Aldersgate Ward. [St. Leonards Foster Lane.]100

Aldersgate Ward. [St. Leonards Foster Lane.]

Not then, as equalling     
with any Great,
My fatherly good     
Friend, John Banester:
No more but Truth of     
Thee let me repeate,
A Sonnes Love-teares,     
thy Body to interre.
That such as knew thee     
better farre than I:
May say, Thy Vertues     
did not with thee dye.

Thy Skill and Practice,     
that it self commends,
Some of the best have     
truly found the same;
Nor partially employed     
to wealthy Friends,
But even the poorest Wretch,     
the Sick and Lame
Felt of the best. Some     
difference there might be:
The Rich payd somewhat,
poore Men had it free.

Thy Care and Cost layd out     
for common good,
In greater measure     
than came in againe:
But that Heavens Blessing     
with thy Bounty stood,
Hardly had stretcht     
so many to sustaine.
But it is true: The     
liberal Heart God loves,
And from him still all     
cause of Lacke removes.

Thy weekly Charity     
given to the poore
In Bread, beside, in     
Money from thy Purse:
Even in the hardest Yeeres     
dealt at thy Doore,
When some repin'd that     
every Day did worse;
Makes poor Men say:     
Our good Reliefe is gone,
Let them goe to thy     
Find-faults, and have none.

Poor maymed Souldiers     
sore-sick hearted Men,
That under Miseries     
hard Crouch did bow,
Were freely cur'd, me thinkes     
they cry: Lord, When,
Where shall we finde     
our good Physician no
I doubt not, but some     
others will as much:
Yet (in these dayes) we     
find not many such.

Sleepe then, thou happy     
Soule, in endlesse rest,
All good Mens groanes     
be powred on thy Grave:
Live thou in Abraham's     
Bosome with the blest;
Where Faith and Workes     
due recompence shall have.
My Sight growes dimme,     
sighing my Heart makes sore,
Tears blot my Paper,     
I can write no more.



The Charities that have been given to this Parish, are these.

Donors. Gifts.

Roger James, Brewer, in Trust and Confidence reposed in him by Jerome Lambrose, Testator, purchased a Messuage for 58l. (whereof 8l. was the proper Money of the said Parish.) And he the said James, in 32 Eliz. did grant and enfeoffe unto several the most substantial Inhabitants of the said Parish, the said Messuage, with the Appurtinences, to and for the use of the Poor, Lame, and Impotent, of the Parish.


J. S.

Bernard Hyde, Esq; by his last Will, appointed the Company of Salters, to pay to the Churchwardens, 5l. 10s. every tenth Year; to be distributed to 18 poor Widows.

There was a Parsonage House, burnt down, rebuilt, and leased out. In the Year 1636. and before, there was a Parsonage House and Glebe, that went at 15l. per ann.]


The Parish Church of St. LEONARDS Foster Lane.


On the West side of Foster lane, is the small Parish Church of St. Leonards, for them of St. Martins le graund. A number of Tenements being lately builded in place of the great Collegiate Church of St. Martin, that Parish is mightily increased.

St. Leonard in Foster lane.

This Church was repaired and enlarged about the Year 1631. By whom, and the Expences, the Table following will explain.

Repaired and inlarged.


Incurvate Domino in decore Sanctitatis. Psal. xxix. 2.

Domine, dilexi decorem Domus tuæ. Psal. xxvi. 8.

Hæc Dei Domus auctior est facta, & augustior, opere & impensis Parochianorum Sti LEONARDI Foster lane, Londin. Guardianis Ecclesiæ tunc temporis, existentibus, Franciso Ash, Cive, & Aurifabro, una cum Richardo Stephano, Martiniensi, 1631.

Unus huic Operi suppetias facit majores, Johannes Trot, Civis & Mercator, pro singulari suo in Ecclesiam amore hanc imprimis, quia Patria.

A very fair Window at the upper end of the Chancel, 1533.

The Charge of this amounting to the Sum of 500 Pounds, and upwards.



In this Church remain these Monuments: First, without the Church, is graven in Stone, on the East end, John Broke it well, an especial Re-edifier or new Builder thereof.

Monuments of Persons deceased.

In the Quire graven in Brass, Rob. Purset, Grocer, 1507.

Robert Trappis, Goldsmith, 1526, with this Epitaph.

When the Bels be merrily rooung,
And the Masse devoutly sung:
And the Meate merrily eaten,
Then shall Robert Trappis his Wifes and     
Children be forgetten.