     
vivere disce piè.

A fair Gravestone by the said Table.

Here lyeth buried the Body of Frances, late Wife of John Sotherton, forraigne Apposer of the Queenes Majesties Exchequer; who departed this present life in the true faith of Christ, the 20 of October, 1563.

Another Stone by the said Table.

Barbara Bradburii     
simul & Marianna Someri,
Progenies pariter     
Tumulo conduntur in isto,
Utraque Conjugio     
Thomæ conjuncta Pagetto,
Una virum moriens     
septena in prole reliquit,
Altera fuit sterilis     
parili quoq; tempore conjux.
Ambarum pia vita fuit,     
pia morsq; secuta est.
Primæ 24 Februarii, An. Dom. 1583.
Alteræ Decembris ultimo, Anno 1598.


Heere lyeth buried the Body of Thomas Greeke, one of the Barons of the Queens Majesties Court of Exchequer; who dyed the 18 day of November, in the 20 yeere of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth. Hee lived 63 yeeres.

A Gravestone in the North Ile of the Quire.

Here under lyeth buried the Body of Thomas Neale, the Sonne of Francis Neale, Esq; one of her Majesties Auditors of the Exchequer; who deceased the 8. day of December, 1597. Ætatis suæ 99.

Another in the same Isle.

Here lyeth the Body of Anne, Daughter of John Branche, Citizen and Draper of London, by Joane his Wife; Daughter and Heire of John Wilkinson, sometime Alderman of this Citie. She was married first to Robert Dunne, and (after his death) to Richard Stoneley, Esquire. By Dunne she had three Sonnes; Sir Daniel Dunne, Knight, and Doctor of Law, her eldest; Samuel Dunne, and William Dunne, the youngest, Doctor of Physicke. And by Stoneley she had divers Children, whereof two lived to be married; Dorothie, to William Dantrey, of Sussex; Anne, to William Higham of Essex, Esquire. Her Life was vertuous and godly, and so dyed the eleventh day of January, An. Dom. 1611. being of the Age of Fourescore and six yeers; having seen her Childrens Children, to the fourth Generation. And lyes here buried betweene her Husbands, and among some other of her Children, according to her desire.

A fair Gravestone in the same North Isle.

Hic jacet Susanna, Andreæ Lionis, Patria Garnseyensis, unica filia, uxor Roberti Creswell, alias Blewmantle, Prosecutoris ad Arma Serenissimæ Elizabethæ, Angliæ Reginaæ.

A small Monument in the South Wall in the Body of the Church.

Quæ modo fida Deo,     
quæ vixit chara marito,
non invita animam     
Christo moribunda reliquit.

23 Decemb. Anno Domini, 1590.