[St. Lawrence Jury.] Cheape Ward. [Monuments.] 45

[St. Lawrence Jury.] Cheape Ward. [Monuments.]

Jan. 16. 1514. and in the 6th Year of King Henry VIII. In the Name of God, Amen, &c. First, I bequeath my Sowle to Almighty God, our Bl. Lady St. Mary, &c. And my Body to be beryd in the Chapell of our Lady within the Church of S. Lawrance in the Hold Jury, &c. under the same Stone where my Mayster John Pykeryng lyethe beryed, or nere thereunto. Item, Where by my Dede of Feffement, beryng Date the 6th day of Septemb. in the 6th Yere of the Reign of King Henry VIII. I infeffed William Archbp. of Canterbury, and other, of and in al the Meses, Lands, and Tenements Gardayns, with al and singular theyr Appurtinences, set and beyng in Suthewark, within the County of Surrey; as in the foreseyd Dede of Feffement more playnely doth appere: To the entent that the seyd William Archbishop, and other his Feffees within the seyd Dede namyd, and theyr Hayres, should stand and be seasyd thereof, to th use and entent as hereafter ensuyeth. That is to say, That the seyd Feffys should stand and be Feffys to the use and behof of me, the seyd Roger, and Eleonor my Wiffe, during our Tymes; and after the Decesse of me the sayd Roger, and Eleanor my Wiffe, and the longest Lyver of us, I will that the sayd Feffyes, and their Ayers, be thereof Feffyes to th'use and entent ensuying.

His last Will.

J. Worthington

That is to say, to the Use of the Maister and Fellowes, for the tyme beyng, of the College of our Lady, Sainct John Evangelyst, and Sayncte Radyegund, commonly callyd Jhesus College in Cambridge, and of their Successors; from the Day of the Decesse of me the say'd Roger, and Eleanor my Wiffe, unto the end and terme of LXXXXIX Yeres then next ensueing, and fully to be complete and ended. And in case that the sayd Maister and Fellows, or theyr Successors, provyd and obteyn a sufficient Licence of the Kyng our Sovereign Lord, or any of his Heyres, Kings of England, hereafter to receive and retayn in Mort main, the said Mese, Londs, Tenements, and other the Premisses in Suthwark; then I woll that the sayd Archbp. of Cant. and other his Feffyes, and their Heyres, be thereof Feffyes, to the Use of the sayd Maister and Fellows, and their Successors, from the Day of such sufficient Licence had and obteined, &c. And also I will, that the sayd Maister and Fellows, make, or cause to be made, under their common Seal, a sufficient Charter or Graunt unto mine Executors, or to the Executor of mine Executors, &c. that they, within a Yere after they shal have real Possession of, and in the sayd Lands, &c. shal find in the sayd College for evermore, one honest Prest Graduat, by the sayd Maister and Fellows, &c. to be elect and chosen, and made Fellow of the siad College, there to contynue his Learning in Arte or Divinitie, as his Degree and Tyme shal require in the same College, to synge and pray for the Sowles of me the foreseyd Roger, and the Sowles of Anne and Eleanor my Wiffes; Thomas Thorny, and Joan his Wiffe; my Fader and Moder; John Thorney my Soon, John Pykeryng, Mercer, and his Wiffe; and for the Sowls of all theym whom he and I be bownd to pray for; and for al Christen Sowles: Gevyng to him such Exhibition and Ryght in the sayd College, as the Fellows now beyng have, by the reason of the first Foundation of the said College: And over that, to the seyd Prest, xxs. yerely for his Clothing.

Item, I wol, that the sayd Maister and Fellows, as by theyr sayd Graunt and Charter shal be specified, shal observe and kepe yerely for evermore, the Day of my Decesse, an Obyte, or an Anniversary, with Placebo and Dirige, by Note in the Evyn; and Masse and Requiem, by Note in the Morning; gevyn, to every Fellow beyng present at the sayd Dirige and Masse, 12d. and to every Child and Chaunter of the College Exhibition, 2d. And to the Scolemaister, 8d. And to his Husher, 4d. To the Maister of the sayd College, 20d. &c.

Item, I woll, and beseche the Reverend Father in God, the Byshop of Ely, for the tyme beyng, that there may be a Statute made in the sayd College, to the whiche any new Maister or Fellow may be sworne in his fyrst Admission, &c. to do their Diligence to performe and contynue this my last Wil and Testament, towching this Premiss, to the best of theyr Powere.

Item, I wol, that the sayd oon Priest found, and the sayd Obyte observyd, after the Rate beforesayd, al the surplus of the sayd Lands and Tenements in Suthwark, be put in a Purse by it self, and layd in the common Hutche of the sayd College, only to be spent for the Maintenance of the sayd Lands and Tenements, by the Discretion of the sayd Maister and Fellows, &c. and not to be applyed to any other Use, except in an extreme cause of Necessity, &c.]

Robert Charsey, one of the Sheriffs, 1548.

Sir William Rowe, Ironmonger, Maior, 1593,

Samuel Thornhill, 1597.

Walter Blundel, had a Chauntry there, the 14th of Edward II.



Lo here the Lady Margaret North,     
in Tombe and Earth doth lye;
Of Husbands foure the faithfull Spouse,     
whose fame shall never dye.
One Andrew Fraunces was the first,     
the second Robert hight,
Sirnamed Chartsey, Alderman:     
Sir David Brooke, a Knight,
Was third. But he that passed all,     
and was in number fourth,
And for his vertue made a Lord,     
was call'd, Sir Edward North.
These all together doe I wish     
a joyfull rising day:
That of the Lord, and of his Christ,     
All honour they may say.
Obiit 2. die Junii, An. Dom. 1575.

An ancient Tomb in the Chancel

A. M.

Hic jacet Simon Bennington, Civis & Pannarius London, Sustentatorum istius Capellæ, ac unius Capellani, in eadem divina quotidie celebrantis. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

An ancient Tomb in the South Wall.

Hic incineratur corpus quondam Galfridi Bullayne, Civis, Merceri, & Maioris London, Qui ab hac Ann. Dom. 1463. Cujus animæ pax sit perpetua. Amen.

A Gravestone on the Ground, well plated.

The Word (Now thus) 32 times dispersed in Brass all over the Grave-stone.

Hic jacet Thomas Boleyne de Comiatatu Norfolciæ, Armiger, Qui obiit ultimo die Mensis Aprilis, An. Dom. 1471. Cujus, &c.

Here lyeth Sir Richard Gresham, Kt. sometimes Lord Maior of London, and Audrey his first Wife, by whom hee had issue , Sir John Gresham and Sir Thomas Gresham, Knights, William and Margaret: which Sir Richard deceased the 20 day of February, An. Domini, 1548.

An ancient Tomb East in the Wall.