Cordwainers Street Ward. [S. Mary le Bow.] 22

Cordwainers Street Ward. [S. Mary le Bow.]

the Bow Bell; and so to be used to be rung nightly at Nine of the Clock. I have also been informed, that this Bell was first rung as a knell, at the burial of the said Copland. It seemeth, that the Lanthorns on the top of this Steeple, were meant to have been glazed, and Lights in them to have been placed Nightly in the Winter; whereby Travellers to the City might have the better sight thereof, and not to miss of their ways.

In this Parish, also, was a Grammar School, by commandment of King Hnery the VIth; which School was (of old time) kept in an House for that purpose, prepared in the Church- yard. But that School being decayed, as others about this City, the School-house was let out for Rent, in the Reign of Henry the VIIIth, for four Shillings the Year; a Cellar belonging to the Parsonage, for two Shillings the Year; and two Vaults under the Church, for fifteen Shillings both.

Grammar-school in Bow Churchyard.

Vaults under Bow Church.



The Monuments in this Church be these; viz. of Sir John Coventry, Mercer, Maior, 1425. Richard Lambert, Alderman. Nicholas Alwine, Mercer, Maior 1499. deceased 1505. Robert Harding, Goldsmith, one of the Sheriffs, 1478. John Loke, one of the Sheriffs, 1461. Edward Bankes, Aldeman, Haberdasher, 1566. John Ward, William Pierson, Scrivener, and Attorney in the Common Place. In a proper Chappel, on the South side the Church, standeth a Tomb, elevate and arched, of some unknown Founder. Ade de Buke, Hatter, glased the Chappel, and most part of the Church, was there buried.

Monuments in this Church.

All other Monuments be defaced.

Hauley and Sowtham had Chauntries there.

Here lyeth Richard Lambert, Grocer, late Alderman and Sheriff of London; Merchant- Adventurer, and free of Muscovia and Russia; who deceased in the time of his Shrievalty, the fourth day of April, An. Dom. 1567, &c.

An ancient Marble Tomb in the Chancel, plated about on the North side.

The Monument of Sir John Coventry.

Magnificus sed justificus,     
miseris sed amicus,
Vir speciosus, vir     
generosus, virque pudicus.
Et peramabilis, &     
venerabilis, atque piarum,
Vis, dux, lex, lampas,     
flos Maior Londoniarum.
In terræ ventre jacet     
hic John rite Coventre
Dictus, quem necuit     
veluti decuit lue plenus,
Bis septigenus     
tricenus si trabis unum
Martius in sole,     
triceno si trabis unum
Virginis à partu carnis     
modo mortuus artu,
Vivus erit Calis tuba     
clanxerit ut Gabrielis. Amen.

The like ancient Marble Tomb on the North side of the Quire.

A. M.

Here lyeth the body of Humphrey Walcot, of Walcot, in the County of Salop, Esquire, Merchant-Adventurer; and of the Company of Grocers in this City of London. He died the 28: day of August, 1616. being about the age of seventy one; leaving behind him his Wife Alice, the daughter of Richard Halsy, Esquire: And by her he had ten Children, five sonnes, and five daughters; having had by her eight more, who dyed young.

A fair Gravestone in the Chancel.

Later Monuments of Persons deceased; that is since the rebuilding of this Church, are these that follow.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

Flat stones in the Church, for Katharine Elers, late Wife of Theodore Elers, 1677. And Theodore Elers, 1693.

Henry Wollnough, Rector of Bramshot, in the County of Northampton, died 1673.

Willielmus Withers, Civis & Piscarius, vir Antiquâ fide & moribus, de Ecclesia Anglicana, cui semper fuerat obsequentissimus, & de hac Civitate, qua per plurimos annos Aldermanni Vicarii manus pro Tribu Cheap, cum integritate adimpleverat, benè meritus: Bis uxoratus; primò Saram Cornish duxit; ex qua unicus superest filius. Secundis Nuptiis Saram Fellows uxorem habuit. Et ex illa filiam sibi superstitem. Obiit die 12 Martii, An. 1700. ætat. 75. Debemus morti nos nostraque.

Adam Stoner, Son of Clement Stoner: And Clement another Son, 1678.

Sarah Howard, Daughter of Sam. Howard, 1703. And Matthew Howard, 1675. And Samuel Howard, Son of Matthew, 1698. And Sarah Howard, Widow of Matthew, and Mother of Samuel, 1700. aged 70. And Hannah Howard, Daughter of Samuel.

Katharine Scrimshire, Daughter of William, 1677.

Dorothy Davies, Daughter of John Davies, of Barbadoes, 1685.

Sam. Tomlines, 1680.

Sarah Iles, Daughter of Tho. Barendine, had two Husbands, William Wright, and Henry Iles.

Paul Carter, 1699.

Under a Grave stone at the West end of the Church, lies Mrs. Julian Marshal, Relict of John Marshal, of St. Olaves Southwark, Wool-merchant. Deceased the 25th of Feb. 1701. Aged about 89. and was here buried, according to her own desire.

She was always faithful to the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England; even in the most difficult Times. And as a Testimony of her Affection to the Church, left the greatest part of her Estate to such Orthodox and Indigent Clergy-men as are throughly and truly conformable to the Doctrine and Ceremonies thereof.

A Monument to the memory of Collonel Charles Bainton, departed May 26. 1712. Aged Forty-seven.

This Church of St. Mary le Bow, was totally demolished by the great Fire: Rebuilt, and Dame Dionysse Williamson, of Haleshal, in the County of Norfolk, gave to the Inhabitants of this Parish, 2000l. towards the rebuilding and splendid furnishing of this Church and Steeple; and furnishing the same with Bells, &c. And surely, for the number and melody of the Bells, Bow, since the Fire, surpasseth former times. As for the Steeple, it shews its lofty top over all the City; being 225 Foot high. It was begun to be built in the Year 1671, and finished 1680. designed by Sir Christopher Wren. There is a fine Print of it extant.

This Church rebuilt.

Bow Steeple.



Of the large and liberal Charities given to this Parsh, these are some; favourably communicated to me by the late Incumbent, Dr. Bradford; now Lord Bishopof Carlile.