[Monuments.] Cripplegate Ward. 79

[Monuments.] Cripplegate Ward.

simæ Heroinæ, Dominæ Elizabethæ, Angliæ, &c. Reginæ, à secretis, Conjugis.
Quæ annos enata Xix. in puerperio, 10 Calendas Septembris, Anno Salutis Jesu merito restitutæ, M. D. XIC. ex hac peritura ad perennem vitam emigravit. Cui
Placid. in Christo gentis humanæ sospitatore obdormienti, hoc mortale immortalis amoris Monumentum Conjux m┼ôstissimus posuit.

On the South side of the Church, on the Wall adjoyning to the Vestry, is an antient Monument, in the memory of Christopher Hawes, Mercer and Alderman of London, who dyed the 25 of October, 1508. and is interred in a Vault under the Foundation of the Church.]

Here follow the Names and Inscriptions of divers others that had Monuments here; and the repetition of some already mentioned, for the sake of their Inscriptions, that shall be added.

J. S.

Alice, the Wife of Thomas Glocester, Painter. Qui obiit die Dominica in Festo Carnipr. An. 1400. Et Johan. filius ejus. Quorum animabus, &c.

Hic jacet Johannes Spoore, qui obiit 21 Maii, 1429. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus. Amen.

His jacet Thomas Ostrige, Haberdasher London, & Mercator Stabulæ Calis. Et Anna uxor ejus. Qui Thomas obiit 16 Mar. An. Dom. 1483.

The Arms on the dexter side, is a Chevron charged with three Catharin Wheels, between as many Brushes with Handles.

Hic jacet Johan. Thomas, Cives & Mercerus Lond. & Elizabetha Uxor ejus. Qui Johannes obiit 15 D. Febr. 1485. Quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Amen.

Thomas Lovet, of Northamptonshire, Esq; died 16 Febr. 1491. Cujus Animæ, &c.

William White, Alice and Ellyn his Wives. Which William ob. 9 April 1504.

Chalton and Johanna Uxor ejus.

John Trusbut, Mercer, London.

Orate pro anima Willielmi Skarburgh, Civis & Vintarii London; & uxorem ejus, & filiorum & filiarum, Benefactorum, &c.

Thomas Musche.

Pray for Soul of Christopher Hawes, Mercer, and Alderman of London, and Merchant of the Staple. Dyed 15 of October, Anno Dom. 1508. And Alys his Wife. Four Sons and seven Daughters.

On the dexter side his Coat. Vaire, on a Chief a Lion passant gardant. On the sinister, the Coat of Arms of the Mercers.

Here lyes Edward Wotton, Doctor of Physick. Obiit 5 Oct. 1555.

Round about a Gravestone.

Mercatoris Stapulæ, & Katharinæ, Calisie & Agnetis Uxorum ejus. Quæ Uxor ob. 1558. Agnes vero obiit 26 Aug. 1559. Quorum animabus, &c.

An Inscription upon a Pillar, not legible.

Over it were these Coats. Baron and Femme. The Baron bearing quarterly. 1. A Fesse Or. between three Sarasins Heads, couped at the Breast; a Handkerchief wreathed about the Necks. 2. Three Spear Heads. 3. Three Chesse rooks. 4. A Fesse between three Choughs.

The Femme part two Coats impaled. 1. A Cheveron charges with threee Libbarts Heads, between as many Crosses Croslets. 2. A Chevron between three Martlets.

Symond de Berking, & Lucie sa feme gisent, &c.

Upon a Tomb of Sir William Waads, a Coat with many quarters. The first a Salteir between four Escalops.

A Monument of Skevington,

A Hatchment of Sir William Meredith.

There be a few Monuments for Persons more lately buried here.

Late Monuments.

On the North Wall, a Monument for Benjamin Harvey, Esq; Major to the Yellow Regiment of the Trained Bands of this City, By his last Will, he gave the white Marble Font: Dyed 1684.

J. S.

In the Chancel, upon a Pillar or Monument for Richard Wynne, Esq; Citizen and Merchant, 1688, And his Wife Joyce, Daughter of Anthony Biddulph.

Flat Stones in the Body of the Church, over Ralph Hutchinson, Esq; 1701.

Thomas Hartley, Citizen and Barber Surgeon, 1683. And Mary his Wife 1700.



The Bequests and charitable Gifts to this Parish, amount to about 20l. per Ann. Of which a Register is kept. A Particular follows.

Charitable Gifts.

Donors. Gifts.

William Peel, of St. Mary Savoy, Gent. bequeathed, An. 1623. an Annuity of 10l. for the use of the Poor of the Parish.

Gilbert Keat, of London, Esq; by Will dated 1657. gave, to put out two young Men Apprentices, gratis, 40l.

And so from four Years to four Years, giving Security to the Parish.

Susan Ibel, by Will dated 16 Jac. I. gave 40l. being her Gift, and of her deceased Husbands, Thomas Roberts, for three Chaldron and four Sacks of Seacoal, among the honest poor People: To each, one Sack of Seacoal, as far as the same will extend.

The Churchwardens, with the consent of the Executors, paid the said 40l. into the Hands of the Mystery of Tallow Chandlers: Who covenanted with the said Parish, to deliver to them the said Coals.

Richard Wynne, Esq; An. 1677. gave 20l. for ever, to be distributed to Eight poor People of the said Parish, at 2s. 6d. a piece. And the said 20l. is put forth at Interest.

Thomas Savage, Citizen and Goldsmith, by Will dated 1611. gave a Messuage callled The George, in Holborn Bridge, with four other Messuages, for the Use and Benefit of the Poor. Which Premisses, many Years before the Reign of King Edward VI. belonged to the Parish; but taken away in that King's Reign, by the Statute about Superstitious Uses. And 8 Jac. I. the Title being in Suit between the Parish, and one Robert Pepper, it was awarded, that Pepper and his Son should convey the said Premises to the said Parish in Fee. Which was done; but upon Condition, that the said Parish, or their Trustees, should grant a Lease back to Pepper, for 150 Years, at 5l. per Ann.