Coleman street Ward. [St. Margarets Lothbury.] 57

Coleman street Ward. [St. Margarets Lothbury.]

A fair Monument in the same Church, with this Inscription.

Memoriæ Sacrum,
Roberti Bowyer, Mercatoris London, ex Antiqua Familia Bowyer De Knipperslay in Com. Staffordiæ oriundi, secundi filii Francisci Bowyer Arm. Quondam Aldermani hujus Civitatis, Honorabilis Societatis Grocerorum London, olim pro tempore Præfecti. Margaretam unam Filiarum Thomæ Cordall, quondam etiam Mercatoris London. ac Honorabilis Societatis Mercerorum, ejusdem Societatis Præfecti, in Uxorem duxit. Ab ea amplissimam suscepit prolem, quinque Filios, viz. Thomam, Robertum, Willielmum, & Henricum, modo Cœlebes, superstites existentes, & Johannem defunctum, & secundum Christi adventum hic expectantem.
Margareta Uxor, Thomas, & Robertus filii ejus, ac ultimi Testamenti Executores, pietatis, & observantiæ ergô. Mœrentes posuerunt.

Under this Tome,     
the sacred Ashes hold,
The drossie part     
of more Celestiall Gold;
The body of a Man,     
a Man of Men,
Whose worth to write at large,     
would loose my Pen.
Then do thy worst, Death,     
glut thy self with Dust,
The precious Soul,     
is mounted to the Just.
Yet, Reader, when thou read'st,     
both read and weep;
That Men so good, so grave,     
So wise, do sleep.
N.S. mœrens posuit.

Modern MONUMENTS since the Fire, are these.

In the Chancel, on the South Wall, is a fair Monument for Sir Nathaniel Herne, Kt. late Sheriff, and at his Death, Alderman of this City, and Governour of the Honourable East India Company. A Man of great Worth and Character in this City, and most extensive Charity; especially to poor Seamen, and for the Education of their Children. Died 1679. Aged 50.

Modern Monuments.

J. S.

On the said South Wall, somewhat lower, a Monument for Ephraim Skinner, Merchant, sometime Consul at Livorne; died at Islington, 1678. Aged 41.

Chancel; South Isle, Sir John Frederick's Vault.

North Isle, Dr. Hibbert's Vault.

Flat Stones, North Isle; for George Hatton, an Inhabitant of this Parish, 1699.

Anne, Daughter of Joseph and Mary Brookbank, 1697. Also Sarah and Anne, who dyed in their Infancy.



The charitable Donations to St. Olave Old Jewry, are these.


J. S.

Donors. Gifts.

Sir Thomas Hewet gave yearly, 5l. 4s.

Henry Lo, Esq; for ever, 10l payable out of the Mannour of Longney in Gloucestershire.

Gervase Vaughan, for Bread to the Poor every Sunday, gave one House, being the Sign of the Anchor near Aldermanbury; let before the Fire, for 14l. per ann. but at present, the Ground Rent goes at 3l. But when the present Lease expires, whatsoever it shall be let for, must be for the use of the Poor, for Bread.

Mr Crook, yearly, 1l 10s.

The Company of Ironmongers, 5s.

The Clothworkers. 1l 10s.

The Vicarage House burnt down in the great Fire; and the Toft and Ground adjoyning, was let out by Dr. Hibbert, then Vicar, An. 1674. for Forty Years, reserving a Rent of 1l.

Vicarage House.

The Dimensions of this House, and of the Ground and Yard adjoyning, are set out and described in the Lease.

In the Parochial Visitation, An. 1636. the Glebe brought in by the Presentment, was 11l. per Ann.


Anno 1671. Dr. Hibbert did devise and let out to Sir John Frederic, his Executors, &c. another House or piece of Ground, abutting upon the Church-yard on the West, for and during the Term of Forty Years, reserving a Rent of 4l. per ann. The said Sir John built a dwelling House on the said Toft.

From this Parish Church of St. Olave, to the North end of the Old Jewry, and from thence West to the North end of Ironmonger lane; and from the said corner into Ironmonger lane, almost to the Parish Church of St. Martin, was (of old time) one large building of Stone, very ancient, made in place of Jews Houses; but of what Antiquity, or by whom the same was builded, or for what use, I have not leaned; more than that King Henry VI. in the 16th of his Reign, gave the Office of being Porter or Keeper thereof, unto John Stent, for term of his Life, by the Name of his Principal Palace in the Old Jewry. This was (in my Youth) called the Old Wardrobe: But of later time, the outward Stone Wall hath been by little and little taken down, and divers fair Houses builded thereupon, even round about.

An old Stone Building.

Kings Palace in the Old Jewry.

King Richard III. committed the keeping of the Princes Wardrobe, (for so it was now clled) to his trusty Servant John Kendale, his Secretary, by his Patent dated 12 of Decemb. 1483. and left him to dwell in the same.

King Richard the IIId's Secretary dwels here

J. S.

In Edward the VIth's Reign, it was alienated from the Crown, being called a Great Messuage, under the Name of The Prince's Wardrobe; to which belonged divers Houses, Edifices, Gardens, &c. being sold to Sir Anthony Cope, a Privy Councellour in the 3d of Edward VI. for 60l. And in consideration of Services, the yearly Value being reckoned 6l. 13s. 4d. a good Pennyworth no question.]

Sold to Sir Ant. Cope.

The Parish Church of St. MARGARET Lothbury.


Now for the North side of this Lothbury, beginning at the East end thereof: Upon the Water-course of Walbrooke, have ye a proper Parish Church, called St. Margaret. Which seemeth to be newly re-edified and builded, about the Year 1440. For Robert Large gave to the Quire of that Church one hundred and 20 Pounds for Ornaments. More to the Vaulting over the Water-course of Walbrook, by the said Church, for the enlarging thereof, Two Hundred Marks.

St. Margaret Lothbury.

And I find it called the Chappel of St. Margarets de Lothberie, in the Reign of Edward II. When in the 15th of that King's Reign, Licence was granted to found a Chauntry there.]

Chappel of St. Margarets.

J. S.

This Church was repaired, and throughout very worthily beautified, at the Cost and