Coleman street Ward. [Monuments.] 58

Coleman street Ward. [Monuments.]

Charge of the Parishioners, in the Year of our Lord God, 1621.

Francis Haddon,
John Walker,



There be Monuments in this Church, of Reginald Coleman, Son to Robert Coleman, buried there 1383. This said Robert Coleman may be supposed the first Builder or Owner of Coleman street; and that St. Stephen's Church, then builded in Coleman street, was but a Chappel belonging to the Parish Church of S. Olave in the Jewry. For we read (as afore) that John Forest, Vicar of St. Olaves, and of the Chappel annexed of St. Stephen, deceased in the Year 1399. [Ths may be some Argument which I overpass.] Hugh Clopton, Mercer, Maior, deceased 1496. Anselme Becket, John Julian, William Ilford, had Chauntries there. Sir Brian Tuke, Kt. Treasurer of the Chamber to King Henry VIII. 1536. and Dame Grisilde his Wife, that deceased after him) was there buried 1538. John Fetiplace, Draper, Esq; 1464. and Joan his Wife; Sir Hugh Witch, Mercer, Maior, Son to Richard Witch, intombed there, 1466. He gave to his third Wife 3000l. and to Maids Marriages Five Hundred Marks.

Monuments of Persons deceased.

John Merchaunt, Citizen of London, and Common Clerk of the City, buried in the Church of the Convent of the Holy Trinity, gave by his Will, An. 1419. an annual Rent of five Marks, to the Rector and Parishioners of St. Margaret Lothbury, ad inveniend. singulis annis in perpetuum Capellanum idoneum, divina in Capellæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis infra dict. Eccles. celebratur. pro anima uæ &c. An. 1420.

St. Margaret Lothbury.

E. A.

One John Benet was Parson of this Parish, who made his Will in Decemb. 1497. as followeth. "I John Benett, Parson and Curat of the Parisch Church of St. Margarets in Lothbury in Lond. make this my present Testament, &c. My Body to be buried where God wil dispose for it, &c. The residue of al my principal Goods, both Gould and Silver, and my Plate, such as it is, to be sld, and make Mony thereof, to be divided in three parts: One, to the Provost and Fellowship of Kings College at Eaton. The second Part, to the Vice-provost and the Fellowship, and Scholars, of the Kings College of Cambridge. The third Part amongst my most needy and poor Parishioners; and specially to them that have charge of Children, and most principallie to them that have bene long dwelling in my Parish in my tyme, of whom I have had Tythes and Offerings. Provyded, that al Vacabonds, Scowldars and Brawlers, be rewarded after the Mind and Discretion, and good Conscience, of mine Executors, &c. I make Sir Will. Pecock, Chauntry Priest of St. Peters in Cornhill, Executor, &c.]"

Benet Parson here. His Will.

J. Wor.

Sir John Leigh, 1564. with this Epitaph.

No wealth, no praise,     
no bright renowne, no skill,
No force, no fame,     
no Princes love, no toyle,
Though forraine Lands     
by travels search you will,
No faithfull service     
of thy Country soyle,
Can life prolong     
one minute of an houre:
But Death at length     
will execute his power.
For Sir John Leigh,     
to sundry Countries knowne,
A worthy Knight,     
well of his Prince esteem'd;
By seeing much,     
to great experience growne:
Though safe on seas,     
though sure on land he seem'd;
Yet here he lyes,     
too soone by death opprest,
His fame yet lives,     
his soule in heaven hath rest.

A goodly ancient Tomb in the Chancel.

Here lyeth buried Dame Grisilde Tuke, late Wife of Sir Brian Tuke, Kt. Treasurer of the Chamber to King Henry VIII. She dyed the 28 Day of December, 1538.

A fair ancient Tomb in the North Isle of the Quire.

A. M.

Under this Stone lyeth George Beaumont Clerk, and Doctor in Divinity; who departed this Life the 29 day of April, An. Dom. 1571. A Man merciful and good to the Poor; and born in Kinnegal in Cumberland. Whose Body and Soul God grant a joyful Resurrection.
Se piu si puote.

A plated Stone by the Communion Table.

Here lyeth Joh. Dimocke, sonne to John Dimocke, Esq; sometimes Citizen and Draper of London: He married Anne his first Wife, by whom he had one Son: which Anne dyed in the yeere of Christ, 1558. After whom he married his second Wife Mary, by whom he had a Daughter. He served the Princes of famous memory, King Henry the Eighth, and King Edward the Sixth. For his faithfull and good service he was well esteemed; and for his upright dealing, he was well beloved of his equals; for his Benevolence to the poore, hee was both praised and prayed for. Hee lived 100 yeeres lacking 7. very commendably, and the 14th of July, 1585. he dyed Christianly.

A fair plated Stone before the ascending to the Communion Table.

Anne, Wife of Roger Waldrond, of London; Daughter of Ansel Becket. They had issue James, Rose, Anne.

J. S.

Hare lyeth the body of Christian Towerson, Wife of William Towerson of London, Merchant. Who lived together 21 yeeres and 6 moneths, and had issue 10 Children. Leaving behind her John, William Robert, Elizab. and Mary. She left this life the 19th day of February, 1611.

A fair Pyramid erected against the South Wall of the Quire.

A. M.

Here resteth in hope of a joyfull resurrection, the body of Nocholas * Style, late Alderman of London; who was borne at Langley, in the Parish of Beckingham †, in the County of Kent: the Son of Humfrey * Style, Knight, and of Dame Bridget his Wife. He married Gertrude, the Daughter of Thomas † Bright of London, Ironmonger, with whom hee lived most lovingly and faithfully the space of forty yeeres. And by her had three sonnes and foure daughters; of whom remained living at his decease, one Sonne, Humfrey *, and one Daughter, Mary. He dyed the sixteenth day of November, An. Dom. 1615.

A small Monument new y erected in the East end of the Quire.

* Al William.


*Al. Homery.

† Al Edward.

*Al. Homerius.

Quid diurnare Magnos invides Parca?
Robertis Jerminorum à Rushbrooke
Nobile Germen
Hic situs est:
Flos juvenum, sub ævi flore raptus:
Qui virtutum utriusq; ætatis Apicibus potitus,
Ingenio & Indole Juventutis,
Necnon senili Pietate ac Prudentia,

A fair Monument in the South Isle, at the upper end.