Candlewick Ward. Modern State thereof. 190

Candlewick Ward. Modern State thereof.

Margaret, Robert and Mary. The rest dyed Infants.]

In the last Parochial Visitation, the Churchwardens brought in, that they never knew or heard of any House belonging to the Minister, it having been an Impropriation; nor no Gift for Lecture or Sermon, or any other charitable Uses.

J. S.

In this Parish stands the Merchant Taylors Free School, Dr. Shorten Head Master, when this Edition was first preparing.]

The modern State of this Ward stands thus.

The chief Streets and Lanes herein (whether the whole or greatest part of them) are Great Eastcheap, the whole on both sides, except a very small Part in the North Corner next to Grasschurch Street; Candlewick (now commonly called Canon) Street, from Green Lettice Lane on both sides unto Great Eastcheap: Abchurch Lane, all except 96 Foot on the West side, and about 140 Foot on the East side of the North end towards Lombardstreet: St. Nicolas Lane, about 200 Foot at the South end on both sides: St. Clements Lane, the South end, and about 180 Foot on the West side, and 150 Foot on the East side: St. Michaels Lane, all but about 140 Foot at the South end on both sides: Crooked Lane, the West end, about half: St. Martins Lane, all on both sides, except about 95 Foot at the South end: St. Laurence Poultney Lane, or Hill, from Canon Street on both sides, a little beyond St. Laurence Churchyard: Green Lettice Lane, the East side. And all these Streets and Lanes have several Courts and Alleys, and small Passages; which shall be mentioned under each.

Chief Streets and Lanes.

R. B.

Abchurch Lane.

Great Eastcheap begins by the Corner of Fishstreet Hill, and runs Westward unto St. Clements Lane, where Canon Street begins. It took its Name Eastcheap from a Market anciently there kept for the serving the East part of the City: Which Market was afterwards removed to Leadenhall Street, and now is kept in Leadenhall. But still Eastcheap continues a Flesh Market, and is inhabited by a great many Butchers, as is Little Eastcheap also.

Great Eastcheap.

This Street is a great Through-fare from the Eastern Parts to those in the West. The Courts and Alleys are as followeth, beginning Eastwards, viz.

Small Alley very ordinary, only for Stabling.

Small Alley.

Maidenhead Court, but small, with a Meeting House at the upper end.

Maidenhead Court.

Rat Alley also narrow and very mean.

Rat Alley.

White Bell Alley also small and ordinary.

White Bell Alley.

Canon Street begins at Eastcheap, and runs Westwards to Green Lettice Lane; a Street well built and inhabited by able Tradesmen: The Courts and Alleys are, Bell Alley, which hath a Passage into St. Nicolas Lane through the Bell Tavern. Black Swan Alley, but indifferent. Artichoak Court, a pretty good Place, with a Free Stone Pavement.

Canon Street.

Bell Alley.

Black Swan Alley.

Artichoak Court.

St. Clements Lane on the North side of Canon Street falls into Lombard Street, a Place well built and inhabited; the Part in this Ward goeth little beyond St. Clements Eastcheap Church. Which is a handsome Brick Building with Free Stone Work at the Corners, adjoining to which Church is a good handsome Place called Church Alley, the North side having a Row of Houses, and the South side lying open to the Church and Churchyard. This Church is in the Diocess of London, the Abbot of Westminster was Patron. It was destroyed in the general Fire of London, and since its Rebuilding, the Parish of St. Martin Orgars is united unto it.

St. Clements Lane.

St. Clements Eastcheap Church.

St. Nicolas Lane spoken of in Langborn Ward, in which the greatest part is seated.

Nicolas Lane.

Abchurch Lane comes out of Lombard Street and runs up to Canon Street, a Place well built and inhabited by Merchants and Persons of Repute. In this Lane are these Courts and Alleys.

Abchurch Lane.

St. Nicolas Alley, but narrow, with a Passage into St. Nicolas Lane.

St. Nicolas Alley.

Lamb Alley, but indifferently inhabited, and narrow, with a Passage into Sherborn Lane; and near unto this Alley is Lamb Court, which is but ordinary; Pontac, being a noted Ordinary for the better Sort, and for a kind of French Wine so called.

Lamb Alley.

Lamb Court.

St. Mary Abchurch. It is a good Brick Building, with a Churchyard enclosed by a Brick Wall; and hath an open large Free Stone Pavement on the South side.

St. Mary Abchurch.

The Lanes on the South side of Canon Street are St. Michaels Lane, and Crooked Lane, St. Martins Lane, St. Laurence Poultney Lane, and Green Lettice Lane.

St. Michaels Lane.

St. Michaels Lane goes out of Great Eastcheap, and runs down into Thamesstreet, which Lane is almost all in this Ward; that part towards Thamesstreet being in Dowgate Ward. It is a Place well built, and inhabited. On the East side is seated St. Michaels Crooked Lane Church. This Church is a Peculiar of Canterbury, the Archbishop thereof being Patron. Crooked Lane comes out of St. Michaels Lane by St. Michaels Church, and falls into Fishstreet Hill against the Monument. Which Part next Fishstreet is in the Bridge Ward within. It is a Place of some Note for the Tin Ware, there made and sold; as also for Fishing Tackle.

St. Michaels Crooked Lane Church.

On the West side of St. Michaels Lane, over against the Church, is Hockins Court; which is but small, containing two Houses. And on the same side is Meeting House Yard, so called from a Meeting House, which takes up the greatest Part. Fen Court hath pretty good Houses, and a Free Stone Pavement.

Hockins Court.

Meetinghouse Yard.

Fen Court.

Three Tun Court, a good square Place with an open Entrance for Carts.

Three Tun Court.

St. Martins Lane also falls into Thamesstreet, and is well built, and inhabited by Merchants. On the East side is S. Martin Orgars Churchyard; the Church not being rebuilt since its burning down in the great Fire, the Parish is united unto St. Clements Eastcheap. Part of the Steeple remains; where there is a Dial, which hangs over into the Street.

St. Martins Lane.

St. Martins Churchyard.

St. Laurence Poultney Lane, so called from the Parish Church there formerly standing on the West side, that was consumed by the Fire of London; which is not since rebuilt. But the Parish is united unto St. Mary Abchurch: And the Place where the Church stood goes by the Name of St. Laurence Poultney Hill. Which is an open Place, and leadeth North-westwards into Green Lettice Lane; and Southward falleth into Thamesstreet. But good Part of this Hill is in Downgate Ward.

St. Laurence Poultney Lane and Church.

Green Lettice Lane.

Green Lettice Lane comes out of Canon Street, and falls into St. Laurence Poultney Hill; a Place pretty well inhabited. The East side is only in this Ward; the West in Walbrook. Out of this Lane is a Passage into Suffolk Lane, which is also in Walbrook Ward.

There are to watch at the several Stands in this Ward every Night a Constable, the Beadle, and 24 Watchmen. The Jurymen returned by the Wardmote Inquest are to serve on Juries for this Ward in Guildhall, in the Month of December.]

It hath now an Alderman, his Deputy, Common Counsellors 8, Constables 8, Scavengers 6, Wardmote Inquest Men 12, and a Beadle. It is taxed to the Fifteen at 16l.

The Alderman of this Ward is Sir John Ward, Knt.