Cripplegate Ward. [Monuments.] 78

Cripplegate Ward. [Monuments.]

And Alice was Henry Decons Wife,     
which Henry lives on Earth,
And is the Serjeant Plummer     
to Queene ELIZABETH.
With whom this Alice left iaaue here,     
his vertuous Daughter Joan,
To be his Comfort every where,     
now joyfull Alice is gone.
And for these three departed Soules,     
gone up to joyfull blisse;
Th'Almighty praise be given to God,     
to whom the Glory is.
Alice dyed the eleventh day of March, 1572.

[A Coat of Arms on the dexter side, Baron and Femme: 1. A Chevron between two Roses and a Flower de Lys. 2. A Field Or. three Bars.]

J. S.

Ad sacros cineras, & piam memoriam Alleni Downer, Civis London, è libertate Potifica, & ætate & offocio aliquando senioris, & Mariæ Uxoris Parentum integritate quadrara; Thomas filius unus, & unicus superstes, ultimum hoc pii & filialis amoris testamentum affert.

Si vere dicunt     
monumenta monentia mentes,
Mille mihi monumenta     
pii posuere parentes,
Ingratus ne sim     
monumento hoc mille rependo.

A small Monument on a Pillar in the middle Isle.

Upon the Wall by the North Door, a fair Monument in Stone, with these Inscriptions.

Misericordiam Dei per Jesum Christum obtinuimus.
Here lye the Bodies of Anne, the Wife of Laurence Gibson, Gent. and of their three Sonnes. She was a most faithfull and loving Wife, and a right religious, wise, vertuous, and modest Woman; and adorned with many other such excellent and commendable Gifts and Qualities, that she is worthy of perpetual memory. She was of the ancient Family of the Bamfords in Lincolnshire: And the 29 day of December, 1611, she patiently and christianly ended this mortall life.
Spe resurgendi ad vitam æternam requiescimus.
Hoc m┼ôstissimus ejus maritus, in piam memoriam Uxoris suæ, talis, tamq; charissimæ, construi fecit: eandemq; hic cum illa sepulturam sperat & exoptat.
In Christo filii sumus Dei, & hæredes æternæ vitæ.
Mentis vis magna.

What! Is she dead?     
doth he survive?
No: both are dead,     
and both alive.
She lives, hees dead,     
by love, though grieving,
In him, for her,     
yet dead, yet living.
Both dead, and living,     
then what is gone?
One halfe of both,     
not any one.

One Mind, one Faith,     
one Hope, one Grave,
In life, in death,     
they had, and still they have.
Amor conjugalis æternus.

Hic jacet in requie     
Woodcocke Jon, vir Generosus,
Maior Londiniæ,     
Mercerus, valdè morosus.
Miles qui fuerat
M. Domini mille     
centum quater ruit ille
Cum x bis

An ancient Tomb in the Chancel, lately intruded on with new Pews.

This John Woodcock was Maior 1405.

Hic jacet Tom Short-hose,     
sine Tombe, sine Sheets, sine Riches;
Qui vixit sine Gowne,     
sine Cloake, sine Shirt, sine Breeches.

In the Vestry South Window, there is the Figure of Thomas Heritagh, in a red Mantle: Right before him, in another pane, is the Mercers Arms, of which Company (it seems) he was free. This Man was the Builder of this Vestry House.

At the East end of the Chancel, on the Right Hand, is a fair Monument, with this Inscription.

To the sacred memory of Thomas Shelley, eldest Sonne and heire and Henry Shelly, of Patcham, in the County of Sussex, Esquire, departed this life the second day of Decemb. 1620. being 23 yeeres of age. By his most sorrowful Wife, Mary Shelly, eldest Daughter of Thomas Stevens of the middle Temple, Esquire, Atturney Generall to Prince Henry.

If Youth, Religion,     
Vertue, and the rest
Of Graces that     
in fraile Man are the best,
Could have conferr'd long life,     
this funerall Verse
Had not so soone     
beene offered at thy Herse,
By thy sad Widdow:     
whose Fate did allow
Her onely three Weeks     
Happinesse, to know
How good thou wert:     
and what remaines of life,
To her yeelds sorrow:     
She was once a Wife
To such an Husband,     
whose like 'twere in vaine,
And flattery to her Grife,     
to hope againe.
But thou wert Flesh,     
and that to Earth must turne,
Thy pure Soule blest;     
She only left to mourne.

Adjoining to this, on the Right Hand, is a fair Marble Monument in Oval.

Deo Trino & Uno Opt. Max. sacrum, ac
æternæ Memoriæ ornatissimæ & laudatissimæ feminæ, Annæ Walleriæ in Icenis oriundæ, unius atq; unicæ parentum prolis; Ingenio, Genio & Genere conspicuæ: Gulielmi Waadi Regii Consistorii sanctiorisque Concilii Serenis-