[Charities.] Cripplegate Ward. [St. James on the Wall.] 81

[Charities.] Cripplegate Ward. [St. James on the Wall.]

There is also (but without any outward Monument) the Head of James, the fourth King of the Scots of that Name; slain at Flodden Field, and buried here by this Occasion. After the Battle, the Body of the said King being found, was closed in Lead, and conveyed from thence to London; and so to the Monastery of Sheyne in Surrey, where it remained for a time, in what order I am not certain. But since the dissolution of that House, in the Reign of Edward VI. Henry Gray, Duke of Suffolk, being lodged and keeping House there; I have been shewed the same Body, so lapped in Lead, close to the Head and Body, was thrown into a waste Room amongst the old Timber, Lead, and other Rubble. Since the which time, Workmen there (for their foolish pleasure) hewed off his Head. And Launcelot Young, Master Glasier to Queen Elizabeth, feeling a sweet savour to come from thence; and seeing the same dried from moisture, and yet the Form remaining, with the Hair of the Head and Beard red, brought it to London, to his House in Woodstreet; where (for a time) he kept it for the sweetness: But in the end, caused the Sexton of that Church, to bury it amongst the other Bones, taken out of their Charnel, &c.

James IV. King of Scots, his Head buried in St. Michaels Church in Woodstreet.

There be these Monuments in St. Michaels Woodstreet Church, since the Fire.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

Against the North Wall, two Monuments for the Harveys.

William Harvey, second Son of Rob. Harvey, and Sarah Audley his Wife. He fined for Alderman and Sheriff. Had issue three Sons, Robert, Hugh, and Benjamin. Departed An. 1677. Also Hugh his second Son, 1679.

Other antient Monuments of the Harveys, set up for William Harvey, and Robert, and their Wives, still remain; or are renewed since the firing of this Church.



Legacies of Charity left to this Parish, and still enjoyed by it, are these.


The Lady Read, yearly000800
Mr. Hill, yearly000500
Both paid by the Goldsmiths
Mr. Longworth Cross020000
Given for Twenty Years,
Anno 1704. about expiring.
Mr. Bowman, paid by Mr. Daw-
son, yearly

There be also belonging to this Parish of St. Michael Woodstreet, Ground Rents of three Houses in Lad lane, Leased to Mr. Dyos, at 22l. 4s. yearly, for 61 Years. More Ground Rent of two Houses in Hogin lane, leased to Mr. Flemming, at 14l. yearly, for 61 Years. These Ground Rents were given to the Parish by some Aldermen of London, in the Reign of King Edward III. The Deeds so defaced by Time, that the particular Uses cannot be read, to which they are assigned. But Custom hath carried it for the Maintenance of the Poor, and discharging other Incidents.

No Parsonage House before the Fire, nor Glebe, belonging to the Minister of this Parish. Yet it is found, by the Register of the Parochial Visitation, Anno 1636. that then there was a Parsonage House of 7l. per Ann.


I read in divers Records of a House in Woodstreet, then called Black Hall; but no Man, at this Day, can tell thereof.

Black Hall in Woodstreet, in St. Michaels Parish.

In the time of King Richard II. Sir Henry Percy, the Son and Heir of Henry Percy Earl of Northumberland, had a House in Wodstreate in London; (whether this Black Hall or no, it is hard to trace) wherein he treated King Richard, the Duke of Lancaster, the Duke of York, the Earl Marshal, and his Father, the Earl of Northumberland, with others, at Supper.

Woodstreet, Lond.

Pet. le Neve, Nor.

On the North side of this St. Michaels Church, is Maiden lane, now so called; but (of old time) Ingenelane, or Inglane. In this Lane, the Wax Chandlers have their Common Hall, on the South side thereof: And the Haberdashers have their like Hall on the North side, at Stayning lane end. This Company of the Haberdashers, or Hurrers, of old time so called, were incorporated a Brotherhood of St. Katharine, the 26th of Henry VI. and so confirmed by Henry VII. the 17th of his Reign: The Cappers and Hatmakers, or Hurrers, being one Company of Haberdashers.

Ingene lane, or Maiden lane.

Wax Chandlers Hall.

Haberdashers Hall.

Record in the Rolls.

Down lower in Woodstreet, is Silver street, (I think, of Silver-smiths dwelling there) in which be divers fair Houses.

Silver street.

And on the North side thereof, is Monkes-well street, so called, of a Well, at the North end thereof; where the Abbot of Garendon had an House or Cell, called St. James in the Wall, by Cripplegate; and certain Monks of their House, were the Chaplains there. Wherefore the Well (belonging to that Cell or Hermitage) was called Monkes Well; and the Street, of the Well, Monkes-well street.

Monks-well street.

Upon the 8th of July, 1625. I Arthur Jackson, Rector of St. Michaels Hogen lane, Woodstreet, was chosen by the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers, to be Minister of this Church or Chapel of St. James on the Wall; commonly called Lambes Chapel. This J. Bagford transcribed out of the Register Book of the Parish Church or Chapel of St. James on the Wall; with this that follows.

Arth. Jackson, Minister of St. James in the Wall. An. 1625. J. Bagf. Registr. S. Jacob.

Marriages. 1586. 18 of August, (being the first Register) Nicolas Bestney, of Gray's Inn in Holborne, in the County of Middlesex, Esq; and Bridget Mitchel, sole Daughter and Heir of John Mitchel, of Warham, in the County of Sussex.

The 28th of July, 1608. Henry Hudson, of the Inner Temple, London, Gent. and Sibyll Bestney, &c.

Thus far these Marriages were taken out of several Paper Registers, by me Arthur Jackson. And then from this Mr. Jackson's Register Book, were entred the Marriages in that Chappel celebrated, unto the Year 1632. and no further.]

Burials entred in the same Register.

1592. Eleonor Bestney, Daughter of Nicolas Bestney, and Bridget his Wife.

1604. May 29. Katharine Bestney, Daughter of Nicolas Bestney, Esq; and Bridget his Wife, August 29. Ursula Bestney, Daughter of the said Nicolas and Bridget, &c.

1632. March 22. Mrs. Bridget Bestney, Widow, late Wife of Mr. Nicolas Bestney, Esq;

The East side of this Street down against London Wall; and the South side thereof to Cripplegate, be of Cripplegate Ward, as afore shewed.

In this Street, by the corner of Monks-well street, is the Bowyers Hall.

Bowyers Hall.