Cheape Ward. [S. Thomas of Acars.] 38

Cheape Ward. [S. Thomas of Acars.]

Lanthern, in Parochia de West Ham, que perqisivi ex feoffamento Johannis Northbury, Arm. & Johannis de Kent, Arm. Volo quod Executores mei vendant & distribuant, &c. ad emendationem viarum a Caresbregge usque ad domum Johannis Wallere in Stratford.]

Ambrose Cresacre, [John Chester, Draper,] John Trusbut, Mercer, 1437. Thomas Norland, Sheriff, 1483. Sir Edmund Shaa, Goldsmith, Maior, 1482. Sir Thomas Hill, Kt. Maior, 1485. Henry Frowicke: Thomas Ilam, Sheriff, 1479. Lancelot Laken, Esq; Ralph Tilney, Sheriff, 1488. Garth, Esq; John Rich, Tho. Butler, Earl of Ormond, 1515. Sir William Butler, Grocer, Maior, 1515. William Browne, Mercer, Maior, 1513. John Locke, 1519. Sir Thomas Baldry, Mercer, Maior, 1523. Sir William Locke, Mercer, Sheriff, 1548. Sir John Allen, Mercer, Maior, 1525. deceased 1544. Sir Thomas Leigh, Mercer, Maior, 1558. Sir Richard Malory, Mercer, Maior, 1564. Humfry Baskervile, Mercer, Sheriff, 1561. Sir George Bond, Maior, 1587, &c.

Locke his Arms on the Windows.

Add to the former these Persons here also buried, whose Monuments (as above is said) have been defaced.

More here bur ed.

J. S.

Hells. Henry Frowike. John Amerse. Richard Wayte of Hampshire, 10 July, 1492. William Goldwyn, 1482. Henry Cumber. Richard Laundsey. 1461. Rosse Cryspe, under the same stone, 1514. William Jenkes and Christian his Wife, 1475. John Perys, and Margaret his Wife. Will. Goodwyn. Nic. Arguz, 1494. John Taune. Rich. Martys and Agnys. Tho. Morrys, and Joan his Wife 1512.]

Offic. Armor. MS fol. 9.

William Downer of Lond. Gent. by his last Will, dated 26 Jun. 1484. willed his Body to be buried within the Churche of S. Thomas Acres of London - to the Disposition and Ordinance of all that his Tenement, with the Appurtenances set in Eastcheape of Lond. First, he willed that Agnes his Wife have and hold to her during her Life, &c. all the same Tenement, &c. and after her Decease, I will that it remain to the Master and Brethren of S. Thomas Acres and to their Successors for evermore: So that they every year yearly for evermore in their foresaid Churche at such time of the year as it shal happen me to dy, observe and keep an Obyte, or an Anniversary for my Sowl, the Sowles of my seyd Wyfe, the Sowles of my fader and moder, and all Christen Sowles, with Placebo and Dirige on the Even, and Mass of Requiem on the Morrow following solemnly by Note for evermore.

William Downer, Gent. his Bequest.

To these we make these Additions, by the help of another MS. in the Heralds Office.

MS S. Hutton in Offic. Arm.

J. S.

Margaret, Wife of John Bracebridg Merchant of the Staple, 1446. And he the same year at Calais.

Radulphus Tilney Grocer of London, and Alderman, ob. 1503. His bearing, Baron and Femme 1. A chevron between 3 heads erased 2. Semy de Crosses botonee, a Lion passant gardant.

Thomas Hubbart late of Grays Inn, Gent. ob. 1515. And Elizabeth his Wife: had issue 3 Sons and 3 Daughters.

John Lock of London Mercer; and Mary his Wife. Obiit 1519.

William Lock Kt. and Alderman of London. Ob. 1550. Had Wives Alice, Katharine, Eleanor and Elizabeth.

John Hare Citizen and Mercer of London, and Dorothy his Wife. Had eleven Sons and three Daughters. And dyed 1564.

This John Hare was a wealthy Mercer, living in Cheapside in the Parish of S. Mary le Bow, Son of John Hare of Homersfield in the County of Suff. Esq; and Brother to Sir Nicolas Hare, Kt. Master of the Rolls. He had Sons, Nicolas his Heir, Thomas, John, Hugh, Ralph, Richard, Edmund, &c. and Daughters, Isabel, married to Cholmley, Margaret , married to Audely, Mercer, &c. And by his Industry in his Calling, left Manours and Lands, and Tenements among his Children, and made his Will Aug. 25. 1564.

J. Hare Herald.

Thomas Leighe, Kt. ob. 1571.

Walter Garraway, Draper. ob. 1571.

Tho. Low of London, Merchant, ob. 1574. and Elizabeth his Wife. Had Issue, Margaret, Thomas and Elizabeth. Which Margaret living after her Father, was Wife of Roland Leigh, Son and Heir of Thomas Leigh, Kt. and Alderman of London.

William Allen, Kt. and Alderman of London, dyed, 1574. His Coat on his Stone, parted per a Fess, Sable and Or. a Pallet engrailed; Counterchanged. And 3 Talbots passant of the second.

John Allen, Kt. and Mercer of London. He had this Coat upon his Monument. In three roundlets as many Talbots passant. On a Chief a Lion passant gardant between two Anchors.

Charles Hoskins, Citizen of London, and Anne his Wife. Had issue two Sons and two Daughter. Ob. 1597.

Richard Baron, Armig. and Mercer of London. Ob. 1598. Had issue of his first Wife Alice Harpsfield, one Son and one Daughter: And of Margaret Morton his second Wife, seven Sons and two Daughters. His Coat was born impaled with his two Wives. 1. two Lions passant Gardant. 2 Harpsfield, 3 harps. 3 Morton, One Escalop between three Wolves heads erazed.

Elizabeth Daughter of Matthew Hoppie, Gent. first Wife of Nathaniel Derdes, Grocer of London. By whom he had issue, two Sons and three Daughers. She dyed 1610.

A Daughter of Peter Naplesden, second Wife of the said Nathaniel. By whom he had issue two Sons. And she dyed 1614.

Roger How, Citizen and Grocer of London. Ob. 1606. His Wife was Jane Daughter of William Syms of Charde in Somersetshire, Armig. By whom he had issue Elizabeth and Mary. Steven Soame, Kt. Alderman of London, ob. 1619. He bore in divers quarters. 1. Gules, a Chevron between 3 Mullets Or. 1. Barry, Arg. & Az. in a Canton Or. a Tun Gules, 3. Gules, 6. Annulets Or. 4. Arg. [3 Cinquefoils] between two Chevronets Sable, three Moorcocks proper. 5. Gules a Chevron engrailed, Arg. 6. Gules, a Fess nebule Ermin. 7. Arg. a Fess between 3 chevrons Gules. His Wife bore Arg. three Cinquefoils Az. A Chief.

Robert Soame, D.D. Brother of Stephen, died sine prole.]

Before this Hospital towards the street, was builded a fair and beautiful Chappel arched over with stone, and thereupon the Mercers Hall, a most curious piece of Work: Sir John Allen, Mercer, being a Founder of that Chappel, was there buried, but since his Tomb is removed thence into the body of the Hospital Church, and his Body-room, or Chappel is made into Shops and letten out for Rent, by his Successors the Mercers.

A Chappel built here by Sir J. Allen.

These Mercers were enabled to be a Company in the 20th of Richard II. and to purchase Lands to the value of 20l. the year the 17th of Richard II. They had three Messuages and Shops in the Parish of S. Martins Oteswich, in the Ward of Bishopsgate, for the sustentation of the Poor,

The Mercers.