Bassings Hall Ward. 69

Bassings Hall Ward.

On both sides this Church, is an Alley, and both called Church Alley; which encompasseth it, and falleth into Three Nuns Alley; and that leads into Aldermanbury. But this is in Cripplegate Ward.

On each side of this Alley, is a Row of good Buildings, especially that on the South side. And in that on the North, is Young's Court, which is but small.

Young's Court.

White Bear Inn, much resorted unto by Carriers.

White Bear Inn.

Potters Court, but small. Girdlers Hall, a very handsome Building, with an open Court- yard; and a Free stone Pavement, and a Garden behind it. Shooters Court, but small, with a Free stone Pavement. Guild Hall Court, pretty long, but narrow. Bassishaw Court, pretty large, and indifferent good, hath a passage to London Wall.

Potters Court.

Girdlers Hall.

Shooters Court.

Guild hall Court.

Bassishaw Court.

This Street of Bassinghall, is all, on both sides, in this Ward; except 72 Foot, on the East side of the South end.

Of London Wall Street, there is in this Ward, Fifty four Foot West, and Eighty eight Foot East, on either side of the North end of Bassinghall Street.

London Wall street.

Catteaten street hath only Twenty five Foot West from Bassinghall street, on the North side, in this Ward.

There are to Watch at the several Stands in this Ward, every Night, a Constable, a Beadle, and Twelve Watchmen.

The Watch.

The Jurymen returned by the Wardmote Inquest, for this Ward, are to serve in the several Courts in Guild-hall, in the Month of March.]

The Jurymen.

And thus I end this Ward. Which hath an Alderman, his Deputy, for Common Council, Four, Constables, Two, Scavengers, Two; For the Ward Mote Inquest, Seventeen, and a Beadle. It is taxed to the Fifteen in London, 7l. And likewise in the Exchequer, at 7l.


The Alderman of this Ward is Sir Charles Cook, Kt.