[St. Mildred.] Cheape Ward. 31

[St. Mildred.] Cheape Ward.

said Church, gave Thirty two Pounds towards the building of the new Choir there, which now standeth upon the Course of Walbrook. [And afterward, Richard Bowyer, being Parson, gave six Pound and fifteen Shillings.]

Lovel, Puery, and Richard Keston, have their Arms in the East Windows, as Benefactors. The roofing of the Church is garnished with the Arms of Thomas Archebul or Aschebull; one of the Churchwardens in the Year 1455. who was there buried.

Of later Days, to wit, Anno Domini 1594. and 35 of Queen Elizabeth, of blessed Memory, this Church-yard, and all the Buildings thereon, which had been thus long in the free possession of the Ministers and Parishioners of the said Church; were, through the information of an evil-minded Man; then Tenent in the Chambers, sold for concealed Land: Whereby the said Tenement, Church-yard, and Cloysters, were like to be lost from the possession of the Church; and the Ministers of the Church to be charged with an yearly Rent of their Parsonage House for ever. But the Parson and Parishioners, by a judicial Proceeding, then, in Her Majesty's Court of Exchequer, cleared all the whole Soil from that Incumbrance. The Tryal whereof was held by Nisi prius, in the Guild-hall of London; and the Record is kept in Master Fanshawes Office for the Exchequer.

Church yard and Buildings supposed to be concealed.

A. M.

In the great East Window of this Church, are the Arms of divers Gentlemen, as Benfactors; and namely, the Arms of Lovel and Pury, quartered; and the Arms of Richard Keston, single.

All the Roofing of the Church is garnished with the Arms of one Thomas Ashehill, * who had lent a great sum of Money toward the new building of the said Church; and was one of the Churchwardens there, and lyeth buried there, in the South Chappel. His Arms also are to be seen in the same Chappel, in the Window to the East.

*Aschehull, first Edit.

This Church was repaired, and beautified at the proper Cost of the Parishoners, in the Year of our Lord God 1626.



George Besse,
Thomas Brownel,

The Charge of it amounting to the Sum of 183l. and upwards.

Besides Thomas Ashehill aforesaid, are buried in this Church, as by their Monuments appear, John Saxton, of whom we heard before, with this Epitaph:

Persons buried.

A. M.

Hanc subtus speciem corpus jacet ecce Johannis
Saxton qui fuerat vocitatus ejus in Annis:
Hunc qui plasmavit de terra, suppeditavit,
Nunc Pater & Flamen sibi dent cum Prole locamen.
Qui obiit die Mens.
Anno 14 Cujus, &c.]

Thomas Morsted, Esq; and Chirurgeon to King Henry the IVth, the Vth, and VIth, and one of the Sheriffs of London; who in the Year 1436. gave unto this Church a parcel of Ground, containing in length from the Course of Walbrook toward the West, Forty five Foot; and in breadth, from the Church towards the North, Thirty five Foot; being within the Gate of Scalding House, or Scalding Wyke, in the said Parish, to make a Church-yard, wherein to bury their Dead.

Ground given to this Church by Morsted, for a Church-yard.

Richard Shore, Draper, one of the Sheriffs, 1505. (who gave 15l. for making a Porch to this Church,) was buried here, as by his Monuments appeareth.

Gave a Porch.

Salomon Lanuare had a Chauntrie there, in the 14 Edw. II. Hugh Game had one other.

John Hildie, Poulter, 1416. John Kendall, 1468. John Garland, 1476. Robert Bois, 1485. and Simon Lee, Poulters, 1487. Thomas Lee, of Essex, Gentleman, William Haclingridge, Christopher Feliocke, 1494. Robert Dreyton, Skinner, 1484. John Christopherson, Doctor of Physick, 1524. William Turner, Skinner, 1536. Blase White, Grocer, 1558. Thomas Hobson, Haberdasher, 1559. William Hobson, Haberdasher, 1581. Thomas Tusser, 1580. with this Epitaph:

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Here Thomas Tusser,     
clad in Earth, do lie,
That sometime made     
the Points of Husbandrie:
By him then learne thou maist;     
here learne we must,
When all is done, we sleepe,     
and turne to dust:
And yet, through Christ,     
to Heaven we hope to goe;
Who reades his bookes,     
shall finde his faith was so.

On the North side of the Church-yard, remain two Tombs of Marble; but not known of whom, or otherwise, than by Tradition it is said they were Thomas Monshampe, [perhaps Muschampe] and William Brothers, about 1547, &c.

Thomas Iken, Skinner; with this Epitaph:

A. M.

In Hodnet and London     
God blessed my life
Till forty and sixe yeeres,     
with children and wife:
And God will raise me     
up to life againe,
Therefore have I thought     
my death no paine.
Thomas Iken, qui obiit 10. die Martii, 1590.

And there also lyeth buried Elizabeth his Wife, and divers of their Children: Where, on a Pillar in the Chancel, towards the South, is this Monument:

In this Chancel lyeth the body of Thomas Iken, Citizen and Skinner of London, who was borne in Hodnet in the County of Salope; and had to Wife Elizabeth the Daugher of Roger Smith, of Newport-Pagnell in the County of Buckingham; by whom he had sixe Sonnes and eight Daughters: Which Thomas departed this life the tenth day of March, Anno Dom. 1590.]

In this Ile lyeth the Body of Susan Lewen, Daughter of Thomas Lewen, of Broxborn, in the County of Hertford; who had first to Husband, John Palmer, having issue only one Son; which Husband deceased Anno 1589. And after some Years, the said Susan marryed with John Kirby, Citizen and Merchant Taylor, of this Parish; by whom she had Foure Sons and Eight Daughters; who departed this Life, after 30 years living, the 20th of September, 1624.

A Monument on the Wall in the North Ile.


A fair Monument of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen ELIZABETH, Queen of England, &c:
If Royal Vertues, &c.

On one of the sides, on the top.

If Prayers or Tears     
of Subjects had prevail'd,
To save a Princesse     
through the World esteem'd: