Vintrie Ward. [S. James Garlickhithe.] 12

Vintrie Ward. [S. James Garlickhithe.]

And live for ever with sweet Christ,     
in Glory and Renown,
Thus, Friends, by this dear friend of ours     
Let's learn to live and dy;
That after Death we may have Life,     
above the starry Sky.

The Modern Monuments, namely, such as now are in the new built Church, are only these; one on the East Wall for

Modern Monuments.

J. S.

Peter Jones of the Parish of St. Andrew Undershaft, Citizen and Merchant of London. ob. 1694.

Flat Stones in the Chancel for

John Jackson, and his two Sisters Elizabeth Harding and Izabel Juxon. The last departed 1691.

Mary Ivat, the Wife of William Ivat of London, Merchant. Ann. 1684.

Edmund Riggs, and his Mother Mary Riggs.

On the North Wall a Monument for Seagrave Chamberlain, Son of the Honourable Collonel Edmund Chamberlain of Northamptonshire; some time Resident at Barbados. Seagrave deceased 1675.



The Gifts belonging to this Parish, both for the Church and Poor are these.


John de Rothing, Citizen and Vintner of London, gave (for superstitious Uses) divers Messuages in the same Parish, and in the Parish of St. Mary Mounthaw, and in St. Martins Lane and Crooked Lane London. Which are now lett for the yearly Rent of 60l: per ann. But made over with other Rents to George Baron, Mercer for a Term of years at 13s. 4d. per ann. Which was done to raise mony and finish the Church. All the Rents so given being appropriated for the Sustentation and Repair of the Parish Church. Pro sustentatione Fabricæ Ecclesiæ, as the Words are, as the Reverend Mr. Newton then Rector, hath told me.

Three Houses in Smithfield, and other Houses in Cloak lane and St. Martins lane: given by Mr. Hayward and Mr. Adams, for reparation of the Church. Now lett for 13l. per ann., and made over to the said Mr. George Baron.

When the Houses were given, and the particular Uses for which, the Parish could not certify, the Original Wills not being in their Custody.

Lawrence Smith gave, for the Augmentation of Divine Service in the Parish Church, certain Houses at or near the Three Cranes in the Parish of St. Martins Vintrie: Lett for 20l. per ann.

The Rector some years ago received the whole Rent thereof, although the Parish had no Augmentation of Divine Service.

There was a Parsonage-house before the Fire. The Ground was leased out in the year 1670. for 41 years at 5l. a year, to be rebuilt: and situate in Thames-street over against Vintners Hall.]

Parsonage House.

In this Parish of St. James Garlickhith was anciently a Guild or Fraternity founded to the Honour of their Churches Saint. An Account whereof by Order from the King was brought in to the Archbishop of York, L. Chancellor by Roger Stokes and Henry Garnevil, Wardens of the said Guild. Which was as follows,

A Guild.

J. S.

"In the Worship of God Almighty our Creator, and his Moder Saint Marie, and Allhallowes and Seint JAME Apostle, a Fraternite is began of gode Men in the Chirch of S. Jame the yer of our Lord 1375. for amendement of her Lyves, and of her Sowls, and to nourish more Love among the Bretheren and Sustrein of the Bretherhede. And ech of theym had sworen upon the Book to performe the Pointes undernethe at her Power. "

The Account of the founding thereof.

Record. Tower.

" Fyrst, All tho wisscheth, other schul be in the same Bretherhede, they schul nothing of goodloes Conditions and bering: and that he love God and holy Chirch, and his Neybours, as holy Chyrch makyth mencion. "

" Who that entreth in the same Fraternite, he shal geve at the Entrie to the common Box vish viiid. "

" The foreseid Bretherhede wil, that there be Wardeyns thereof. Which Wardeyns shal gather the Quarteridge of the Bretheren and Sustren, and trewelick yeld her Account thereof every yer once, to the Wardeyns that have ben tofore hem of the Bretherhede, with other wysest of the Bretherhede. "

" Also the Bretheren and Sustren every yer shul be clothed in suyt, and every man pay for that he hath. "

" Also the Bretheren and Sustern, at one assent in Suyt byforeseid shul every yer commin hold togever, for to nourish more Knowledg and Love, a Feast. Which Feast shal be the Sonday after the day of S. Jame Apostle, and every pay ther xxd. "

" At four tyme other once in the yer two shill. at firmast tofore the day of the Account of the Maisters. So that the Wardeyns mowe her Account yelderlich, &c. "

" Every Brother or Suster that ben of the Fraternite, yf he be of power, he shal geve somewhat in maintenance of the Fraternite, what him lyketh. "

" Also yf ther be in Bretherhede ony Riotour, other Contehour, other soche by whom the Bretherhede might be enslaundered, he shal be put out thereof, into tyme that he have hym amended of the defaults beforeseyd, &c. "

" If any of the foreseid Bretherhede falle in soch mischefe that he hath noght, ne for elde other Mischeve of feebleness help himself; and have dwelled in the Bretherhede seven yeres: and doen therto of the Duties within within the tyme, every wyk aftyr, he shal have of the common Box xiiiid. terme of his lyfe; but he be recoveryd of the Mischefe. "

" Also yf any of the foreseid be imprisoned falsely by any other by false Conspiracie, and have noght for to fynd hym with, and have also ben in the Bretherhede seven yeres, &c. he shall have xiiid. during his Imprisonment every wyk. "

In this Parish of S. James Garlick Hith, was a Messuage, called The Commons, in the Tenure of divers Priests, and heretofore given by Thomas Kent, for maintaining of an Anniversary in the same Church. This, with divers other Lands of the Yearly value of 168: 2: 2: ob. q; was made over and granted by K. Edward VI. in the Fourth of his Reign to William Place and Nicolas Spakeman for 2551: 3: 0: ob.]

The Commons of this Parish.