Cordwainers Street Ward. [Present State.] 24

Cordwainers Street Ward. [Present State.]

his Reign, confirmed the said Shed or Building to Steven Spilman, William Marchford, and John Whattel, Mercers; by the Name of one new Sildam, Shed or Building, with all Shops, Cellars, and Edifices whatsoever appertaining, called Crounsilde; (and in the Eighth of the said Henry, called Tamarsild,) situate in the Mercery in West Cheape, and in the Parish of St. Mary de Arcubus in London; [and a certain Shop in the said Parish, between the same Shed, and the King's High-way of West Cheape, annexed to the said Shed: With two Shops, Cellars, and Edifices whatsoever; as well builded, or any way being over the said Shop, as over the Entry of the said Shed: Which were holden of him in Priorgage, as all the City of London is: And which were worth by Year, in all Issues, (according to the true value of them) 7l. 13s. 4d. As was found by Inquisition thereof, before Thomas Knowles, Maior, and Eschetor in the said City.]


In the first Edit.

Notwithstanding which Grant, the Kings of England, and other great Estates; as well of foreign Countries repairing to this Realm, as Inhabitants of the same; have usually repaired to this place, therein to behold the Shows of this City, passing through West Cheape; namely, the great Watches accustomed in the Night, on the Even of St. John Baptist, and St. Peter, at Midsummer; the Examples whereof were over-long to recite: Wherefore let it suffice briefly to touch one.

Yet remained long after, the standing Place to be hold the Shows of the City.

In the Year 1510. the 2d of Henry VIII. on St. John's Even, at Night, the King came to this Place; then called the Kings Head in Cheape, in the Livery of Yeoman of the Guard, with an Halberd on his Shoulder; and there beholding the Watch, departed privily, when the Watch was done; and was not known to any but to whom it pleased him. But on St. Peter's Night, next following, He and the Queen came royally riding to the said Place; and there, with their Nobles, beheld the Watch of the City, and returned in the Morning.

And called the Kings Head in Cheape.

This Church of St. Mary, with the said Shed of Stone; all the Housing in and about Bow Church-yard, and without, on that side the High street of Cheape, to the Standard, are of Cordwainer street Ward. These Houses were (of old time) but Sheds: For I read of no Housing otherwise, on that side the Street; but of divers Sheds, from Sopars Lane to the Standard, &c. Amongst other, I read of three Shops or Sheds by Sopars Lane, pertaining to the Prior of the Holy Trinity, within Aldgate. The one was let out for Twenty eight Shillings, one other for Twenty Shillings, and the third for Twelve Shillings by the Year. Moreover, that Richard Goodcheape, Mercer, and Margery his Wife, Son to Jordan Goodcheape; did let to John Dalinges the younger, Mercer, their Shed and Chamber in West Cheape, in the Parish of St. Mary de Arches, for three Shillings four Pence by the Year. Also the Men of Breadstreet Ward contended with the Men of Cordwainer street Ward, for a Sild or Shed opposite to the Standard, on the South side; and it was found to be of Cordwainer street Ward. William Waldrone being then Maior; the 1st of Henry VIth.

Sheds or Shops antiently, rather than Houses.

Now for the present State of this Ward. The principal Streets and Lanes in it, are Bow Lane, New Queenstreet, Budge Row, Little St. Thomas Apostles, Pancrace Lane, with a small part of Watheling street, and Basing lane.

The present State of the Ward.

Chief Streets.

R. B.

Watheling street hath its greatest part in Breadstreet Ward; what lies in this Ward, begins on the East side of Red Lion Court, and so goeth to Budge Row. This Court is square and large, well built and inhabited; having a Passage into Basing Lane. Cross Keys Court, a pretty handsome Place, with a Free-stone Pavement. St. Mary Aldermary Church-yard, a good large place, with an open passage for Coach or Cart, into Bow Lane; being a place very well inhabited by Merchants, and Persons of good repute. In this Churchyard, at the end towards Bow Lane, is seated St. Mary Aldermary Church; being large and well built, with a towred Steeple all of Free-stone. This Church is a Peculiar of Canterbury, and the Archbishop is Patron.

Watheling street.

Red Lion Court.

Cross KeysCourt.

St. Mary Aldermary Church-yard.

The Church.

The Church being destroyed by the general Fire of London, was rebuilt far better than formerly. And to this Church and Parish, St. Thomas Apostles, not rebuilt, is united.

Built by the Gift of Mr. Henry Rogers.

J. S.

This Church was again restored and set up for Worship of God, by one Man's noble Gift of 5000 Pound; namely, Henry Rogers Esq; Great Grandson to Sir Edward Rogers, Kt. A Confessor and Exile for the Prostestant Religion under Queen Mary the Ist, and a Privy Counsellour to Queen Elizabeth. A grateful Remembrance of which Gift, remains engraven over the West Door, in these Words.

ædes hæc Deo O. M. jam olim Sacra,
Quæ communi Urbis incendio, in cineres redacta,
Impensis una manu, sed larga & sanctissimè prodiga,
Integris quinq; Librarum millibus,
Surrexit denuò multo magnificentior.
Tam piam Beneficentiam HENRICO ROGERS, Armig.
EDWARDI ROGERS de Canington Militis,
Et sub Mariana Persecutione Christo militantis,
Pronepoti & Pietatis etiam Hæredi
Honesta hac & ingenua fronte, palam fatetur.
Anno Domini MDCLXXXI.
Memoria justi in benedictione.]

Basing Lane hath but a small part in this Ward, as appears by the Map; the greatest part being in Breadstreet Ward.

Basing Lane.

Bow lane begins at Trinity lane, and falls into Cheapside, by St. Mary le Bow Church. The part of this Lane, in this Ward, begins about fifty Foot from Cheapside, on both sides the way; and sixty Foot beyond Basing lane: And then on the West side, only to Trinity lane. This was antiently called Cordwainers street, being very well inhabited and built. In this Lane are these Courts and Places of Name; viz. Half moon Court, by some called Lugg Yard: a Place something open, but ordinary. It is likewise, by some, called Whalebone Court, from one that there boileth Whalebones. Taylor's Court, a pretty handsome open Place. Robin Hood Court, indifferent long, and well built. New Court, a very handsome genteel Place, with a Door next the Street, to shut up at Nights. St. Mary Aldermary Church, the West End seated in this Lane. Goose Alley, but ordinary; at the upper end of which is Twelve Bell Court, which is but small and narrow. It hath a Passage through Compter's Alley into Bow Church Yard, both Places of small account. George Alley, or Yard, but narrow, hath a Passage into New Queenstreet, through Weld Court. Rose Court, but mean and ordinary. St. Mary le Bow Church, the Front seated in Cheapside, but the back part in Bow lane.

Bow Lane.

Halfmoon Court.

Taylor's Court.

Robin Hood Court.

New Court.

Aldermary Church.

Goose Alley.

Twelve Bell Court.

Compter's Alley.

George Alley.

Rose Court.

St. Mary le Bow Church.

This Church is a Peculiar of Canterbury, and the Archbishop Patron. This Church and Steeple was destroyed in the general Conflagration