Cordwainer Street Ward. [St. Mary le Bow.] 20

Cordwainer Street Ward. [St. Mary le Bow.]

Against the East side of the North Isle, a small Monument for Anne; daughter of Charles and Anne Perkins, Aged 6 years. In the middle Isle three other of their Children.

Elizabeth Hanson daughter of Sir Rob. Hanson, Knight, some time Lord Mayor of London. An. 1690. ætat. 23.

Sir Robert Hanson and his Lady Dame Katharine are buried in this Church.

Edward Jordan of the Middle Temple, Gent. espoused to the abovesaid Elizabeth Hanson, erected here a very fair Monument for her.

A mural Monument on the North Isle for John Seale of London, Merchant: Born in the Island of Jersey: Resided many years in Bilboa. Departed July 11. 1714. Aged 48.

Another Monument against a Pillar on the North side for John Watts, Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Watts. Dyed July 22. 1705. Aged 8 years.

Peculiar Blessings bear the shortest Date.
And wondrous Births early resign to Fate, &c.



Given to the Lecturer of this Church of S. Aldermary 100l. by Mr. Garret, Merchant Taylor, to endure as long as the Gospel should continue here: which as Dr. Willet added, he trusted would be to the Worlds End.

A Gift to the Lecturer.

Willets Catal.

This and divers other considerable Charities were given to this Parish; the Particulars whereof are not come to my Hand. For the security thereof, and for due and just Distribution of them, the Church-wardens formerly gave Bonds at their Entrance upon their Office. One of these Bonds I meet with given by John Huet Church-warden of S. Mary Aldermary in the year 1617. with two sufficient Persons bound with him, upon Penalty of 300l. which Bond ran as followeth:

A Bond of the Churchwarden of this Parish.

The Condition, &c. that whereas the within bounden J.H. was of late elected and chosen by the Parishioners of the Parish of our Lady Aldermary in the City of Lond. to be one of the Church-wardens, or Keepers of the Goods, Ornaments, Writings and Rents of the said Parish for one year, now next ensuing: If therefore the said J.H. his Executors or Administrators, from tyme to tyme, when and as often, as he or they shal be reasonably required thereunto by the within named T.R. his Executors or Assignes, do make and yield up, or cause, &c. to such Auditors as shal be appointed by the said Parishioners in that Behalf, or to any of them, a true, just, plain, and perfect Account in Writing, as wel of al and singular such Summ or Summes of Mony, Plate, Writings, Debts, Rents, Arrearages of Rents, Dutyes, Profits and other Goods, Thing, and Things whatsoever, which hath, or from tyme to tyme, during the tyme that he, the said J.H. shal contynue Church-warden of the said Parish, shall come to the Hands or Possession, Rule or Charge of the said J. as accident belonging or appertaining to the said Church, or to the Parishoners of the same, in respect of their said Church. And also, of al Payments and Discharges, which shal be disbursed or laid out by the said J, or his Assignes, for, or concerning the said Church. As also, of al the disposing of al such Parts and Parcels of those several Summs of an Hundred Pound, severally given and bequeathed by John Kemp, Draper, and Will. Garret, Merchant Taylor, Citizens of London, to the said Parish; to and for certain Uses and Purposes, mentioned in their several Testaments or last Wills, as shal likewise come to the Hands, or Disposition of the said J.H. during the Term aforesaid.

J. Hare, Arm.

Richm. Her.

And upon the making, or giving up of such Acts, do wel and truly pay and deliver, or cause to be paid and delivered, unto the said T.R. or to the Churchwarden that shal next succede, and come in the room and place of the said J. to and for the Use of the said Parish, al and singular such Sum or Summes of Mony, Plate, Rents, Writings, Bonds, and other Goods, Thing and Things whatsoever, as by the same Account shal remain and be found to be due, and belonging to the said Parish and Church; or wherewith the said J. his Executors or Administrators, may then be charged with (al the said Payments and Charges disbursed as aforesaid, allowed.) And also, if the said J.H. his Executors, or Administrators, do not at any time hereafter, release, or otherwise acquit or discharge the said several Sums of a hundred Pound, or any part thereof, delivered or lent out, or to be delivered or lent out, according to the meaning and intent of the said several Testaments; or any Bonds, as obligatory, or other Assurance made, or to be made for the payment thereof, or any part thereof. Nor do any maner Act, Deed, or Thing, that shal or may bar, avoyd, hurt or hinder the said Parish, for, touching, or concerning the said several Sums of a Hundred Pound, or any part or parcel thereof. Or any Bond or Assurance, had or taken, or to be had or taken for the same, or any part or parcel thereof, other then by or upon the Receyt of the said Sum or Sums growing due upon the said Bonds, or Assurances: Quod tunc, &c.

Item. That if the within bounden J.H. Churchwarden of, &c. during al the tyme of his Churchwardenship, shall not commit or do, or cause, &c. any Act or Thing, or Acts, &c. touching and concerning the bargayning, selling, alienating, conveying, or assuring over the Church Lands, Tenements, or Possessions whatsoever, or any part, &c. without the Consent and Agreement of Eight other Persons, Parishoners of the said Parish; such as already have been Churchwardens, or Guardians of the said Church Land or Goods: Or, in default of them, such others as are or shall be most antient Parishoners, and of the best Reputation, in the said Parish of our Lady Aldermary; first had and obtained in Writing, under their Hands and Seals: Quod tunc, &c.

The Parish Church of St. MARY BOW.


At the upper end of Hosiar Lane towards West-Cheap, is the fair Parish Church of S. Mary Bow, called De Arcubus, of the Stone Arches or Bows on the Top of the Steeple, or Bel Tower thereof. Which Arching was as well on the old Steeple, as on the New. For no other Part of the Church seemeth to have been Arched at any time. Yet hath the said Church never been known by any other Name than S. Mary Bow or le Bow. Neither is that Church so called of the Court there kept, but the said Court taketh name of the Place wherein it is kept, and is called The Court of the Arches. But of what Antiquity or Continuation, I cannot declare.

S. Mary Bow.

Why so called.

This Church, in the Reign of William the Conquerour, being the first in this City builded on Arches of Stone, was therefore called new Mary Church, or St. Mary de Arcubus, or

New Mary Church or S. Mary Bow in West-Cheaping.

Lib. Colchester.