Langborne Ward. Modern State thereof. 164

Langborne Ward. Modern State thereof.

Bell Yard, but small.

Bell Yard.

St. Dionys Backchurch, seated at the turning into Limestreet: A Peculiar of Canterbury, the Archbishop and Prior of Christ's Chirche, Canterbury, anciently the Patrons.

St. Dionys Backchurch.

This Church was destroyed in the Conflagration of London, and rebuilt of Freestone.

By the Corner of this Church, you turn into Limestreet, running northwards into Leadenhall Street, against St. Mary Axe. At which End it is narrower than in the midst. A Street taken up by several Merchants; but the Part in this Ward goeth not much farther than Collumstreet, the greatest Part being in Limestreet Ward, where it is spoken of.


But to return to Fenchurch Street.

Eastward of Limestreet is St. Paul's Alley: at the upper end of which are 2 or three good Houses.

St. Pauls Alley.

Hartford Court hath very handsome Houses, and a Freestone Pavement.

Hartford Court.

Collumstreet very open and large, with good new built Houses, well inhabited, which with a turning Passage Westward, falls into Limestreet: It takes its Name from Sir Cullum, Knt. the Owner thereof. In this Street is the Ipswich Arms Inn, well built, and of good account.


Ipswich Arms Inn.

Fen Court, very handsome and broad, with a Freestone Pavement; the Houses are large and gracefully built, fit for Merchants, and Persons of Quality who there inhabit. It hath a good Air, as lying open to Gardens on the West side.

Fen Court.

Culver Court, but small, with a Freestone Pavement; at the upper end is the Hall of Hudson Bay Company.

Culver Court.

Hudsons Bay Merchants their Hall, or House.

Smith's Buildings, hath a narrow Entrance, with a Freestone Pavement, but at the upper end, the Court maketh an open Square, with very good new Buildings well inhabited: And this Court hath an open Passage into Billiter Lane East, and likewise a good handsome Passage into Limestreet, West.

Smiths Buildings.

Near to Smith's Rents, or Buildings, is Ironmongers Hall, an old Building: The Fire of London stopping at this part of Fenchurch Street, Billiter Lane, Leadenhall Street, and all the Eastern and Northern Parts from thence; all which want new Building. In this Hall the Turkey Company of Merchants have their Meetings, and keep their Courts.

Ironmongers Hall.

In the South side of Fenchurch Street, are these Places of Name, beginning Eastward.

Mark Lane, or Mart Lane, over against Billiter Lane; a long Street. but the Part in this Ward begins Southward of St. Alhallows Stayning Church, which it takes in, and all the West side to Fenchurch Street, the rest being in Towerstreet Ward.

Mark Lane.

St. Alhallows Stayning Church.

This Alhallows Staining is obscurely seated lying backward from the Street, the Passage to it being through Star Alley, which hath a turning Passage into Fenchurch Street: This Alley hath old built Houses on the North side, on the South whereof is the Church. The Parish is in the Diocess of London, the Abbot of Tourhill in antient Times was Patron.

Star Alley.

West Mark Lane, is Mincing or Minchion Lane, which hath little or no part in this Ward; it lyeth in Towersatreet Ward, where it must be sought for.

Mincing Lane.

Mediford Court, a very handsome large Court with graceful new built Houses of Brick, well inhabited, especially the upper part, or end, where the Houses are more spacious for the Reception of Merchants.

Mediford Court.

From this Court to Rood Lane, are several large Houses built backwards, with Court Yards before them, and Great Gates to the Street to shut up, being the Seats of Merchants; as Sir Thomas Cook, Knt. Alderman, sometime Governor of the East India Company, and Sheriff of London.

Rood Lane hath also but a small Part in this Ward, the greatest being in Billingsgate Ward, but in this Part is Cullum's Court, which is but small.

Rood Lane.

Cullum Court.

Westward of Rood Lane is Cradle Court, which is but small, with a Freestone Pavement.

Cradle Court.

Philpot Lane: it falleth into great Eastcheap, a Place pretty well supplied with Inhabitants. Amongst which are several Merchants.

Philpot Lane.

The South Part of this Ward, Northwards of Coopers Hall, is in Billingsgate Ward. On the West side is Braben Court, which is large, well built, and inhabited; and on the Eastside is Moses Court, which is but narrow and ordinary.

Braben Court.

Moses Court.

There are to watch at the several Stands in this Ward every Night, a Constable, the Beadle and 34 Watchmen.

The Jury returned by the Wardmote Inquest for this Ward, are to serve as Jurors in the several Courts in Guild Hall, in the Month of November.]

It hath an Alderman, his Deputy: Common Counsellors 8, Constables 15, Scavengers 9, Men of the Wardmote Inquest 17, and a Beadle. It is taxed to the 15, in the Exchequer at 20l. 9s. 8d. * In London at 21l.

20l. 10s. First Edit.