[Monuments.] Aldersgate Ward.97

[Monuments.] Aldersgate Ward.

Epitaph, 1470. Robert Fonruther, Goldsmith, one of the Sheriffs in the Year 1512.



Here under lieth buried Sir Nicholas Twiford, Knight, sometime Lord Maior of this City, and Dame Margaret his Wife: Of whose Goods, this Church was made a Tomb for themselves, and for many other more. He died in Anno Domini, 1390.

These Words are engraven on an ancient Plate in the Chancel.

A. M.

Hic jacet Johannes Adys, Civis & Aurifaber London, & Margareta uxor ejus. Obiit ultimo die Februarii, 1461. Et Margareta, &c.

A fair plated Stone in the South Isle of the Quire.

Here lieth John Hewet, of London, Esquire, the which John deceased the first day of May, in the yeere of our Lord God 1500. and in the fifteenth yeere of the Reigne of King Henry the seventh, &c.

The like Stone close by it.

Here lieth the Body of John Sutton, Citizen, Goldsmith, and Alderman of London, who died the 6. day of July, 1450.

The like Stone, and in the same Isle.

Here lieth buried before this Place, the Body of John Strelly Esquire, who deceased the ninth day of December, 1595. being about 86 yeeres of age.

A small Plate with his Arms in the South Wall.

Here lieth buried within this Isle, the Bodies of John Greenwood, Citizen and Painter Stainer of London. Who descended of a younger house of Greenwood, of Greenwodley in Yorkshire, And Elizabeth his Wife. By whom he had many Children; but at the time of their death, left only one Sonne and a Daughter, Robert and Joane. Which Robert, after many yeeres spent in this Parish, was laid by his Father and Mother, the 23. of June, 1585. In memory of whom, this Monument was erected by his Sisters Sonne, Samuel Thomson, the sixth of September, Anno 1602.

A comely Monument in the East end of the South Isle.

Hic jacet Dominus Thomas Randolf, Capellanus. Qui obiit 30. die Novembris, Anno Domini 1459. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

A fair Stone within the Chancel Door.

Hic jacet Joannes Fraunceis, Civis, & Aurifaber, & quondam Maior London. Qui obiit 16 die Decemb. An. Dom. 1405. Cujus, &c.

A very fair plated Stone by the Communion Table.

Hic jacet Elizabeth. uxor dicti Joannis. Qui obiit 11. Mensis Octobris, An. Dom. 1432. Cujus, &c.

Hic jacet Drugo Barantine, Civis & Aurifaber, & quondam Maior London. Qui obiit 15. die Mensis Decemb. An. Dom. 1415. Cujus, &c.

The like fair plated Stone close by the other.

Hic jacet Christiana uxor dicti Drugonis. Quæ obiit 11. die Mensis Martii, An. Dom. 1427. Cujus, &c.

Add the Monuments of these, and these Inscriptions, formerly belonging to this Church.

J. S.

John Sutton, Goldsmith, and Alderman; aforementioned. This engraven about his Monumental Stone.

MS. Dris Hutton, in Offic. Arm.

J. S.

Quid tumulum cernis? Cur non mortalia spernis?
Tali namq; domo clauditur omnis homo.
Quisquis eris qui transieris, sta, perlege, plora,
Sum quod eris, fueramq; quod es; pro me precor, ora.

Joanna, Wife of Thomas Thorp, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, Prolocutoris Parliamenti tent. apud Reding, An. 31 Hen. 6. Ob. 23 Jun. 1453.

Here lieth William Breakspear, of London, Merchant, with Margaret his Daughter; late Wife of John Sutton, Goldsmith and Alderman.

The Common Weal well attendant, and Thomas her Son, yet living under God's Tuition;
The tenth day of July she made her Transmigration.
God assoyl her Soul; whose Sonys rest under this Stone,
She deceased in the Year of Grace of Christ's Incarnation,
A thousand, four hundred, threescore years and one.

John Adys, Goldsmith, and Margaret his Wife. John died 1470. Margaret 1474. Their Issue was 6 Sons, and 10 Daughters.

et Catharina uxor ejus Maiorissa London, & uxor Roberti Otteley nuper Maioris London, ac nuper Uxor Quæ Catharina ob. 18 Apr. millessimo quadringentessimo.

Christopher Eliot, Goldsmith, upper Warden, and one of the Bridgmasters; died 1509. and Philip his Wife.

Pray for the Soul of the Right Worshipful John Onely, Esq, and Elizabeth his Wife. Which John was one of the Under Sheriffs of London. Dyed Nov. 22. 1537.

The Coats is Baron and Femme, quarterly both. 1. Three Piles in point. On a Canton dexter, a Mullet. 2. Three Stirrops. 3. The third as the second, the fourth as the first.

Pray for the Soul of Will. Patkyn, Esquire, who dyed 1537. An. 29. H. VIII.

Richard Gifford, and Jane his Wife. He dyed Master of the Company of Innholders, 7 Feb. 1540. Left issue six Sons.

The Inholders Arms impaled with his; a Chevron betwixt three Garbs.

Richard Fuller, and Dionysia, and Isabella his Wives.

Henry Lock, Lorimer.

Richard Sutton, Apprentice unto Richard Rynager, Painter, died 1571.]

This Monument is erected to the memory of Sir James Pemberton, Knight, who being Sheriffe of this City at the comming in of King JAMES, entertained neere 40. Earles and Barons in his House, on the day of the King's being proclaimed. Afterwards, Ann. 1612. was elected Maior of this most honourable Citie of London. Hee erected a Freeschoole in the Parish of Ecleston in Lancashire, sixteene yeeres before his death; and gave fifty Pounds by the yeere, to the maintaining thereof for ever. Hee gave also five hundred Pounds to Christs Hospital, and two hundred Pounds to the Company of Goldsmiths; besides many liberal Gifts to the poore of his Kindred; and many other most charitable Uses. He died the eighth day of September, 1613. aged 68 yeeres.

A very goodly Monument in the East end in the Chancel.