Walbrook Ward. St. Mary Woollchurch. 195

Walbrook Ward. St. Mary Woollchurch.

" Stockes, that by the space of five or sixe yeeres past, a vent of water hath runne by a Pipe of Lead beside the Stockes; which pipe of Lead, by reason that it is not closed, is daily hurt with Horses and Carts: It may therefore please your good Lordship and Masterships, and all our Masters of the Common Councell, to grant and give licence unto the said Inhabitants, upon their own proper costs and charges to make or cause to bee made, a little Posterne of Stone with a Cesterne of lead therein: so that the said water shall bee therein preserved and conveyed: and so to bee drawne out by Cocks, to the Common weale of all the said Inhabitants thereabout dwelling. Thus at the reverence of God, and in the way of charity."

This is the Postern now presently there standing over against the South East.]

The Parish Church of S. MARY WOOLCHURCH.


Next unto this Stocks is the Parish Church of S. Mary Woolchurch, so called of a Beam placed there ever in the Churchyard, as it seeemeth: for the same was thereof called Woollchurch Haw, of the Tronage or weighing of Wooll there used. And to verifie this, I find amongst the Customs of London, written in French, in the Reign of Edward II, a Chapter intituled, Les Customes de Woollchurch Haw, wherein is set down, what was there to be paid for every Parcel of Wooll weighed, [viz. Ceo est la Custume de Wollecherch: De une libre de Leyne a foreyne, ob. Et de un Sak fors, ob. &c.] This Tronage, or weighing of Wooll, till the sixth of Richard II. was there continued; and until that John Churchman builded the Custon House upon Wooll Key, to serve for the said Tronage, as is before shewed in Tower Street Ward.

Parish Church of S. Mary Woolchurch.

Tronage or weighing of Wool, caused the Church to be called Woolchurch Haw.

Lib. Alb.

J. S.

This Church is reasonable fair and large, and was lately new builded, by Licence granted in the 20th of Henry VI. with Condition to be builded fifteen Foot from the Stocks Market, for sparing of Light to the same. The Parson of this Church is to have four Marks the year, for Tythe of the Stocks, paid him by the Masters of the Bridge House, by a special Decree made the second of Henry VII.

New builded.

This Church was richly repaired and beautified, at the Charge of the Parishioners, in the Year of our Lord 1629.



Francis Browne,
Robert New,

A very fair Skreen, at the middle West Door of this Church, was the Gift of Captain Edward Dichfeyld, at the time of his going out of his Office of Churchwarden in the Year 1620.]

In this Parish stood two Messuages and Tenements, in the several Tenures of William Franklyn and Fabian Withers, given for the Maintenance of one Priest, and an Anniversary in the said Church. Which coming unto King Edward VI. by the Act that dissolved Chantries, he sold them, being the yearly Value of 8l. to Alice Withers, Widow, in the third of his Reign, for 44l.]

An Anniversary in this Church.

J. S.

William Bothe of London, Grocer, made his Will Jun. 12, 1434. to be buried in this Church, and bequeathed Versus Fabricam Corporis ejusd. Eccles. de Maria de Wolchurche, ita ut Parochiani ejusd. habeant aiām meam ineorum precib. specialiter recommendat. 40 Marc. Sterlin.

Will. Bothes Legacy.

J. Worthington.

One Elyn Fuller an Inhabitant of this Parish, and buried in this Church, appointed the Rent of an House for the keeping her yearly Obit, by her Will bearing Date in Aug. 1521. in these Words. Also I give unto myn Executor the Reversion of my House in Westminster, that is for to say, to Mich. next and 5 yeres following, paying yerely for the same at the feast of the Nativity of S. John Bapt. for quit rent 4sh. Fathermore, I will that myn Executor shal kepe yerely, during the said yeres, about the tyme of my Deparure an Obit, that is to say, Dirige over Even, and Masse on the Morrow, for my Sowl, Mr. Kneysworths Sowl, my Lady Sowl, and al Christen Sowls. And in default hereof so made, I wil that then, and from thenceforth the Parson and Churchwardens of S. Mary Wolchurch for tyme being, have and occupy the said House, to the Value of 4 Mark by yere, paying and keping, as is abovesayd, an Anniversary.

An Obit for Elen Fuller to be kept here for 5 years.

J. Wor.

One George Wyngar by his Will, dated in Sept. 13. 1521. ordered to be buried in the Church of Woolchurch besyde the Stocks in London, under a Stone lying at my Lady Wyngars pew dore, at the Steppe comyng up to the Chappel. Item, I bequeith to pore Maids mariages, 13l. 6sh. 8d. Item, I bequeith to Hyewais, where it is most nedeful 4l. - To every pore Householder of this my Parish 4d. a pece, to the Sum of 40sh. Item, I bequeith to the High Altar of S. Nicolas Chapel 10l. for an Altar Cloth of Velvet with my Name brotheryd thereupon, with a Wyng, and G and A and R closyd in a Knot. Also I wold that a Subdeacon of Whyte Damask, be made to the Hyghe Altar with my Name brotheryd; to syng in, on our Lady daies, in the Honour of God and our Lady to the value of 5 Marks.]

Legacies of one Wynger.

J. Wor.

S. Nicholas Chapel.

John Winger, Grocer, Maior, 1504. was a great helper to the rebuilding of this Church, and was there buried, 1505. He gave unto it by his Testament, two large Basons of Silver, and 20l. in Money.

Benefactors, and Persons buried here.

Also Richard Shore, Draper, one of the Sheriffs, 1505. was a great Benefactor in his Life, and by his Testament, gave 20l. to make a Porch at the West end thereof, and was there buried.

Richard Hatfield of Steplemorden in Cambrideshire, lyeth entombed there, 1467.

Edward Deoly, Esq; 1467.

John Handford, Grocer, made the Font of that Church, very curiously wrought, painted and gilded, and was there buried.

John Archer, Fishmonger, 1487.

Anne Cawood founded a Chauntrie there, &c.

In Sevenoke, into     
the World my Mother brought me,
Hawlden House in Kent,     
with Armes ever honour'd me;
Westminster Hall     
(thirty six Yeeres after) knew me.
Then seeking Heaven,     
Heaven from the World tooke me:
Whilome alive,     
Thomas Scot Men called me:
Now laid in Grave,     
Oblivion covereth me.]

A fair Stone at the Chancel Door within.

A. M.

Queen ELIZABETH's Monument.


Elizabeth Queen of England, France, and Ireland, &c. second Daughter to Henry VIII. begotten of the Lady Anne Bullen his second Wife, and Grandchild to Henry VII. and Elizabeth, eldest Daughter to Edward IV. born at Greenwich the 17th of September 1534. She succeeded her Sister, Queen Mary, as Queen of England: Restoring true Religion, reducing Coin to the just Value, assisted France and the Low Countries, o-