[Monuments.] Cripplegate Ward. 77

[Monuments.] Cripplegate Ward.

constrained to petition his Highness for his Leters Patents, for the help of a Collection for it.

Their Petition graciously received, his Majesty was pleased (as a cause of all other his Piety, especially Favours) to send his Letter to the Lord Bishop of London, for the forwarding and effecting their desires.

Yet notwithstanidng this fair Degree to their wish, they are for a time put off, by reason (as I am informed) of the great Collection for the Repair of the famous Cathedral Church of St. Paul. But they hope it will not be long.

In which Hope they have many Partners, as also in their Prayers, for all the good means that may be, to the speedy rebuilding of it: Till which time, the Church appointed unto them for the Sabbath Exercises, Marriage, Burying, Churching, and the Sacraments, is the Parish Church of St. Alphage near Cripplegate. And thus much of this Church, St. Albans.]

This Church was burnt down in the great Fire, but built again: Which, with the Gallery, was finished An. 1685.

J. S.

There is a Table of Benefactors to this new Church, set up; beginning, Sir Thomas Fisher gave a Velvet Pulpit Cloth and Cushion, &c.



It hath the Monuments of Sir Richard Illingworth, Baron of the Exchequer; Thomas Chatworth, Grocer, Maior, 1443. John Woodcocke, Maior, 1405. John Collet, and Alice his Wife. Rafe Thomas, Raphe and Richard, Sons to Raphe Illingworth, which was Son to Sir Richard Illingworth, Baron of the Exchequer. Thomas, Son of Sir Thomas Fitzwilliams; [Thomas Halton, Mercer, Maior, 1550 *.] Thomas Ostritch, Haberdasher, Richard Swetenham, Esq; and William Dunthorne *, Town Clerk of London, with this Epitaph.


*There was no such Maior in that Year, nor Twenty Year before. It should be Chalton.


Fœlix prima dies     
postquam motalibus ævi
Cesserit, hinc morbus     
subit, acq; repentè senectus.
Tum mors; qua nostrum     
Dunthorn cecidisse Wilelmum,
Haud cuiquam latuisee     
reor, dignissimus (inquam,)
Artibus his Doctor,     
necnon celeberrimus hujus
Clericus Urbis erat,     
primus, nulliq; secundus,
Moribus, ingenio,     
studio, nil dixeris illi,
Quin dederit natura     
boni, pius ipse, modestus,
Longanimus, solers,     
patiens, super omnia gratus,
Quique sub immensas     
curas variosque labores,
Anxius atteritur, vitæ     
dum carpserit auras.
Hoc tetro in tumulo,     
compostus, pace quiescit.

[The Coat on the Right side is a Fesse charged with three Mullets, between as many Lions rampant.]

Simon Morsted, Thomas Pikehurst, Esq; Richard Take, Robert Ashcombe, Thomas Lovet, Esq; Sheriff of Northamptonshire, 1491. John Spoore *, 1429. Katharine, Daughter to Sir Thomas Mirley, Kt. William Linchelade, Mercer, 1392. John Penie, Mercer, 1450. John Thomas, Mercer, 1485. Christopher Hawse, Mercer, one of the Sheriffs, 1503. William Scarborough, Vintner, Simon de Berching, Sir John Cheke, Kt. Schoolmaster to King Edward VI. deceased 1557. do lie here.

*Spare, first Edit.

Hunc posuit Tumulum     
frater, superaddidit illi
Triste Nepos Carmen;     
dignus utroque fuit.
Cur Tumulum? justo     
ne funus honore careret.
Cur Carmen? laudes     
ne tegerentur humo.
Vita pia, & fœlix mors,     
vitam morte prehendunt,
Et pensant Cœli     
munera, damna foli.
Here lyeth buried M. Albayne Hill, Doctor of Physicke, who dyed the 26 day of December, An. Dom. 1559.

A Monument in the East end of the Chancel.

A. M.

Here also lyeth buried Mistris Alice Hill, sometime Wife to the said M. Dr. Hill; who dyed the last day of May, An. Dom. 1580.

A Monument in the South Wall of the Chappel.

Georgius Cary de Cokington, Arm. hoc monumentum in memoriam ejus, & unus Executorum prædict. Aliciæ Hill, fieri curavit, 1582.

J. S.

On the dexter side of the abovesaid Inscription, this Coat: A Chevron between three Lozenges. On the sinister, three Lozenges, a Chief indented.]

Ethelreda White, quondam uxor Henrici White, Armigeri, & unius filiarum & hæredum Roberti Frother, Aldermanni London. Quæ quidem Ethelreda obiit in vigilia S. Johan. Baptist. An. Regis Henrici 8. 26. An. Dom. 1534.

An antient Plate fixed in the Wall of the North Chappel.

The 13 day of September, 1557.

Doctrinæ Lumen     
CHECUS vitæq; Magister,
Aurea naturæ     
fabrica, morte jacet.
Non erat è multis     
unus, sed præstitit unus
Omnibus & Patriæ     
flos erat ille suæ:
Gemma Britanna fuit,     
tam magnum nulla tulerunt
Tempora Thesaurum,     
tempora nulla ferent.

A fair plated Gravestone in the North Chappel of the Quire.

Sir John Cheke.

On the right side of this Epitaph, stood Chekes Coat. Which was Baron and Femme. 1. Three Crescents, and a Crescent in the midst for distinction. 2. A Salteir Vaire, with a Martlet in the nombril point, between four Mullets.]

J. S.

Hic jacet Benedictus Trotter, nuper Civis, & Grocerus London, Mercator Stapulæ villæ Caliciæ. Qui obiit ultimo die Mensis Octobris, 1496. Cujus, &c.

A Gravestone in the same Chappel.

Hic jacet Willielmus Linchlade, quondam Civis & Mercerus London. Qui obiiit 9 die Januarii, An. Dom. 1392. Et Alicia uxor ejus. Quorum, &c.

A fair plated Stone by the Communion Table.

Of William Wilson, Joane his Wife,     
and Alice their Daughter deare,
These Lines were left to give report,     
these Three lye buried here:

A fair plated Stone in the Body of the Church.