Walbrook Ward. Monuments. 197

Walbrook Ward. Monuments.

Rowland Hill, Maior, 1549.

Sir Thomas Pope, first Treasurer of the Augmentations, with his Wife Dame Margaret.

Sir John Cootes, Maior, 1542.

Sir John Yorke, Knt. Merchant-Taylor, 1549.

Edward Jackman, Sheriff, 1564.

Richard Acheley, Grocer.

Doctor Owen, Physician to King Henry the 8.

John Kirkbie, Grocer, 1578. and others.

A friend to Vertue,     
a lover of Learning,
A foe to Vice,     
and vehement Corrector,
A prudent Person,     
all Truth supporting,
A Citizen sage,     
and worthy Counsellor,
A lover of Wisedome,     
of Justice a furtherer:
Loe, here his corps lyeth,     
Sir Rowland Hill by name,
Of London late Lord Maior,     
and Alderman of fame.

In the South Ile on the Ground, a fair Stone.

A. M.

Venerabili viro Rogero Fenton, Lancastriensi, Aulæ Penbrochianæ in Academia Cantabrigiensi olim socio, Sacræ Theologiæ Doctori; Viro insigniter docto, pio, dilecto, sed immatura nimis morte obrepto: Sancti Stephani sua (dum viveret) Parochia, ex justo sensu & sui & communis damni; hoc pii doloris testimonium cordibus prius impressum viventium, jamq; lapide tantum expressum Monumentum, ut sacrum amoris sui memoriale, Cum perpetuæ memoriæ voto Posuit. Qui obiit 16. Jan. An. Dom. 1615. ætatis suæ, 50.

Under the Communion Table.

Clauditur hoc tumulo,     
qui Cœlum pectore clausit
Dunstaple I. juris,     
Astrorum conscius, illo
Judice, novit hiramus *     
abscondita pandere cœli.
Hic vir erat tua laus.     
tua lux, tua musica, Princeps,
Quique suas dulces     
per mundum sparserat artes,
Anno Mil. C quater,     
semel L. tria jungito, Christi.
Pridie natale fidus     
transmigrat ad astra,
Suscipiant proprium     
civem cœli sibi cives.

Two fair plated Stones in the Chancel, each by other.


Musarum doctus     
pietatis fidus alumnus,
Edwardus Monecroft     
corpus inane jacet:
Spiritus ætherea superest     
tamen arce receptus,
Quo sibi dum vixit     
noverit ante viam.
Men pia, larga manus     
sparsim dispersit egenis,
Divitias Cœli     
Divitiasq; Soli.

Another fair Stone close by it.

Within this Grave entombed lyes,     
a Man of honest Fame,
A Grocer of this Noble Town,     
John Kirkbie was his Name.
He lived for forty years and nine,     
in credit with the best:
He dy'd such time as here you see,     
his Soul in Heaven doth rest.

In the Chancel aside.

Obiit 17. die Julii, An. Dom. 1578.

Hic jacet Thomas Pope, primus Thesaurarius Augmentationum: Et domina Margareta uxor ejus: Quæ quidem Margareta obiit 16 die Januarii, An. Dom. 1538.

An ancient Tomb in the North Ile of the Quire.

This life hath on earth     
no certaine while,
Example by John, Mary,     
and Oliver Stile,
Who under this stone     
lye buried in the dust,
And putteth you in memory     
that dye all must.
John Stile borne in An. 1582.     
the 22. of May,
Dyed in An. 1583.     
of June the 25. day.
Also the 5. of October, 1583,     
Mary Stile borne was,
The 5. of August, 1585.     
out of this life did passe.
Oliver Stile the 25. of February, 1584.     
this mortall life begun,
And ended the same the 9. of August, 1585.     
his course then being run.
Thus may you see,     
that as you are, so were we,
And as we now be,     
even so shall ye.
Yet none can tell     
the hower, nor whan,
That gift was never     
given to man:
Therefore while you     
have time and space,
Pray unto God     
for mercy and grace.

A fair Gravestone in the North Cloyster.

The MONUMENTS that have been seen set for the Dead, since the Church was new built, are these.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

Against the South Wall, A Monument for Hanna late Wife of Daniel Browne Skinner. She departed Ann. 1695. Also Dixy Kent their Son in Law, An. 1696. And Jane his Wife: who died the same year. And Daniel Browne, Husband and Father to the abovenamed: Skinner to all the Kings and Queens of this Realm from the year 1660. He dyed Anno 1698.

In the Chancel. John Lilburne, Citizen and Grocer of London, 1678.

Rob. Marriot S. Th. P. hujusce Ecclesiæ Pastor vigilantis. 1689. ætat. 81. And Martha his Wife; and two Children: Rob. Marriot of Greys Inn: and Elizabeth the Wife of Will. Pett.

Percival Gilburne, 1694.

Nathaniel Hodges Doctor of Physick, 1688. He wrote a Tract concerning the Plague.

Abraham Barin, Son of Germain Barin of London Merchant, 1693.

Upon a Gravestone in the Chancel near the Rails, lyes Sir Sam. Moyer Bar. [a Turky Merchant] who lived in this Parish forty years. Departed the 27. Apr. 1716.

Under a Gravestone in the middle Ile lyes Mr. Jos. Williams Gent. Departed the 9. Jan. 1716. Aged 44.



How it is with this Parish as to its chaitable Endowments may appear hence: That it hath an Income of about an 100l. per ann. imployed in repairing and adorning the Church, and towards the Building an House for the Minister. And the Remainder goeth to the Relief of the Poor: But by whom, and to what Uses originally given, is unknown.


A Legacy was left in trust to the Parish by one Dickenson for charitable Uses, to the Value of 20l per ann.