[St. Martins le Grand.] Aldersgate Ward. [Bounds.]108

[St. Martins le Grand.] Aldersgate Ward. [Bounds.]

Hornegeld, est quietum esse per totam terram de quadam consuetudine exactam per talliam: sicut de quacunque bestia cornuta.

Lesteage, est quietum esse de quadam consuetudine exactam in nundinis et mercatis, pro rebus cariandis, ut homo vult.

Stallage, est quietum esse de quadam consuetudine exactam pro placeis captis vel assignatis in nundinis, vel mercatis.

* Chewyng, est quietum est de attachiamento in aliqua curia, et coram quibuscunque; de querelis ostensis, et non advocat.


Miskennying, est quietum esse de amerciamento pro querela, coram quibuscunque; in transumptione prolata.

Burgbruch, est quietum esse de transgressione facta in Civitate vel Burgo, contra pacem.

Wardwyte, est queitum esse de denario dando pro Ward facienda.

Hundred, est quietum esse de denario, vel consuetudine facienda Præposito et Hundredæ.

Bordhalepeny, est quietum esse de quadam consuetudine exactionis, pro tabula levatæ.

Brigbote, est quietum esse de auxilio dando ad reficiendos pontes.

Burgbote, est quietum esse de auxilio dando ad reficiendum burgum, castrum, civitatem, vel muros prostratos.

Haverpeny, est quietum esse de denariis dandis Averagio Domini Regis; cum similibus.

For a larger and more accurate Exposition of these old Words, I refer the Reader to that most elaborate and diligent Glossary of Sir Henry Spelman, Kt. the learnedest Antiquary of our Nation; yea (and in this kind) of all Europe.

This Deanery, together with the Sanctuary and Priveleges, was, after, put to the Abbey of St. Peters in Westminster: As appeareth by what next followeth.

A DECLARATION of WILLIAM, Abbot of the Monastery of St. Peter of Westminster, concerning his Title to the Privilege and Sanctuary of St. Martins le Grand, in London; with the Precincts, Circuit, and Bounds of the same.


"FIrst, the said Abbot saith, That the Free Chappel of St. Martins le Grand in London, and the Precincts of St. Martins aforesaid, is a Place privileged; and was founded and endowed long time before the Conquest, as well of Possessions, as of Immunities, Franchises, and Liberties. And corroborate and inlarged by King William the Conquereor, like as it appeareth, as well by the Charter of the said King William the Conqueror, as by divers other Charters, Writings, and Records."

The Privileges of St. Martins.

"Item, The said King William the Conquereor, granted by his Charter to the same Place of St. Martins, divers Liberties and Franchises, by special and general Words, as well in the Latin Tongue, as Saxon. And over that, granted to the said Place of St. Martins, all other Liberties, Immunities, and Customs, which any Church of this Realm best had. Which Grant importeth, and includeth in himself, as great Privileges, Franchises, and Immunities, as Westminster, Berverlay, or any other Place privileged, hath within this Realm. And also the said Words in Saxon, importeth such Sentence. That the said Place should be franchised, privileged, and have tuition and immunities of all those Persons, which for Treason, Felonies, Trespasses, or any other Cause, should flee to the same, or abide therein. Which Franchises, Privilege, Tuition, and Immunities, the said Place hath alway peaceably had and enjoyed, from the said Conqueror's Days, unto this present time."

" Item, The said Franchises, Immunities, and Privileges of St. Martins, have been corroborate, confirmed, allowed, and inlarged, by King Henry I, King Stephen, Henry II. King John, King Henry III. King Edward II. King Edward III. Richard II. Henry V. Henry VI. and in all other Kings Times since the Conquest. As by divers Charters, and Allowances before Justices of Oyer and Determiner, Writings and Records, more plainly at large is shewed, and may appear."

" Item, It appeareth by divers Returns made by the Sheriffs of London, as well in the King's Bench, Common Pleas, and all other the King's Courts, that the said Place of St. Martins is a Place privileged, and Sanctuary. As by the same Returns, remaining of Record, more plainly may appear."

" Item, The said Abbot saith, That the Precinct, Circuit, and Bounds, of the Privilege and Sanctuary aforesaid, be and extend, as hereafter followeth."

The Bounds of it antiently, all which was Sanctuary.

" Imprimis, Beginning at a Wall lying directly against a Post that standeth in the midst of one Roger Wright's, a Grocer's House, which standeth of the East side of the South Gate of St. Martins: And from the Wall in the said Grocer's House, with the half deal of the Street, unto the Chanel of the same side that House standeth upon, Sanctuary. And so forth from the East, Westward, unto the midst of St. Martins Lane, next to the Chappel of St. Martins, against the Tenement of the Bull's Head; which Tenement lieth at the South end of the said Lane, on the West part."

The Bulls Head.

" Item, Half part of the Street of St. Martin's Lane, Sanctuary, from the South unto the North, as far forth, as the Houses appertaining to the Bull Head do extend Northwards."

" Item, From the said Place of the Bulls Head, then the whole Lane of St. Martins, Sanctuary on both sides, unto a Post or Stoop that standeth of the North side, or end of the two Tenements, standing by the great Gate next going into the Deans Court."

" Item, From the said St. Martins Lane, at the aforesaid Bulls Head, turning by a Wall that divideth the said Tenement of the Bulls Head, and St. Martins Ground. Which Wall turneth and extendeth from the East, Westwards, unto a back Wall that closeth in St. Martins Ground of the West side; all within the said Wall, Sanctuary."

" Item, Along by the same back Wall that closeth in the West part of St. Martins Ground, from the South end of the said Wall into the North, unto a Wall that divideth my Lord of Northumberlands Ground, and St. Martins Ground from the South end; all within the aforesaid Walls, Sanctuary. And so forth, from the South side, into the North of my Lord of Northumberland's Ground, Sanctuary. Along by a back Wall of the Grey Fryers; which back Wall closeth in my Lord of Northumberland's Ground of the West part, unto the North part of Angel Alley, abutting Northwards, upon the South side of Robert Bowman's House, into the Street-wards. And so Sanctuary still, from the said back Wall of Grey Fryers, along by the Angel Alley, and by the South part of the said Robert Bowman's House, from the West unto the East, until "