Walbrook Ward. Modern State. 200

Walbrook Ward. Modern State.

Bearbinder Lane, a Place of no great account, as to Trade; it comes out of the Stocks Market, and falls into S. Swithens Lane, well inhabited by Merchants and others. Which Part is in Langborn Ward.

Bearbinder Lane.

S. Swithens Lane, well inahabited by Merchants and others. This Lane comes out of Lombard street by S. Mary Woolnoth Church, and passing by Dove Court and Bearbinder Lane, (both which have some small part in this Ward; but the greatest in Langborn Ward, have been there mentioned) and falls into Cannonstreet by S. Swithens Church. In this Lane are these Places, Brites Alley, formerly called Horshoe Alley, is both narrow and small, having but one House with a Passage into Sherborn Lane.

S. Swithens Lane.

Brites Alley.

New Court, a very handsome large Place, with an open Passage into it for Coach or Cart: Here are very good Buildings, with Inhabitants answerable; and at the upper end is a very good large House, enclosed from the rest by a handsome Pale.

New Court.

Salters Hall, a very good Building seated in a good Court, with a Freestone Pavement and good built Houses: Adjoining to the said Hall, is a long Prebyterian Meeting house, handsomely fitted within, as to the Pews, &c. Out of this Court is a Passage into the backside of S. Swithens Church, which falls into Canon street. In this Passage is Whistlers Court, which is pretty large, well built and inhabited, having a Freestone Pavement.

Salters Hall.

A Meeting House.

Whistlers Court.

More towards Canonstreet, is Oxford Court, which is pretty large and open, especially the upper end, where are good Houses. And in this Place anciently stood the House of the Prior of Tortington in Sussex, which afterwards fell to the Earls of Oxford, and in process of Time from one to another, at length it was converted into Buildings as now it is, and yet retains the Name of Oxford Court.

Oxford Court.

Sherborn Lane begins at the Corner of Swithens Lane, by the Sign of the Cock against the back Gate of the Post Office, and with a turning Passage by S.Mary Abchurch, falls into Canon street.

Sherborn Lane.

Canon street begins in the West by the Corner of Dowgate Hill on the South, and Walbrook on the North, and runs Eastwards into Great Eastcheap, a Street well built, and inhabited by good Tradsmen, and is a great Thoroughfare; but the Part in this Ward goeth but to Green Lettice Lane, which hath the West side in this Ward, the East being in Candlewick Ward, where it is spoken of. In this Street is S. Swithens Church, seated on the West side and at the South East Corner of S. Swithens Lane: It is in the Diocess of London, the Prior of Cottington was Patron. It was destroyed in the Fire of London, is rebuilt in a very handsome manner of Freestone, with a spired Steeple leaded, and hath a very fine Diall hanging over into the Street; and to this Church is united the Parish of S. Mary Bothaw: The Church whereof was burnt down and not rebuilt.


S. Swithens Church.

Over against S. Swithens Church is the famous old Stone called London Stone.

This Stone before the Fire of London, was much worn away, and as it were but a Stump remaining. But is now for the Preservation of it cased over with a new Stone handsomely wrought, cut hollow underneath so as the old Stone may be seen, the new one being over it, to shelter and defend the old venerable one.


On the Soth side of this Street, and almost against S. Swithens Church, is Turnwheel Lane, which runs up to Downgate Hill, being a Place well inhabited.

Turnwheel Lane.

The Parish Church of S. Mary Bothaw stood in these Parts, burnt in the great Fire, not rebuilt, but the Parish united to S. Swithens, as was said.

S. Mary Bothaw.

Bucklers Bury falls into Walbrook, almost against S. Stephen's Walbrook Church. It is a Place well built and inhabited; particularly by Drugsters and Furriers. But in this Ward there is no great part, the most being in Cordwainers Ward, where it will be taken notice of.

Bucklers Bury.

Near this Street more Southward, stood the Church of S. John Baptist, which being destroyed by the Fire, is now enclosed for a Churchyard, and the Parish united to S. Antholins.

S. John Baptist.

In this Ward these following Lanes have some small part, the greatest parts lying in other Wards, namely, Budge Row, Cloak Lane, in Vintry Ward, Bush Lane and Suffolk Street in Downgate Ward, and Green Lettice Lane in Langborn Ward.

Budge Row,

Cloak Lane,

Bush Lane,

Suffolk Lane, &c.

There are to watch at the several Places or Stands in this Ward, every Night one Constable, a Beadle, and twenty Watchmen.

For the Watch.

The Jury Men returned by the Wardmote Inquest for this Ward, are to serve in the several Courts holden at Guildhall, in the Month of October.]

Jury Men.

This Ward hath an Alderman and his Deputy, Common Counsellors 11, Constables 9, Scavengers 6, for the Wardmote Inquest 13 and a Beadle. It is taxed to the Fifteen in London at 33l 5s. *


*At 40l. and in the Exchequer 39l. First Edit.

The Alderman of this Ward is Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Knt.