Candlewicke street Ward. Monuments. 184

Candlewicke street Ward. Monuments.

ting the Church of Abchurch to the College of the Chapel of Corpus Christi near the Church of St. Laurence de Polteney.]

Simon de Winchcombe founded a Chantry there the 19. of Richard the Second. John Littleton founded another, and Thomas London another.

Simon de Wynchcomb by his Will (Ann. 1390 odd) gave to John Wynchcomb and Will. Caldewel, Chaplains perpetuæ Cantariæ in Ecclesia Sanctæ Mariæ Abchurch, per eum ex licentia Ric. 2di Angl. Refundatæ, & successoribus, 12 Marcas annui redditus exeunt. ex uno tenemento eid. annex. ex parte orien. scituat. in Candlewyk strete in dict. parochia, inter Tenement. Prioris & Convent. Hospital. Beatæ Mariæ extra Bishopsgate, Lond. ex parte oriental.

Winchcombs Chantry in Abchurch.

E. A.

John Weryn Citizen and Goldsmith of London, ordered to be buried in the Church or Chirch hawe of S. Mary Abchurch. And bequeathed 10d. among the poor People, in the Worship of the 5 Wounds of our Lord Jhu Christ, and of the 5 Joys of our Lady, Ann. 1475.

John Weryn Abchurch.

E. Alex.

Robert Banburgh, Citizen and Draper of London, by his Will dated December 1. 1437, appointed to be buried before the Altar in this Church, and bequeathed versus novam Constructionem Capelle Ste. Trinitatis & Ste. Marie in the said Church, 20l. Quod volo, quod persolvantur parcellatim, &c. prout opus ejusdem Capelle melius fuerit expeditum.

R. Banburghs Legacy.

J. Wor.

It hath the Monuments of John Long, Esq; of Bedfordshire, 1442.

William Wikenson, Alderman, 1519.

William Jawdrell, Taylor, 1440.

Sir James Hawes, Maior, 1574.

Sir John Branch, Maior, 1580.

John Minors.

William Kettle, &c.

Joanni Branche, Equiti, hujus Urbis olim Prætori, viro bono, & prudenti, 24 Julii, Anno Dom. 1588. ætatis suæ 73. vita functo in Sepulchro Wilkinsoni Avi Materni humato: Daniel Dun, Legum Doctor, ipsius ex Sorore Nepos posuit.

A comely Monument in the South Wall of the Quire.

A. M.

In felicem Memoriam, piæ, pulchræ & pudicæ feminæ, Dominæ Helenæ Branch, filiæ venerabilis Gulielmi Nicolson, olim Civis & Pannarii London: Quondam (per quadraginta annos & eo amplius) uxoris viri dignissimi, Joannis Minors, Civis, ac etiam Pannarii London: Cui peperit filium unum Rogerum, & filias tres, Joannam, Ripinam, & Margaretam, omnes sine prole defunctas; nuper (ad annum usque vigesimum) uxoris venerabilissimi viri Joannis Branch, militis Aurati, Quondam præclarissimæ Civitatis London Honoratissimi Majoris.
Robertus Nicolson Generosus, ex fratre Nepos, utriusque heres, & dictæ Dominæ solus Executor, suis sumptibus spontaneis hoc Monumentum posuit.

A fair Tomb in the Wall at the East end of the Church.

Quam ter felicem, pietas, opulentia, forma
Fecêre in terris, modo suffragante popello,
Suffrangante Deo, fidei Constantia vivæ,
æternum in c┼ôlis, te nunc jubet esse beatam.

Nonagenaria obiit 10. Aprilis, Anno Salutis, 1594.

This Dame Helen Branch, Widow of Sir John Branch , Knt. Lord Maior of London, An. 1580. gave fifty pounds to be lent to young Men of the Company of Drapers, from four Years to four Years for ever, 50l. Which Lady gave also to poor Maids Marriages 10l. To the Poor of Abchurch, 10l. To the poor Prisoners in and about London, 20l. Besides, for 26 Gowns to poor Men and Women, 26l. And many other worthy Legacies to the Universities, &c.]

Lady Branches Gifts.



Upon the Departure of the illustrious Precedent of Bounty and pious Industry, Master Roger MOUNTAGUE, Esq;


IN Life and Death thy Works did well pursue
The Honourable Name of MOUNTAGUE.
Nobility of Birth ran in thy Blood:
Nobility of Action made that good.
Thy Charity, the top of all thy Fame,
The Figure that thy Monument may claime
With Justice; Tis thine own, fit to enrol
Thy Memory here, as Heaven adornes thy Soul.
Sum up all Vertues in Man ever known,
And set them to thy Actions, th'are thine own.
That's the neer'st way to make for thy Worth room;
Particular Praises would orespred the Tomb.
Here's all in brief, who shal henceforth endite
A good Man's Epitaph, let him but write
The Copy of thy Life: It stands for all,
That ever made Man's Praise, or ever shall.]

A fair Monument in the Chancel, at the upper end.


In the Church since the rebuilding; Sir Patience Ward, Knt. sometime Alderman and Lord Maior, buried in the Chancel, hath a fair Monument in the East Wall, near the South Corner, with this Inscription:

Late Monuments.

J. S.

Here under lyes interred the Body of Sir PATIENCE WARD, Knt. Alderman, and Lord Maior of London, An. 1681. He married Elizabeth, the Daughter of Will. Hobson of Hackney, in the County of Middlesex, Esq;. She departed this Life the 24. of Dec. 1685. and lyes buried in the the great Church at Amsterdam. He the 10. of July 1696, without Issue.

Sir Patience Ward.

J. Worthing.

Another Monument in the South Wall of the Chancel for Mr. Edw. Sherwood of S. Laurence Poultney. Who married Hanna, the Daughter of Mr. Abraham Foster of Alhallows the Less. He dyed Jan. 5. 1690. Aged 62. Also Elizabeth his youngest Daughter, Wife of Mr. Sam. Lordell, of Lond. Merchant. Dyed the 8. of June, 1703. Aged 30. And John Sherwood his eldest Son, Dec. 23. 1703, Aged 37. And Rich. Sherwood his second Son, Mar. 3. 1703. Aged 33.

Mr. George Fellows, Citizen and Haberdasher of London; Son of Will. Fellows, Deputy Alderman of the Ward of Vintry. Dyed Sept. 27. 1712. His Grave Stone was laid by Joh. Fellows, Merchant, in memory of his dear deceased Brother.

John Aylworth, Citizen and Mercer of London, dyed the 12. Nov. 1693. Aged 32.

Thomas Allen, Citizen and Draper of London, dyed July the 27. 1699. Aged 45.

Tho. Harris of Lond. Merchant, dyed Jun.2. 1672. Aged 61.

James Smith, dyed 4th of Aug. 1686. Aged 30.

John Worth, Citizen and Merchant of London, who dyed Ann. 1693. These have flat Stones laid over them.



The Legacies and Gifts belonging to this Parish of St. Mary Abchurch, are these:

Legacies and Gifts.

Mrs. Hyde, out of the Manor of
Wakefield, in Hertfordshire for