Bridge Ward within. St. Magnus. 174

Bridge Ward within. St. Magnus.


St. Magnus, St. Margaret's on Fishstreet Hill. St. Leonard Eastcheap. St. Benet Grasse Church. Grassestreet Market. The Fishmongers: fomerly two Companies. The Black Prince's House. The present State of this Ward.

BRIDGE Ward within, so called of London Bridge. Which Bridge is a principal part of that Ward, and beginneth at the Stulps on the South end by Southwark, runneth along the Bridge, and North up Bridge Street, commonly called (of the Fish Market) New Fish Street: From Fish Street Hill, up Grass Street, to the North Corner of Grass Church. All the Bridge is replenished on both Sides, with large, fair and beautiful Buildings, Inhabitants for the most part rich Merchants, and other wealthy Citizens, Mercers and Haberdashers.

Bridge Ward within.

Bridgestreet, or New Fishstreet.

In New Fish Street be Fishmongers and fair Taverns: On Fish Street Hill and Grass Street, Men of divers Trades, Grocers and Haberdashers.

The Fishmongers who lived here upon Fish Street Hill, and those of Old Fish Street, in the Reign of King Edward II. were the topping rich Men and Merchants of the Trade, and would not suffer any others that kept Stalls to trade (as it seems) by wholesale with them. So that there was an Order issued out from John de Blund Maior, to forbid these Fishmongers to hinder the Trade. And it was enjoined by the said Maior and divers Aldermen, to the Fishmongers of Bridge Street, and of the old Fishery then present [viz. at a Court held on Thursday after the Feast of the Conversion of S. Paul, 34. Ed.2.] that they under a heavy Penalty permit Fishmongers Freemen of the City standing at Stalls, to Merchandidize together with them, and freely to obtain their Shares of Merchandizes sold, as it was fit and just, and the Freesom of the City required.]

Fishmongers of Bridgestreet.

J. S.

In Grass Street have ye one fair Conduit of sweet Water, castellated with Crest and Vent, made there by the appointment of Thomas Hill, Maior, 1484. who gave by his Testament an hundred Marks towards the conveyance of Water to this Place. It was begun by his Executors, in the year 1491. and finished of his Goods whatsoever it cost.

Water Conduit in Grasse Street.

The Parish Church of St. MAGNUS.


On the East of this Bridge Ward, have ye the fair Parish Church of St. Magnus.

St. Magnus.

This Church in the Years of our Lord God 1623, 1624, and 1625. in many parts of it, had many Repairs and Charges; the Sums of them amounting to 500l. and upwards. Also in the Year of our Lord 1629. it was richly and very worthily beautified:



John Langley,
John Broome,

This, as the former, being the sole Coat and Charge of the Parishioners.]

This Church was burnt down in the great Fire; and rebuilt. The Benefactors towards the rebuilding, finishing and furnishing it with Ornaments, are preserved in a Table hung up in the Church, viz.


J. S.

Richard Spires by Will gave, 25l.

Anne Yeend by Will, 100l.

Lady Philips by Will, 100l.

Edward Pitt, 25l.

Sir Peter Daniel, Knt. Alderman of the Ward, gave the great Branch Candlestick.

Robert Tainton, the Kings Arms.

Sir Tho. Player, 10l.

Sackford Gunston wainscotted the Vestry.

Deputy Smith and Deputy Collier gave towards railing the Altar, 10l.

Will. Richardson, Henry Freeman and Tho. Passenger gave the Font.

Tho. Powell gave the great Bible.

Robert Dickins gave two Statute Books, and the Works in Fol. of the Author of the Whole Duty of Man: And likewise erected the Churchwardens Pew:

Sir Charles Duncomb, Knt. and Alderman of this Ward An. 1700. gave the Clock and Dial: The whole Charge amounting to 485l. 5s. 4d.]

In the which Church have been buried many Men of good Worship, whose Monuments are now for the most part utterly defaced, I find,

John Blund, Maior, 1307.

Henry Yeuele, Free Mason to Edward the Third, Richard the Second, and Henry the Fourth, who deceased 1400. his Monument yet remaineth.

Henry Yeuele, Citizen and Mason, was buried in the Chapel of St. Mary in this Church, where Margaret his former Wife was buried. He founded a Chantry in this Chapel for the Souls of him, Margaret and Katharine his Wives, Roger his Father, Marione his Mother, his Brothers and Sisters, and also of K. Edward III. John de Bello Campo, &c. The Probat of his Will was Sept. 1400.

St. Maries Chapel.

Regist. Lond.

E. A.

Rich. Winter, Stock Fishmonger, by his last Will, An. 1407. gave a Shop in the Parish of St. Magnus to the Rector and Churchwardens of that Parish for his Anniversary in the said Church; and to lay out 20s. The remainder to be distributed to poor Housekeepers.]

Legacy to St. Magnus for an Anniversary. Lib. Brown.

E. A.

William Brampton.

John Michell, Maior, 1436.

John French, Baker, Yeoman of the Crown to Henry the Seventh, 1510.

Robert Clarke, Fishmonger, 1521.