[St. Martins.] Aldersgate Ward. [Sanctuary.]109

[St. Martins.] Aldersgate Ward. [Sanctuary.]

"you come to a Post or Stoop standing on the North part of the two Tenements next lying on the North side of a great Gate entring into the Dean's Court."

"Item, From the aforesaid Wall, along from the North, Southward unto Hugh Payne's dwelling House; and from thence, by the North side of the said Hugh Payne's Garden, Sanctuary still; from the West unto the East part thereof."

" Item, Again from the North side of the above rehearsed Hugh Payne's Garden, Southward, unto the Dean's Garden, Sanctuary."

" Item, Along by the Wall on the North side of the Dean's Garden, from the West into the East thereof, Sanctuary."

" Item, from the North unto the South, of the aforesaid Dean's Garden, with St. Leonards Church, Sanctuary, as by a Wall it there sheweth."

" Item, From the East end of St. Leonards Church, Westards of the South of St. Martins, unto the Bell Alley, Sanctuary; as appeareth also by another Wall there."

" Item, From the Bell Alley, Southwards, unto the Wall spoken of at the beginning, which is within the Grocer's House, against the Post that standeth within the midst of the same House. And so forth directly again, unto the Chanel of the High Street, that lyeth before the South Gate of St. Martins; all within the Bounds rehearsed, Sanctuary."

" Item, By a Statute made in the Year of King Edward the 3d, it is affirmed, The said Place of St. Martins to be a Place franchised and privileged, having tuition and immunity, in manner and form as is above rehearsed. And in special, and for them that come in thither for Debt, Treason, and Felony. In proof whereof, the Judge that sitteth there for the King, as in a Place not of the City, but by Privilege separate, (the Maior not called thereto, as he is to the deliverance of Newgate, and other such Acts in the City) to have knowledge there in a Case of Treason or Felony, hath ever, from Time that no mind is, sitten in the Gate of the said Sanctuary. And the Person Appeached or Indicted of Treason and Felony, hath been kept by the Officers on the further side of the Street afore him; to the intent that he come not of the other side of the Channel, towards the Sanctuary there, to claim the Liberty and Franchises of the same."

St. Martins a privileged Place for Debt, Treason, and Felony.

" Item, Whereas divers Kings of this Land, for Causes such as moved them, have seized into their Hands the Franchizes and Liberties that the City of London had; by reason whereof they were not suffered to use or enjoy the said Franchises, for as long as it hath liked unto the said Kings. Yet the said Chappel of St. Martins le Grand, in the said City of London, with the Precinct of the same, at the said times of such seazing of the aforesaid Franchises, was afore and since always a Place privileged; without any disturbance, diminishing or taking away by the said Kings, or by their Ministers. And peaceably used and enjoyed their Franchises, Liberties, and Immunities, within the San ctuary and Precinct of St. Martins; as in a Place excepted and privileged, and no ways pertaining unto the said City; no parcel thereof, though it be within the said City."

St. Martins no ways pertaining unto the City.

" And moreover, the said Abbot saith, That the said Church or Chappel of St. Martins, within the said Sanctuary and Precinct of the same; were of late, by the late King of famous memory, King Henry the 7th, lawfully annexed and given to the said Monastery of St. Peter of Westminster; at which time, and times without Mind of Man before that, the said Chappel and Precinct, Circuit and Bounds of the said Sanctuary, comprized within the Limits above rehearsed, were used, allowed, and taken, and yet be as Sanctuary."

St. Martins given to the Abby of Westminster by King Henry the 7th.

Thus far the Abbot of Westminster's Declaration, at which time (as it appeareth) there fell out so much Contestation concerning the Precincts of this Sanctuary, that the Matter was fain to be tried by antient sworn Men deposed in Court, as Witnesses. Some of their Depositions are come to my Hand, which I here give you; the rest (and the beginning) have miscarried.

"Item, The said Henry Williamson deposeth for the claimed Bounds, and also for the priviledge of Sanctuary-Men, in the half Street and Lane next to St. Martins; and for the setting up of the Gallows on Evil May Day; and for the removing thereof, as others therein before have deposed."

Depositions concerning St. Martins.

" Item, Ralfe Twyn deposeth, all wholly the claimed Bounds to be Sanctuary; and also the setting up of the Gallows, and removing of the same; and the Pavement to be done by the Abbot. And that he knew one Bland privileged both for Treason and Murder, ever used to walk in the Street claimed as Sanctuary, without any disturbance. "

" Item, William Bayley deposeth all the claimed Bounds, and also the sitting of the Justices in the South Gate: And that he heard the Justices say, that half the Street against the said Gate was Sanctuary. And that there were Persons therein arraigned, and others therein deposed. And that he knew the said Bland, privileged for Treason and Felony, to dwell in Angel Alley. And that the Abbot ought to make the Pavement, as others have deposed there."

" Item, John Smith, Clerk, deposeth for all the claimed Bounds: And further saith, that he knew Dr. Morton, and also the Cardinal Morton, to lie there; one in Roger Wright's House, and the other in Angel Alley, they both being privileged for Treason. And also he supposeth both Angel Alley and Bland Alley to be holden of St. Martins by certain Rent, as parcel of the Earl of Northumberland's Tenements. And also for the Pavement, as others before have deposed."

At this time (I suppose) was there a Survey or Plat of the Precinct, exhibited into the Court of Chancery, where it appeareth these Witnesses to have been deposed. The Figure of which Plat we here exhibit unto you.