Vintrie Ward. [S. James Garlick hith.] 10

Vintrie Ward. [S. James Garlick hith.]

[Here were also buried John del Forss: Thomas Bennet, John Gawson, Henry Woodboke.]

J. S.

Besides these ancient Monuments taken notice of by Stow in this S. Martins Church, there were some others there by him omitted, as appear in a MS. belonging to Sir Henry St. George, Knight, late Garter Clarencieux. And they were these following:

Other ancient Monuments in this Church.

J. S.

MS. D. Hen. S. Georgii. Milit.

Willielmus Becam. Civis & Scissor London, & Joanna uxor ejus. Qui Willielmus obiit Anno 1494. 17. die Septembr. Et eadem Johanna obiit die 6 Novembr. 1493.

Hic jacet Henricus Vanner Vinetariorum
Unus Magnificus in Londinis Seniorum,
Cunctis Pacificus, decoratus semine quorum,

Upon a flat Monument in the North side of the Quire.

On each side of the Inscription are placed Coats of Arms. On the dexter, A Fess Argent, between 3 Libbards Heads Counterchanged, Gules, and Or. This is Vanners Coat. On the sinister, Baron & Femme. The Baron is Vanner, the Femme is Stody, a Saltier engrailed, with a Lions Head.

Orate pro animabus Thomæ Grant, nuper Civis, & Vinetarius Civitatis London. & Majoriæ uxoris ejus. Qui Thomas obiit 29. die Januar. 1486.

Hic jacet Corpus Bertrandæ quondam Uxoris Ormondi Descure, Armig. unius Hostiariorum Cameræ inclytissimi Anglie & Francie Regis Henry VII. Quæ obiit 1. die Aprilis 1494.

The Coat is set over the dexter side, quarterly, The first bears a Lion: The second, a Crescent. The third as the second, the fourth as the first.

Me tegit IDONEAM Cognomine GRAY Lapis iste:
Mentem quæso meam cælo teneas tibi, Christe.
Aspice, Mortalis, quid sit nisi Mors tua Vita,
Ut modo sum, talis eris & tu, carne sopita.
Pro me funde preces, rogo, spes ut repperietur,
Reddam tuncque preces, Deus ut tibi propicietur.

This hath two Coats of Arms on either side of the Verses. On the Dexter side the Coat is Ermin, a Saltier engrailed, charged with a Libberts head. The other on the Sinister side, is, a Field Billette, a Lion Rampant.

Of your Charite pray for the Souls of Robert Dey, Citizen and Joyner of London, and Anne, his Wife. Which Robert deceased 8 Januar. 1555. And the said Agnes the 20. Aug. 1558.

A Coat of Arms standing upon a Gravestone in the Quire: Viz. Quarterly, A Fess with an Annulet, in a Canton, dexter, a Fountain. In the second Quarter, A Sun of 12 points, piersed. The third as the second; the fourth as the first.

Simon Hogan, Citizen and Draper of London buried here.

The Field a Fess charged with three Escalops, between as many Crosses flory.]

In this Church at the upper End of the south Isle, lyeth buries the Body of Sir Cutbert Hacket, some time Lord Maior of this City. His Coat, Streamers, and other Adorn- ments, hanging over his Grave, but no other Monument.


Queen ELIZABETH's Monument.


To the Eternal Memory of ELIZABETH Queen of England, France and Ireland, Daughter to King HENRY VIII. Niece to King HENRY VII. by the Daughter of King EDWARD IV. A Mother to her Country, a Nurse to Religion and all good Arts, being of incomparable Knowledge in very many Languages, and indued with rare Ornaments of Body and Mind, in all Princely Vertues above all the Sex of Women.
I have fought a good Fight, I have finished my Course, &c.]

To this Church, or for any publick Uses therein, there be no Bequests or Legacies. But to the Poor there were, but misimploy'd.


J. S.

They receive

Of the Stationers Company to be laid out in Bread 2l. 10s.

Of the Dyers Company 4l. every two years, for eight Gowns for eight poor people.

A Gift of George Lucas, issuing out of some Houses in the Parish 2l. per ann. which was in Arrears, the Officers of the Parish not being able to make out all the Ground, from whence it should be paid.

No Parsonage house, nor any other Glebe.]



Then is the Parish Church of St. James, called at Garlicke Hith, or Garlicke Hive; for for that (of old time) on the Bank of the River of Thames, near to this Church, Garlick was usually sold. This is a proper Church, whereof Richard Rothing, one of the Sheriffs, 1326. is said to be the new builder.

St. James Garlick Hithe.

The North Isle of this Church was new built, and the whole Church was repaired and beautified at the Charge of the Parishioners in the year of our Lord, 1624.



William Gunnel
Robert Boydel

The Charge of it amounting to 700l. and upwards.

This Church was burnt down in the great Fire of London; but rebuilt: the Foundation being laid Anno 1676. built and opened 1682. compleatly finished 1683.]


J. S.



Richard Rothing above mentioned was buried in this Church.

So was Walter Nele, Blader, one of the Sheriffs, 1337. John of Oxenford, Vintner, Maior, 1341. I read, that in the first of Edard III. this John of Oxenford gave to the Priory of the holy Trinity, in London, two Tofts of Land, one Mill, fifty Acres of Land, two Acres of Wood, with the appurtenances, in Kentish Town, in value twenty shillings and three pence by year.

Persons of Note buried here with Monuments.

Richard Goodcheap, John de Cressingham, and John Whitthorn †. And before them, Galfred Moncley, 1281. fopunded a Chantry there.


Monuments remaining there: Robert Gabeter *, Esq; Maior of Newcastle upon Tine, 1310.