[Present State.] Cordwainers Street Ward. 25

[Present State.] Cordwainers Street Ward.
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Bow Church
  Bow Church ]

of London; and since rebuilt more splendid than before, with a lofty and stately Steeple; which from the Battlements, is raised up with arched Work, with a curious Lanthorn; above which, at a great height, on a Pyramid (which serveth for a Weathercock or Vane,) is a Dragon standing on a Ball, both gilt; and from the Steeple hangs a fine Dial into Cheapside.

To this Cburch and Parish, the Parishes of St. Pancras Sopar lane, and St. Alhallows Honey lane, are united; the said Churches not rebuilt, and the Places where the Churches stood, incompassed in for burial Places for the Inhabitants.

New Queenstreet, built in the Place where Sopar lane was, and now made a good open Street, (before the great Fire very narrow) with very good Houses, well inhabited. It fronts Kingstreet, which is opposite to Guildhall; and in a streight Line runneth down to the Thames, at the Three Cranes; being now the Passage from Guild-hall, for the Lord Maior and Aldermen to take Barge to go to Westminster Hall, for the swearing the new Lord Maior. But the part of this Street, in this Ward, goes no farther than St. Thomas Apostles. In this Street is Weld Court, a good handsom square Place, with well built and inhabited Houses: This Court hath a passage into George Yard, which falls into Bow lane.

New Queenstreet, formerly Sopar Lane.


Weld Court.

George Yard.

Pancrace lane, comes out of New Queenstreet, and falls into Bucklersbury; the South side is in this Ward, and the North in Cheap Ward. This Lane is but ordinary built and inhabited, except one large House, the Dwelling of a Merchant, on the South side; and on the North, before the Fire of London, stood two Churches, viz. St. Pancrace Sopar Lane, and St. Benets Shearhog. But these two Churches remain unbuilt, and united to others; viz. that of St. Pancrace, to St. Mary le Bow, and that of St. Benet Shearhog, to St. Stephen Walbrook; but these two Churches are seated in Cheap Ward. Adjoining to St. Pancrace Church, is a small Court, but no fix'd Name is given unto it.

Pancrace Lane.

St. Syth's lane comes out of Pancrace lane, and falls into Budge row, by St. Anthonines Church; a Lane well built, and inhabited by Merchants.

St. Syth's Lane.

Budge row takes its rise from Watlingstreet, and runs Eastwards to Canonstreet; from which it is severed by Walbrook on the North, and Dow- gate on the South. The Houses are good, and taken up by good Tradesmen, being so great a Thoroughfare. In this Street is Dodson's Court, a good large place, well built and inhabited, and hath a passage into Cloak lane: On the South side, is a passage into Tower Royal street.

Budge Row.

Dodson's Court.

St. Anthonines Church, a very neat Freestone Building, with a curious wrought Spire, and a golden Ball on the Tower. On the West side of the Church is an open square Place, and on the South side are several free Stones placed in the Street, Pyramid fashion, orderly along by the Church, the better to secure the Foot Passengers from Carts and Coaches, this part of the Street being very narrow. Of this Church the King is Patron. It was destroyed by the Fire of London, and rebuilt, as aforesaid, more beautiful than before. To this Parish, is united that of St. John Baptist.

St. Anthonines Church.

Tower Royal street, but short, comes out of Budge Row, and falls into St. Thomas Apostles. In this Street is a handsom small Court, which bears the name of that Street. Strawberry Court but small. For what more relates to this Street, see in Vintry Ward.

Tower Royal Street.

Tower Royal Court.

Strawberry Court.

St. Thomas Apostles, the Fore Street, or Great St. Thomas Apostles; so called, to dstinguish it from little St. Thomas Apostles, or the backside of St. Tomas Apostles; and both Streets run Westwards, crossing New Queenstreet, and falling into Bow lane. But the Street of Great St. Thomas Apostles is in Vintry Ward.

St. Thomas Apostles.

In little St. Thomas are these Courts: Cross keys Court, which is but small: Key Court, also small and ordinary: Eagle Court, pretty open, and indifferent well built and inhabited; with a Free stone pavement.

Little St. Thomas Apostles.

Cross Keys Court.

Key Court.

Eagle Court.

There is placed at the several stands in this Ward that watch every Night, a Constable, a Beadle, and Twenty four Watchmen.

The Watch.

The Jurymen returned by the Wardmote Inquest, for this Ward, are to serve in the several Courts in Guildhall, in the Month of December.

The Jury.

This Ward hath an Alderman, and his Deputy, Common-Counsellours Eight, Constables Eight, Scavengers Eight, Wardmote Inquuest Men Fourteen, and a Beadle. It stands taxed to the Fifteen in London, at * 52l. 16s. In the Exchequer, at † 52l. 6s.

The Government.

*72l. 16s.

†72l. First Edit.

The Alderman of this Ward, is Sir Gorge Thorold, Kt. and Bar.