Walbrook Ward. Modern State. 199

Walbrook Ward. Modern State.

numbred him among the rest of the Persons that had Monuments there, in that Part of his Survey, where he speaks of this Priory in Aldgate Ward. Fitz Alwine might have his Armes in some of the Glass Windows of S. Mary Bothaw Church, being a Parishioner, and giving and glazing those Windows; and his Coat of Armes might be upon some of the Gravestones there, having some of his Children and Relations buried there. And it adds to the Probability that he was interred in that Priory, it being so usual for Persons of great Quality to be buried in such religious Places, however expensive it was, out of an Opinion then current, that it would turn to their Souls Benefit.]

In this Church was Queen Elizabeth's Monument, with this Inscription.

ELIZABETH Queen of England, France, and Ireland, &c. Daughter of King HENRY VIII. and Grandchild to King HENRY VII. by ELIZABETH eldest Daughter to EDWARD IV. Having restored true Religion, reduced Coin to the just value, assisted France and the Low-Countries, and overcome the Spanish invincible Navy, enriched all ENGLAND, and administred most prudently the Imperial State thereof 45 Years, in true Piety: In the 70. Year of her Age, in most happy and peaceable manner she departed this Life; leaving her mortal Parts interred in the famous Church at Westminster. I have fought a good Fight, I have finished my Course.]


The Erber [near this Church] is an ancient Place so called, but is not of Walbrook Ward: And therefore we pass out of that Lane to Walbrook Corner, and then down, till we come over against the South Corner of St. John's Church upon Walbrook. And this is all that I can say of Walbrook Ward.

The Erber.

And now we proceed to represent the modern State of this Walbrook Ward.

The present State of this Ward.

The Streets and Lanes in this Ward are Walbrook, as far as Bucklersbury on both sides.

Places in this Ward.

Bucklersbury, the East end on both sides about eighty Foot.

Budge Row, the East end on both sides for about seventy Foot.

Dowgate, the North end on the West side as far as Cloak Lane, and on the East side as far as against Tallowchandler's Hall.

Canon Street, on both sides as far as Green Lettice Lane on the South side, and to Abchurch Lane on the North side.

St. Swithen's Lane on both sides the Way almost as far as Bearbinder Lane.

Bearbinder Lane the whole except about thirty five Foot at the East end.

Lombard Street about 175 Foot on both sides of the West end next the Stocks Market which this Ward also takes in.

Sherborn Lane, the South end on both sides for about 120 Foot.

Bush Lane from Canon Street Southwards on both sides as far as Cross Lane; which hath the North side in this Ward.

Suffolk Street, the West side at the North end for about 85 Foot downwards.

Green Lettice Lane only the West side.

Abchurch Lane, the West side as far as the Church.

In all these Streets and Lanes are several Courts and Places of name which shall be taken notice of in the respective Places; of which in order.

Walbrook. This Street of Walbrook is well built and inhabited by Merchants, (among these Sir Samuel Moyer, Bart. of the Company of Mercers now deceased) and by Tradesmen, especially Furriers, for which it is of note. On the East side is Bond Court which is large and open, the Turning at the upper end having good Houses, and Freestone Pavement, and the Entrance into this Court being broad for Coach or Cart. On the West side is Bell-Inn, which is but indifferent.


Bound Court.

Bell Inn.

S. Stephen's Walbrook Church seated on the East side, and on the South side of the Stocks Market.

S. Stephens Walbrook Church.

This Church was destroyed in the Fire of London. And since its rebuilding which is very ornamental, having a Cupulo, in or about the middle of it, to it the Parish of S. Bennet Sherehogg not rebuilt, is united.

Up farther North is the Stocks Market: As to the present State of which it is converted to a quite contrary Use: For instead of Flesh and Fish sold there before the Fire, are now sold Fruits, Roots, and Herbs; for which it is very considerable and much resorted unto, being of note for having the choicest in their kind of all sorts, surpassing all other Markets in London.

Stocks Market.

This Market is a large Tract of Ground, taking up not only all that which was the ancient Flesh and Fish Markets, but also Ground on which Woolchurch stood, and contains from North to South in length, through the midst about 230 Foot, and in breadth, from East to West in the midst, about 108 Foot, beside the waste Ground on the East and West sides, which serve as a Street for Passage of People. On the East side is planted Rows of Trees very pleasant (when grown to Perfection) to the Inhabitants, this side being much better than the West. About the middle of this Row is an Entrance into a Court, in which is a good large House, the Habitation of one Godfrey Woodward one of the Attorney's of the Sheriffs Court. Within the Bounds of this Market Place, and more towards the North side, are 22 Standing Stalls covered over for shelter of Fruit there sold as well on Market Days as at other Times: The rest of the Market Place is taken up by Gardiners and others, for the Sale of Fruits, Roots, Herbs and Flowers. But at the South East Corner there are two Ranges of Stalls for a few Butchers, under a Shelter with Racks, Blocks, Scales, &c.

At the North end of this Market Place, by a Water Conduit Pipe, is erected a nobly great Statue of King Charles the Second on Horseback, trampling on Slaves, standing on a Pedestal with Dolphins cut in Niches, all of Freestone, and encompassed with handsome Iron Grates. This Statue was made and erected at the sole Charge of Sir Robert Viner, Alderman, Knt. and Baronet, an honourable, worthy, and generous Magistrate of this City.

Statue of K. Charles II.

S. Mary Woolchurch before the Fire of London, was seated on some part of the Ground where the Stocks Market now is, and near unto Bearbinder Lane, but the said Church since its burning in the Fire of London, is not rebuilt, and the Parish is united to S. Mary Woolnoth in Lombardstreet.

S. Mary Wool-church.

Out of the Stocks Market is an Entrance into Lombardstreet, which is but narrow, untill it is past the Cardinal's Cap Alley: and then it widens and makes a good handsome Street, being also graced with very lofty and good Buildings, for the generality taken up by Goldsmiths. But there is but little of the Street in this Ward, except towards this End: the rest being in Langborn Ward, is there treated of.