Billingsgate Ward. S. Andrew Hubbard. S. George Botulph Lane. 171

Billingsgate Ward. S. Andrew Hubbard. S. George Botulph Lane.

The later Monuments set up, since the great Fire, in S. Margaret Pattens, are to preserve the Memory of these following.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel,

Giles Vandeput of Antwerp, Merchant, who dyed Anno 1646. Aged 70. And Sarah his Wife of Ipre, 1656. Aged 67. And Peter the Son of Giles, 1668. And Jane, Daughter of Theodoric Hoste, Merchant, Wife of the said Peter, 1672. It is a very fair Monument against a Pillar erected by Sir Peter Vandeput, Knt. to his dear Parents.

Body of the Church, Flat Stones.

For John Gardiner, Merchant, late Alderman of London, 1690.

Anne Chaplain, Wife to Joseph Chaplain, 1692/3

Robert Smith, 1686.

Willoughby Hannam, 1683/4, and his Sister Frances.

Margaret Tayler, Wife of John Tayler, 1683.

North Ile.

John Lorimer, Merchant, 1689. And Gilbert Lorimer, Merchant, 1688.

Mary and Charles Throgmorton.

South Ile.

Richard Litler Citizen and Apothecary, Inhabitant of the Parish of S. Gabriel Fenchurch, 1674. and Phæbe his Wife.

James Donaldson, City Garbler, 1684/5. And his Son John, 1681.

Tho. Arundel Merchant, dyed Feb. 24. 1707. and Priscilla Arundel his Wife. Oct. 1712.

BENEFACTORS to this Parish.


  Collyer for Coals
for ever,
1633William and Thomas Sal-
ter, for a Sermon to be
preached the 7th of Ja-
nuary, yearly for ever,
1642Richard Camden for the
then Repairing of the
Church Steeple,
 And yearly for a Ser-
mon to be
preached the
First of January
 And Bread for the Poor,020000
Another Sermon to be
preached the First of No-
vember. Given by John
Bayworth, and paid by the
Company of Clothworkers,
 Sir Peter Vandeput gave,
to be laid out for the Use
of the Poor of the Parish,
 Margaret Dean, per An.000104

Divers other Gifts, but not per Annum.

A Parsonage House before the Fire, burnt down, but built again, and leased: Ground Rent 3l. 10s. per Ann. for 40 Years, bearing Date 1694. No other Glebe.]

Parsonage House.

The Lane, on both sides beyond the same Church, to the Midway towards Fenchurch, is of Billingsgate Ward.

The Parish of S. ANDREW HUBBART.


Then again out of Thamesstreet, by the West end of S. Mary Hill Church, runneth up one other Lane, of old time called Rope Lane, since called Lucas Lane, of one Lucas Owner of some part thereof, and now corruptly called Love lane: It runneth up the East end of the Parish Church of S. Andrew Hubbard, or S. Andrew in Eastcheap.

Rope Lane, or Lucas Lane.

Love Lane.

This Church was repaired and richly beautified at the Cost and Charge of the Parishioners in the Year of our Lord God 1630.



Enoch Lynd,
William Clobery,

The Charge of it amounting to 600l. and above.]

This Church and all the whole Lane, called Lucas Lane, is of this Billingsgate Ward.

This Church and Parish since the Fire, is united to the Parish of S. Mary at Hill, and the Ground of the Church and Churchyard disposed of by the City for Publick Uses; being partly laid into the Street; and the Money given for it, paid to S. Mary at Hill, towards Pewing of the Church. On the rest the Lord Maior and Aldermen have erected the King's Weigh House; but had paid for no more, Anno 1693 (as it was presented that Year in a Parochial Visitation) than the Ministers Glebe House, and the Parishes Vestry and Colehouse: alotting them Ground at the East end of their Weigh House with their Leave: On which lately the Parish have built their Vestry: Under which is a Piazze, publick Stocks and Cage, and a little Room.

The Presentment concerning this Church An. 1693.

J. S.

There was a Parsonage House belonging to the Incumbent befroe the Fire, but burnt down, and the Ground sold to the City for 75l. to be laid out to the Advantage of the Rector and his Successors: Which Sum was by Mr. Tho. White, the Incumbent of S. Mary Hill, transferred from the Coal Money to the Chamber of London. And so became a bad Debt.

Parsonage House.

Now for the Bequests and charitable Gifts. Some of them that have come to my Knowledge, are as follow.

Margaret Dean, per An. payable
by the Company of Ironmon-
Mr. Jacobs payable by the
Company of Vintners,
Mr. Green, payable by Jos.
Dawson of Edmonton,

All payable for the Use of the Poor.

The Parish Church of S. GEORGE BOTULPH LANE.


Then have ye one other Lane out of Thamesstreet, called Butolph Lane, because it riseth against the Parish Church of St. Butolph, and runneth up North by the East end of S. George's Church, to the West end of S. Andrew's Church, and to the South end of Philpot Lane.

St. George Botolph Lane.

It was repaired and beautified at the Cost and Charges of the Parish, in the Year of our Lord, 1627,



Walter Carter,
John Delabar,

In this Parish was a great Messuage, or Tenement, in the Tenure of John Swygo, the yearly Value whereof was 13l. 6s. 8d. This House belonging, as it seems, to a Chauntry, (and in that Church perhaps) came by the Act for dissolving Chauntries, unto King Edward VI. who

The Earl of Arundel's House in Botolph Lane.

J. S.