[St. James Garlickhith.] Vintrie Ward. 11

[St. James Garlickhith.] Vintrie Ward.

John Gisors *, William Tilingham †. John Stanley *. L. Strange, eldest son to the Earl of Darby, 1503.

*Grisors First Edit.


Nicolas Staham *. Robert de Luton, 1361.


John Roding.

Richard Lions, a famous Merchant of Wines, and a Lapidary, some time one of the Sheriffs, beheaded in Cheap by Wat Tylar, and other Rebels, in the year 1381. his picture on his Gravestone very fair and large, is with his hair rounded by his Ears, and curled, a little beard forked, a Gown girt to him, down to his feet, of branched Damask, wrought with the likeness of flowers, a large Purse on his right side, hanging in a Belt from his left shoulder, a plain Hood about his neck, covering his shoulders, and hanging back behind him.

Sir John Wrotch *, Fishmonger, Maior, 1361, deceased 1407.

*al. Wroth.

Thomas Stonard * of Oxfordshire.


John Bromer *, Fishmonger, Alderman, 1474.


The Lady Stanley, mother to the Lord Strange.

The Countess of Huntington. The Lady Herbert (without a Stone.) John Stanley: The Lord Strange.

Sir George Stanley.

Gilbert Bovet, 1398.

A Countess of Worcester * and one of her Children.

*Glocester first Edit.

This Monument, whosesoever it was, seems to be the same with that which was taken in this Church by some industrious Person in the year 1619. Which he thus described together with the Coat of Arms thereon engraven.

MS. Hutton in Offic. Armor.

J. S.

Jacet ibi in vetusto monumento mulier quædam honorabilis cum Infante in les swadling cloths adjacentem. Mulier induta est paludamento. Quorum animabus, &c.

The Coat born Quarterly 1. Geldon surgens entre cros croslet. 2. France sans differentia. And in the Window near adjoyning is depainted a Shield of England gartered with a Bordure Azure and Argent, and an Inescutcheon Arg. The 2d and 3d Coats charged with Bastons sinister Arg.]

William Venor † Grocer, Maior, 1389.


William More, Vintner, Maior, 1395.

Robert Chichely, Maior, 1421.

Sir Robert Chichele, Citizen and Grocer, buried in the Nave of the Church of S. James Garlick hithe, where he was a Parishioner, bequeathed to his Reverend Lord Henry by the Grace of God Arch-bishop of Canterbury, his Brother, &c. Anno 1437. and gives his Land and Tenement, with a Wharf, Crane, Stable, &c. situate in the Parishes of St. Martin Vintry and S. James Garlick hithe. Viz. in breadth between the lane called Stodies lane on the East, and the lane called Cressingham lane on the West, &c. To have to the Rector and Keepers of the Goods and Work of the Church of St. James, and to the Parishioners for ever, to maintain one fit Chaplain at the Altar of the blessed Virgin Mary in the said Church, daily to celebrate Divine Offices for the Souls of Agnes and Agnes his Wives, and of his Parents, and Friends, &c.

Robert Chichele Regist. London.

E. Alexan.

Gives his Houses in the Parish of St. Anthony, London, to the Master or Keeper of the College of blessed Mary, and the Saints Thomas the Martyr and Edward the Confessor, of Hiegham Ferrers, now founded anew by the most Reverend Father in Christ, Lord Henry, by Divine Permission, Arch-bishop of Canterbury his Brother, for ever in part of Maintenance of the Poor of the Hospital there.

Item to the Fabrick of the Body of the Church of Rumford.

Item, to the Poor of his Blood in the Parishes of Higham Ferrers and Suldrop.]

James Spencer, Vintner, Maior, 1543.

Richard Plat, Brewer, founded a Free School in Hertfordshire. 1601.

Rogerus Jones Middletoni in Comitatu Lancastrensi natus; vix pubertate egressus se Londinum contulit, ubi Civitate donatus, & Artem Tinctoriam exercens, Agnetem. Thomæ Hacketti filiam, Matrimonio sibi junxit. Ex qua filios novem, quatuor vero filias suscepit. Quarum una Patre adhuc superstite diem obiit. Hic cum varia Civitatis munia laudabiliter obiisset, tandem in celebrem supremi Ordinis Senatum, Aldermannorum scilicet, cooptatus est. Mox Eques ab Illustrissimo Rege Jacobo creatus est. Et paulo post Vicecomes Civitatis London est designatus. Quo Magistratu no dum expleto, non sine magno bonorum Luctu, vicessimo quinto die mensis Julii Anno Domini 1605. in Domino requiescit.

A fair Tomb in the east end of the Chancels South Isle.

A. M.

[His Coat was, Azure, a Cros, Or, charged with five Estoilles Sable, between four Pheons of the Second.]

Here lyeth buried the Body of Richard Plat, Brewer, and some time chosen Sheriff of London, The Founder of a Free School., and six Almshouses in Aldenham in the County of Hertford. He dyed the 28 of November, 1600. having taken to Wife Alice Birstles, the Daughter of John Birstles, Esq; and having issue four Sons and one Daughter.

A comely Monument in the Wall of the South Isle.

Here Edmund Chapman, clos'd in Clay,     
undoubtedly doth rest,
Who to his Neighbours (while he liv'd)     
the Fruits of Love exprest.
Fine Pews within this Church he made,     
and with his Arms support,
The Table and the Seats in Quire     
he set in comely sort.
To Pris'ners and to Hospitals     
he living was a Friend,
And ever sought the Innocent     
from Danger to defend.
Esquire-Joyner to our Queen     
he in his life time was,
And Yeoman of her Armory     
at Greenwich in like case.
Wherein he like a Servant just     
for duty duly done,
Unto himself of Prince and Peers     
The Love and Favour wonne.
Threescore seven years he lived here     
in Worship and good Name;
And left this Life, to live with Christ,     
to his eternal Fame.
His Saul the fourteenth day of May     
did from his Body fleet,
Which he with chearful Voice did yield     
to Christ his Saviour sweet.
And on the eighteenth of that month     
by Computation just,
A thousand five hundred eighty eight,     
his Body was laid in dust.
But Body and Soul at last, be sure,     
through Gods abundant Grace,
Shall rise and knit again in one,     
and stand before his Face.
Where with his Saints elect, we hope,     
he shall receive a Crown,

In the same Wall a comely Monument.