Walbrook Ward. S. Stephen's Walbrook. 196

Walbrook Ward. S. Stephen's Walbrook.

vercame the Spanish Invincible Armies; and was for Prudence, Justice and Piety, not only the Patron of her Sex, but a Pattern for all Princes of Christendom.
She dyed at Richmond the 24th of March 1602, being 69 Years, 6 Months, and 17 Days old, when she had reigned 44 Years, 4 months and 7 Days.

If Royal Vertues, &c.
They that trust in the Lord, &c.
Spain's Rod, &c.

Under her.

Th' admired Princess through the World applauded,
For Supreme Vertues rarest Imitation,
Whose Sceptre's Rule Fame's loud-voic'd Trump hath lauded
Unto the Eares of every foreign Nation:
Canopied under powerful Angels Wings,
To her immortal Praise sweet Science sings.



Of the Gifts and Legacies belonging to this Parish, the Churchwardens in the Parochial Visitation, Ann. 1693, brought in no other Account, but that they were too long to be inserted in their Presentment; and that a View might be had of them in their Parish Books.


J. S.

And they believed there was a Parsonage House there formerly, before the same was burnt down. It appeared by the Visitation Book Anno 1636, that the Glebe amounted to 22l. 13s. 4d. But in the Year 1693, and the Years thereabouts, the Incumbent received but 16l. 12. 4d.



From the Stocks Market, and this Parish Church, East up into Lombard Street, some four or five * Houses on a side, and also on the South side of Woolchurch, have ye Bearbinder Lane, a part whereof is of this Walbroook Ward.

*Seven or eight.

First Edit.

Bear-binder Lane.

The Parish Church of St. STEPHEN Walbrook.


Then down lower in the Street, called Walbrook, is one other fair Church of St. Stephen, lately builded on the East side thereof: For the old Church stood on the West side, in place where now standeth the Parsonage House, and therefore so much nearer to the Brook, even on the Bank.

Parish Church of St. Stephen by Walbrook.

Robert Chichly, Maior, in the Year 1428. the sixth of Henry VI. gave to this Parish of Saint Stephen one plot of Ground, containing 208. Foot and a half in length, and sixty six Foot in breadth, thereupon to build their new Church, and for their Churchyard. And in the seventh of Henry VI. the said Robert (one of the Founders) laid the first Stone for himself, the second for William Stondon, Maior, with whose Goods the Ground that the Church standeth on, and the housing, with the ground of the Churchyard, was bought by the said Chichley for two hundred Marks from the Grocers, which had been letten before for twenty six Marks the Year. Robert Whittingham, Draper, laid the third Stone. Henry Barton then Maior, &c.

The said Chichly gave more 100l. to the said Work, and bare the Charges of all the Timber Work on the Procession way, and laid the Lead upon it of his own Cost. He also gave all the Timber for the roofing of the two side Iles, and paid for the Carriage thereof.

This Church was finished in the year, 1439. The Breadth thereof is 67 Foot, and Length 125 Foot; the Churchyard 90 Foot in Length, and 37 in Breadth, and more. Robert Whitting- ham (made Knight of the Bath) in the year 1432 purchased the Patronage of this Church from John, Duke of Bedford, Uncle to Henry VI. and Edward IV. in the second of his Reign, and gave it Richard Lee, then Maior.

This Church of St. Stephen Walbrook was now trimmed most curiously and Church- like. All the decayed Windows were supplied with new coloured Glass made only for that Purpose, Dr. Fenton being Parson, Tho. Langhton Fishmonger, Churchwarden..]

Painted Glass, and other Repairs in this Church An. 1613.

J. S.

This Church within the time of twelve years past [that is, from 1633 backwards] hath had these many and costly Repairs. At first, in the year 1622. all the Chancel, and the two side Iles, as far as the Chancel, repaired; the Pulpit, Pews and Communion Table. The Charge of all this amounting to the Sum of 126l. 15s. 6d.

Edm. Howes Chron.



Tobias Massie,
Affable Faircloughe,

In the Year 1623. in the North side of this Church, two Windows new made, and certain other Windows repaired. The Charge of this amounting to the Sum of 16l. and upwards.

Tobias Massie,
Griffith Morgan,

In the Year 1626. the whole Body of the Church was new pewed; the Charge of it amounting to 333l. and upwards.

John Warner,
Ellis Southerton,

In the Year 1632. the Repair of the Steeple, the North side of the Church, the Tower on the South side, with other Repairs and Mendings, amounted to the Sum of 35l.

John Brooker,
Richard Winston,

The whole Cost of these Repairs 510l. 15s 6d.]

In this Church was a certain Anniversary founded to be celebrated; and a Messuage, in the Occupation of one Thomas Wagham, given for the maintaining thereof. Which coming into King Edward the Sixth his Hands, it was granted in the third of his Reign to John How and John Broxholm.

An Aniversary here held.

J. S.

At this Church of St. Stephen Walbrook, Dr. Feckenham, Dean of Pauls, and other Popish Priests of the best Eloquence, in the Beginning of Queen Mary's Reign, frequently preached up here their Papal Doctrines to the Citizens. And of this Church, a remarkable Man was now Incumbent, namely Dr. Pendleton the Turncoat, that forsook the Religion, when Queen Mary came to the Crown, which he earnestly professed in King Edward's Days, notwithstanding his Protestations to the contrary.

Great Preaching here in Q. Mary's Time for Popery.

Pendleton Rector of S. Stephens.

At an House within this Parish, Dr. Story and other Commissioners of Queen Mary, for Matters of Religion, came one Day to Dinner, and sent for some Citizens, charged with Heresy and Treason.]

Queen Mary's Commissioners sit at an House here.



There be these Monuments in this Church for the Dead.


Thomas Southwell, first Parson of this new Church: who lyeth buried in the Quire.

John Dunstable, Master of Astronomy and Musick, in the year 1453.

Sir Richard Lee, Maior twice. Who gave the said Parsonage to the Grocers.