Candlewicke Street Ward. Monuments. 186

Candlewicke Street Ward. Monuments.

Fishmonger he was in Lyfftime here,
And twise Lord Maior, as in Books appere;
Who with courage stout and manly Myght
Slew ordinary font Jack Straw in King Richards Syght.
For which Act done and trew Entent,
The Kyng made hym Knight incontinent.
And gave hym Armes, as here you see,
To declare his Fact and Chivaldrie.
He left this Lyff the Yere of our God
Thirteen hondred fourscore and three odd.]

It hath also been, and is now grown to a common Opinion, that in reward of this Service done by the said William Walworth against the Rebel; that King Richard added to the Arms of the City (which was Argent, a plain Cross Gules) a Sword, or Dagger, (for so they term it.) Whereof I have read no such Record, but rather that which foundeth to the contrary. For I find, that in the fourth year of Richard II. in a full Assembly made in the upper Chamber of the Guildhall, summoned by this William Walworth, then Maior, as well of Aldermen, as of the Common Council in every Ward, for certain Affairs concerning the King; it was there by common consent agreed and ordained, that the old Seal of the Office of the Maioralty of the City, being very small, old, unapt, and uncomly for the Honour of the City, should be broken, and one other new should be had. Which the said Maior commanded to be made artificially, and honourable for the exercise of the said Office thereafter in place of the other. In which new Seal, besides the Images of Peter and Paul, which of old were rudely engraven, there should be under the Feet of the said Images, a Shield of the Arms of the said City perfectly graved with two Lions supporting the same, with two Serjeants of Arms, on either part, one, and two Tabernacles, in which, above, should stand two Angels, between whom (above the said Images of Peter and Paul) should be set the glorious Virgin. This being done, the old Seal of the Office was delivered to Richard Odiham Chamberlain, who brake it, and in place thereof, was delivered the new Seal to the said Maior, to use in his Office of Maioralty, as occasion should require. This new Seal seemeth to be made before William Walworth was Knighted. For he is not there intituled Sir, as afterwards he was: And certain it is, that the same new Seal then made, is now in use, and none other in that Office of Maioralty. Which may suffice to answer the former Fable, without shewing of any Evidence sealed with the old Seal which was the Cross, and Sword as now, &c. of St. Paul, and not the Dagger of William Walworth.

Whether a Dagger was added to the City's Coat.


Old Seal of the Maioralty broken, and a new Seal made.

The Arms of this City were not altered, but remain as afore: to wit, Argent, a plaine Crosse Gules, a Sword of St. Paul in the first quarter, and no Dagger of W. Walworth, as is fabuled.

A very unhappy Accident happened to this Church, as well as to other Persons in the year 1560. July the 5th. There came then Certain men into Crooked Lane, to buy a Gun or two. And shooting off a Piece, it burst in pieces: Went through the House, and spoiled above five Houses more: and of that goodly Church adjoining it threw down a great part on one side, and left never a Glass window whole. And by it eight Men and one Maid, were slain and divers hurt: And another dyed within a Sevennight after by the same Mischance.]

This Church damaged by a Gun.

J. S.

Now, of other MONUMENTS in that Church.


Simon Mordon, Maior, 1368. was buried there.

Rich. Radwels Anniversary in St. Michaels Crooked Lane.

Rich. Radwel, Citizen and Stockfishmonger by his Will, 1415. gave 2 Marks yearly for ever to the Minister and Churchwardens of St. Michael Crooked Lane, out of a House in Thames Street in the said Parish, ad tenend. Anniversarium Will. Radwell fratris, pro aia. sua, ac Patris & Matris. He gave also a part of his Estate at Radwel in Hertfordshire for the repair and ledding the Church.]

Lib. Brown.

John Olney, Maior, 1446.

Robert March, Stockfishmonger, gave two pieces of Ground to be a Churchyard.

George Gowre, Esq; Son to Edward Gowre, Stockfishmonger, Esq; 1470.

Alexander Purpoynt, Stockfishmonger, 1373.

Andrew Burel, Gentleman of Grays 1487.

John Shrow, Stockfishmonger, 1487, with this Epitaph.

Farewell, my friends,     
the tide abideth no man,
I am departed hence,     
and so shall yee.
But in this passage,     
the best song I can,
Is Requiem æternam,     
now Jesu grant it me:
When I have ended     
all mine adversity,
Grant me in Paradise     
to have a mansion,
That shedst thy blood     
for my redemption.

John Finkell, one of the Sheriffs, 1487. was Knighted, and gave 40 pound to this Church, the one half for his Monument.

John Pattesley, Maior, 1441.

Thomas Ewen, Grocer, bore half the Charges in building of the Steeple, and was buried 1501.

William Combes, Gent. of Stoke by Gilford in Surrey, 1502.

Sir John Brudge, Maior 1530. gave 50 pound for a House, called the College in Crooked Lane: He lyeth buried in St. Nicolas Hacon.

Walter Faireford, Robert Barre, Alexander Heyband, John Motte, John Gramstone, John Brampton.

College House in Crooked Lane.

John Wood, Stockfishmonger, 1531.

Sir Henry Amcots, Maior, 1548, &c.

Hic jacet Richardus Gurneyus, Civitatis London Aldermanus: Qui tam summis quam infimus viris gratus, charusque semper fuit, tum ob integritatem vitæ ac humanitatem, tum propter curam Reipublicæ singularem: vixit cum dulcissima uxore saa Anna Annos Suscepitque ex ea duodecim liberos; quorum septem superstites reliquit. Cum summo omnium dolore excessit è vita quinto die Martii, Anno Domini 1596. ætatis suæ LXXII.
Hic etiam uxor ejus Anna jacet, quæ post viri obitum Annos tres, menses & septimanas totidem vidua vivens, tandem justæ ætatis marito, viro Nobili nupsit; qui etiamsi ab illa magna commoda, emolumenta, immo honores accepit, multa tamen illi contra spem, & merita amore juxta conjugali benevolentia defecit, hoc nomine sibi accelerato senui. Cum jam Annos duodecim, menses duos, & dies quinque illiocum conjunxit, præ dolore ac angore, tricesimo primo Augusti, 1612. Annum agens septuagesimum secundum, vitam clausit.
Relicitis ex priore marito Richardo Gourneyo liberis quinque, justa ei solennia (â marito superstite denegata) per filium unicum suum Thomam Gourney piè peragebantur, sumptibus ejus propriis, & in vita ipsi eo nomine mandatis, vice-

A comely small Monument in the East End of the South Ile.

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