Bridge Ward. St. Margaret's. St. Leonard Eastcheap. 176

Bridge Ward. St. Margaret's. St. Leonard Eastcheap.

The Parish Church of S. MARGARET's Fish Street Hill.


Then is the Parish Church of St. Margaret's on Fish Street Hill; a proper Church.

This Church not having any Cost, or but little in a long time bestowed upon it, is now very suddenly to be repaired, and, as we speak of the rest, will no question be very worthily trimmed and beautified.]

To be repaired.


But Monuments it hath none, only one of note and well worth the Observation, being unknown, and not found till very lately; whereof Mr. Wood (the Reverend Parson of the Church) made me acquainted by his Clerk, to have me come see it; which I did very thankfully: Finding it to be the Figure of a Man of good respect, lying upon his Tomb, according to the manner of Persons of Antiquity. And this Inscription he delivered me, written with his own Hand:


A. M.

Joannes de Coggeshal, Civis & Cordarius de Parochiâ S. Margaretæ de Bridgestreet, London. Anno 1384. An. Reg. Richardi Secundi, Octavo. Testamentum irrotulat. in Hustingo London, die Lunæ in Festo S. Leonardi Abbatis. An. Reg. Richardi Secundi, 9.

Joannes de Coggeshal.

He lyeth buried in the said Church Wall, under the Marble Stone in the Window, next to St. Peter's Altar on the North side of the Church.



And CHARITIES belonging to this Parish of St. Margaret New Fishstreet, are these that follow.


J. S.

John Wybert, out of the Swan in Kenton in Lincolnshire, 2l. 10s. to be distributed one Shilling every Sabbath Day to the Poor.

John Jennings, to be paid by the Fishmongers Company, 13s 4l.

Katharine Parry, out of Houses in Anchor Lane in Thamestreet, 3l. but now reduced to 2l.

Mr.Mosyer, out of the Pomegranate, now the Lobster, and a little Shop adjoining, for the Use of the Church, 1l. 10s.

A Part of the Tenement of the Blue Boar in New Fishstreet, for the Use of the Church, at per Ann. 7l.

Out of which is paid a Quit-Rent of 1l. per Ann. to the Crown.

There was a Parsonage House before the Fire. The Ground was let by Lease to George Legoe: Who resigned the said Lease to the City of London. For which the Minister receiveth 21l. per ann. and the Parish 30s. per ann.]


A Foot Way passeth by the South side of this Church from Fishstreet Hill into Rother Lane.

The Parish Church of St. LEONARD in EASTCHEAP.


Up higher on this Hill, is the Parish Church of St. Leonard Milk Church., so termed of one William Melker, an especial builder thereof, but commonly called St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, because it standeth at Eastcheap Corner,

St. Leonard's Milk Church.

In the Year of our Lord 1618. this Church by a casualty of Fire, happening by whiting of Baskets, in the House of one Jerome Baynton a Turner, (situate in Little Eastceap, on the North side of the said Church, whose House was burned down, and in the place thereof another built with Brick) was fired in the Steeple thereof, being a Spire covered with Lead; it was quenched, but not without great pains and much danger to some Persons, (who were not unrewarded by the Parish) before any great hurt was done to it by the Fire, more than the defacing of it, and other parts of the Church; but for that the said Steeple was very old, much ruined and decayed in the stone Work thereof, to prevent further danger, it was pulled down, and all the West end of the Church thereto adjoining, a new Foundation laid, inlarged three Foot toward the East, and new built, not without great Charge to the Inhabitants of the Parish, who were all willing and ready to contribute towards the rebuilding, repairing, and beautifying the House of God; and the better to set forward the Work, the Inhabitants of the Parish did tax themselves toward the Charge at 198l. 6s. 4d. but for that the Parish is but small, and the greater part of the Inhabitants poor, they were inforced by their Petition to seek help from his Majesty, who was graciously pleased to grant them his Letters Patents (for their relief) to collect and gather in several Counties within this Kingdom towards the Charge of the rebuilding the Steeple, and the repairing of the Church.

The Steeple fired 1618.


A Brief granted towards the rebuilding of it.

The Steeple being finished as it now standeth, the South Wall toward the Churchyard being much decayed, was also taken down and new built, and the Church in other parts repaired, the Charge thereof amounting to above 850l. of which the Parish received by way of Collection (toward their Charge) in London, and other Places, the Sum of 170l 1s. 9d. and of other Benefactors, 10l. 15s. they having one Patent for six Shires also, the Party that was imployed to lay the Briefs, and gather the Collections, went away with all, and brought to the Parish neither Brief nor Penny. The Steeple of this Church, and the Wall on the South side (toward the Churchyard) was builded, and the Church in other parts repaired and beautified, in the Years 1618, 1619, 1620, 1621.

Abraham Colfe, Rector.
Edwin Fisher,
Richard Foster,
Richard Bourne,
Henry Gulstone,

MONUMENTS there be of the Doggets, namely;


Walter Dogget, Vintner, one of the Sheriffs, 1380.

John Dogget, Vintner, and Alice his Wife, about 1456.

This John Dogget gave Lands to that Church.

William Dogget, &c. And none else of note.

By good hap we are able to retrieve a good Number of the antient Monuments in this Church of St. Leonard's (together with the Coats of Arms set on the Stones) from the Oblivion wherein they have lain for many Years. So much beholden are we to some in former Times, whose Inclinations led them to take notice of, and to transcribe Funeral Inscriptions.

MS. penes D. H. S. George Mil. Garter.

J. S.

Isto sub lapide requiescunt Corpora Johannis Johnson nuper Civis & Carnificis London quorum Anniversariorum exequias annuatim fecit [celebrari] undecimo die Feb. quo dictus Johannes ab hac luce migravit, An. D. 1280.

Which if the Number be not mistaken, is a Monument of great Antiquity. The Coat, which stood on the Right side, was two Battle Axes in Salteir between four Roses.