[Present State.] Cripplegate Ward. 93

[Present State.] Cripplegate Ward.

ordinary, taken up by Carmen, for Stabling for their Horses. Sugar loaf Court, long and ordinary; hath a passage into Gun Alley, and so into Little Moorfields. Seven Star Court, very mean. Sugar loaf Alley, small and ordinary. Butlers Alley, leadeth into Moorfields, already treated of. Car Yard, a pretty large place for Stabling. Cock Alley, very small and mean. Vine Court, and Maidenhead Court, both which are lately built with pretty good Houses; having each a passage into Little Moorfields, through Half Moon Alley.

Sugarloaf Court.

Seven Star Court.

Sugarloaf Alley.

Car Yard.

Cock Alley.

Vine Court.

Maiden head Court.

Grubstreet, very long, coming out of Foresteet, and running, Northwards, into Chiswel street; but some small part, to wit, from Sun Alley to Chiswell street, is not in the Ward, but in the Liberty of Finsbury. This Street, taking in the whole, is but indifferent, as to its Houses and Inhabitants; and sufficiently pestered with Courts and Alleys, the Names of which are as followeth.

Grub street.

Lunds Alley, long and ordinary, falls into Moor lane. Honysuckle Court, pretty good, with new built Houses. Flower de lis Court, very small and ordinary. Little Bell Alley, but mean. Flying Horse Court, long but ordinary built; and, by consequence, the Inhabitants answerable. George Inn, for Livery Horses. Nags Head Inn, lately rebuilt, and fitted up handsome; with good Stables, both for Livery Horses, and a Horse Courser; being built out of a Place called Soldiers Court, which was before old and decayed.

Lund's Alley.

Flower de lis Court.

Flying horse Court.

George Inn.

Nags head Inn.

Over against the Pump, is a pretty good Court, without a Name. Oakley Court, large and open; the greatest part, at present, unbuilt, and lying wast. Butlers Alley, narrow and ordinary; giving a passage into Moor lane, where it is pretty broad. Cross Keys Court, indifferent large, and old built; leads into Halfmoon Alley, and so into Whitecross street. Maidendhead Court, pretty handsome, and indifferent well built and inhabited. Great Bell Alley, small, but indifferent good. Haberdashers Square, very genteel, with new well built Houses. The Court is square, and inclosed in with Palisade Pales, except a handsome passage to the Houses round about; and in the midst is a Dial. This Court was made out of two old ones, viz. Paviers Court, and Robin Hood Court. Sun Alley, but small.

Oakley Court.

Butler's Alley

Cross keys Court.

Great Bell Alley.

Haberdashers Square.

Sun Alley.

Whitecross street, a good Place, pretty well built and inhabited. It begins in Forestreet, and runs Northwards into Oldstreet; which is of a very great length. But the part within the Ward, goeth but a little beyond Beech lane, where the City Posts are set up; as they are in Grubstreet, and in Golden lane, being the Circuits of this Freedom.

White cross street.

In this Street are these Courts and Alleys, viz, Cross Keys Inn, pretty large, and of an indifferent Trade, with some private Houses in it. Cock Alley, leads into Redcross street, as also into Fore street; where it is mentioned under the Name of Great Cock Alley. Three Leg Court, or Yard, being long and open, with good Houses. Kings Arms Yard, pretty large, with ordinary old Buildings, chiefly for Car Men. Peacock Brewhouse, a good handsome convenient Building, and of a considerable Trade. Kings Head Court, pretty well built, with a Free stone Pavement. Cross Keys Court, pretty large, and falls into Grubstreet, where it is spoken of. Half Moon Alley, but ordinary; falls into Cross Keys Court, and thence into Grubstreet, by a passage newly made by the Consent of the Landlords. This Alley also falls into Horseshooe Alley, which is also very mean. Bowling Alley, a pretty good and open Place, containing some Courts within it; as George Yard, &c. which is but mean. And this Alley, by a passage newly made, falls into Cradle Court, seated in Redcross street. Anabaptist Court, long, but ordinary. Castle Court, a pretty Yard, but small. Red Rose Court, indifferently large, but mean. White Rose Court, small and ordinary. Fern's Yard, a Place only for refining of Lead.

Cross keys Inn.

Cock Alley.

Three Leg Court.

Kings Arms Yard.

Kings head Court.

Cross keys Court.

Half Moon Alley

Horseshoe Alley.

Bowling Alley.

George Yard.

Cradle Court.

Anabaptist Court.

Castle Court.

Red Rose Court.

Beech lane, comes out of Whitecross street, and falls into Redcross street, over against Barbican; a Place of slender Account as to Trade or Resort, and but indifferent as to its Inhabitants.

White Rose Court.

Ferns Yard.

Beech Lane.

Ship Yard, but ordinary; having a long passage into a small Court. Glovers Hall Court, a pretty large Place. Kings Head Court, pretty large, and well built; hath a passage into Red Lyon Court, lying on the Manour of Finsbury.

Ship Yard.

Glovers hall Court.

Kings head Court.

Golden lane, of no great Account, either for Buildings or Inhabitants. It comes out of Redcross street, and runs up into Oldstreet; but the part of this Ward, goeth no further than Angel Alley, which is by the City Posts.

Golden Lane.

The Courts and Alleys in this Lane, are, Jacob's Well Alley, very mean. Cocks head Court, pretty large, and well built; hath a Door and Passage, by sufferance, into the Redcross Tavern in Barbican. Black Raven Court, pretty handsome, but small. Crown Court, a good open Place, Sun Court, long, and in some places pretty broad: It runs into Red Lion Market, which is in the Lordship. Near to this Place is the Sun Brewhouse; as also Three Arrows Brewhouse, both of a good Trade. Dinon's Rents, very small and ordinary. Vine Court, indifferent good.

Jacobs Well Alley.

Co ks head Court.

Black Raven Court.

Crown Court.

Sun Court.

Red Lion Market.

Sun Brewhouse.

Three Arrows Brewhouse.

Dixon's Rents.

Vine Court.

Litton street, a pretty good Place, not long built; being made out of Bridgwater House and Garden. Which said Street runs into Brackley street, and thence into Bridgwater street; all built out of Bridgwater House and Ground. Bell Alley, very ordinary.

Litton street.

Brackley street.

Bridgwater street.

Bell Alley.

Barbican, a good broad Street, well inhabited by Tradesmen, especially Salesmen for Apparel, both new and old. It comes out of Aldersgatestreet, against Long lane, and falls into Redcross street; but the part in this Ward, goeth but to the City Posts. And fronting Redcross street, is the Watch house, where formerly stood a Watch Tower, called Burghkenning, i.e. Barbican, for the security of the City in those parts.


The Tower of Burghkenning.

In this Street are these Places of Name, Garter Court, pretty large, containing two Courts, and both so called; which are indifferent good. Bridgwater Square, a very handsome open Place, with very good Buildings, well inhabited. The middle is neatly inclosed with Palisado Pales, and set round with Trees; which renders the Place very delightful. At the North West corner, is a passage into Bridgwater street; and in the South East corner of the Square, is another passage into Charles street; and from thence into Brackley street: Out of which Place, is a passage through Litton street, into Golden lane. And on the East side of Charles street, is a short Street, which has the Name of Silver street; being a Place of no great Account. And where this Square is, stood the House of the Earl of Bridgwater.

Garter Court.

Bridgwater Square.

Charles street.

Silver street.

Three Pigeons Court, both small and ordinary. Plough Alley, long and mean. Blue Boars head Court, also long and ordinary. Fox and Crown Court, long and mean. Figtree Court, pretty good, and well inhabited. Play House Yard, long, with old Buildings; so

Three Pigeons Court.

Plow Alley.

Blue Boars head Court.

Fox and Crown Court.

Figtree Court.

Playhouse Yard.