[Crowders Well.] Cripplegate Ward. [Present State.] 94

[Crowders Well.] Cripplegate Ward. [Present State.]

called, for that here was a Play House in former days.

Redcross street, wide, well built and inhabited; it comes out of Barbican, and runs up to Cripplegate Church. Besides the Courts and Alleys hereafter named, here are several large Brewhouses, which, by the Map, seem to be Courts. Three Herrings Court, pretty large, but ordinary. Red Lyon and Axe Inn, but indifferent. Three Faulcon Court, very good, and well built, with a Free stone Pavement. Cradle Court, pretty large and good, falls into Bowling Alley in Whitecross street. Pauls Alley, very long, with some pretty handsome Houses, fit for good Inhabitants; and runs into Aldersgate street, by the Half Moon Tavern. The Crown Brewhouse, of a considerable Trade. Bear and Ragged Staff Alley, very ordinary. Frying Pan Alley, very mean. Ship Yard, but ordinary.

Redcross street.

Hering Court.

Red Lyon and Axe Inn

Three Faulcon Court.

Cradle Court.

Pauls Alley.

Crown Brewhouse

Bear and Raged staff Alley.

Frying Pan Alley.

Ship Yard.

Jewen street, comes out of Redcross street, and falls into Aldersgate street; a Place well built and inhabited, and of some Trade for Button mould Makers.

Jewen street.

In this Street aere these Places; Crowder's Well Alley, very long, running into Aldersgate street, through an Inn Yard. It hath pretty good Buildings, which are well inhabited. This Place is of some Note for its Well, which gives Name to the Alley. The Water of this Well is esteemed very good for sore Eyes, to wash them with; and is said to be also very good to drink, for several Distempers: And some say, it is very good for Men in Drink to take of this Water, for it will allay the Fumes, and bring them to be sober.

Crowderswell Alley.

Crowder's Well.

Bull head Court, a handsome Place, with good Buildings, and well inhabited. Redcross Alley, very long, but somewhat narrow, with pretty good Houses; to many of which are Gardens, which occasions the Place to be the better inhabited. Three Pigeons Court, square, and pretty good. Cockpit Court, but ordinary, and leads into Horn Alley; but this is in Aldersgate street Ward. Lauderdale Court, a good large Place, well built and inhabited; being built out of the Garden belonging to Lauderdale House, seated in Aldersgate street; but some of the Ground lieth yet unbuilt. And on the East side of the Entrance into this Court, going up Steps, is Goldsmiths Court, which is but ordinary.

Bull head Court.

Redcross Alley.

Three Pigeon Court.

Cockpit Court.

Lauderdale Court.

Goldsmiths Court.

There are to watch at Cripplegate, and at several other Stands, in divers places of this Ward, every Night, a Constable, a Beadle, and Forty Watchmen, within the Walls; and One Constable, a Beadle, and Ninety Watchmen, in several places without the Walls; being for the whole Ward, 130.

The Watch.

The Jurymen returned by the Wardmote Inquest, are to serve in the several Courts in the Guildhall, in the Month of March.]

The Jury.

Thus much for Cripplegate Ward. This Ward hath an Alderman and his Deputy; within the Gate, Common Councel, 8. Constables 9. Scavengers 12. For Wardmote Inquest 15. and a Beadle. Without the Gate, it hath also a Deputy, Common Council, 2. Constables, 4. Scavengers, 4. Wardmote Inquest, 17. and a Beadle.

The Government of this Ward.

It is taxed in London, to the Fifteen, at 40l. And in the Exchequer, at 39l. 10s.

The Alderman of this Ward, is Sir William Stewart, Kt.