Vintrie Ward. 14

Vintrie Ward.

and inhabited. Almost over against this Court is Cutler's Hall, seated in Cloak lane: which falleth into Dowgate hill, a pretty good Building, as to its bigness.

Cutlers hall.

Garlick Hill takes its beginning in the North from Bow lane, and falls into Thames street, a place well built, and inhabited. In this place are these Courts, Sugar loaf Court, a good large place, but ordinarily inhabited; It hath a passage down steps, into Thames street through a place called the Bowling-alley. Three Shear Court, small and ordinary; over against this Court is the Parish Church of St. James Garlicke Hithe. It is in the Diocess of London: The Abbot of Westminster was Patron, and the Dismes are ixs. 4d. It was destroyed in general Conflagration, and is rebuilt better than before.

Gralick hill.

Bowling alley.

Three Shear Court.

St James Gar- Garlick Hithe.

Great Trinity Lane hath but a small part in this Ward.

Great Trinity lane.

Bow Lane hath also some small part in this Ward, but the greatest share is in Cordwainers Ward.

Bow lane.

There are to watch at the several Stands in this Ward every Night a Constable, the Beadle and 34 Watchmen.

The Watch in this Ward.

The Jury-men returned by the Wardmote Inquest for this Ward, are to serve in the several Courts holden in the Guild Hall in the month of April.]

The Jurymen.

And thus an end of Vintry Ward, which hath an Alderman with a Deputy, Common Counsellors nine, Constables nine, Scavengers four, Wardmote Inquest fourteen, and a Beadle: It is taxed to the Fifteen in London 6l. 13sh. 4d. *

The Government.

At 36l. and in the Exchequer at 35l. 5s. First Edit.

The Alderman of this Ward is Sir Thomas Abney, Kt.