Langborne Ward. St. Mary Woolnoth. 160

Langborne Ward. St. Mary Woolnoth.

Fabrick of the body of the Parochial Church of Long Stow in Cambridgeshire, 40s. And to be distributed among the Poor there, 40s. Item, To the repair and mending the Kings Highways 20l. She willed that her Executors, as soon as might be after her Death, should sell her best Cup called Manticer, and her white Cup with the Dragon; and the Money to be distributed among the most indigent, dwelling in the Parishes of S. Botulph, S. Mary Wolchyrch, S. Christophers, and S. Nicholas aforesaid, to pray devoutly for her Soul, and the Souls of Elizabeth and Petronel, her Daughters, and the Souls of her Husbands, and all the Faithful departed. Item, for one Anniversary to be held in the said Church of S. Nic. Acon, for her Soul, for 10 years next following after her Decease, in the manner used and accustomed for the Dead, 5l. viz. each year 10s. according to the Discretion of her Executors.]

Francis Bowyer, Grocer, one of the Sheriffs, was buried there 1580. with other of the Bowyers.

So was Julian, Wife to John Lambard, Alderman, Mother of William Lambard yet living: [the same it seems with him of Lincolns Inn, very learned in Antiquities: who wrote the Perambulation of Kent, and Archeion, or a Discourse upon the High Courts of Justice: And also Eirenarcha, or of the Office of the Justices of the Peace.]

J. S.

Here resteth in hope of a joyful resurrection the body of Francis Bowyer, late Alderman of London, who was borne in Chichester, the Sonne of Robert Bowyer of Chichester, and Margaret his Wife. He had Brethren, Robert eldest, William, Henry, and Peter: Which Sonnes together with their Mother Margaret, doe rest in this Church. He married Elizabeth, Daughter to William Tillesworth: with whom he lived most lovingly and faithfully the space of 27 yeeres: And by her had seven Sonnes and foure Daughters, of whom remained living at his death foure Sonnes, William, Robert, Francis, and John: And three Daughters, Joane, Margaret, and Elizabeth. Obiit 14. Junii An. Dom. 1581.

A handsome Monument on the South side of the Chancel, with this Inscription.


This Picture is for others,     
not for me,
For in my breast     
I weare thy memory.
It is here plac'd,     
that passengers may know,
Within thy ground no Weeds,     
but Corne, did grow.
That there did flow     
within thy vitall blood,
All that could make one     
honest, just, and good.
Heere is no Elbow roome     
to write of more,
An Epitaph yeelds taste,     
but seldom store.
Thy troope of Vertues     
grac'd thee amongst men,
And now attend thee     
at the Court in Heaven.
Thy worth, sweet Charles,     
deserves the rarest wit,
Thy Jane, for such a taske,     
is most unfit.


Corpus Caroli Haukins, Civis & Aromatarii Londinensis, in hoc Tumuo depositum est. Erat Deo devotus, charitatis plenus & virtutis; adeo studiosus, ut vitam laudabilem, finemque optimum peregerit. Jana unor ejus, filia Johannis Reeve

Armigeri natu minima, postea nupta fuit Johanni Suckling Equiti Aurato, Regiæ Majestatis à supplicum libellis, prædicti Caroli & Janæ insignes Dotes tanti æstimavit, ut Monumentum hoc, sumptibus propriis, in honorem defuncti pie posuerit, Anno Dom. 1621.

Over these Lines, as in a Book in the Hands of this Gentleman, these words:

Beatus vir, cui Dominus non imputavit peccatum, & in cujus Spiritu, non est Dolus.

A Monument on the North side the Chancel, with this Inscription.


In God is all my hope.
All men are borne to dye.     
In Christ is my Redemption.
John Hall, Draper, of the Age of 90 years, a Housholder in this Parish 58 years. And in that time, by the Providence of God, the Father of 27 Children, all born here. These great Mercies I do confess in my heart not to be of my deserts, but of God his good Grace only, shewed unto me more abundantly, than unto many thousands in my time. Wherefore with Heart and Tongue I yield all Honour and Praise unto thee O God.
Here under lyeth interred the Body of John Hall, once Master of the worhsipful Company of the Drapers; 25 years one of the Bridge-Masters of the City of London, who deceased the 19th day of November 1618, aged 93 years; And also the Body of Ann Brown, Daughter of Mr. John Brown Gent. being his third Wife; by whom he had 23 Children: She died the 17th of December 1619, being aged 73 years.

The Parish Church of St. MARY WOOLNOTH.


Then is there (in the high Street) a proper Parish Church of St. Mary Woolnoth of the Nativity; the reason of which Name I have not yet learned. [Probably because this Church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus in her Arms; as she is often pictured.]

S. Mary Woolnoth.

J. S.

This Church is lately new builded. Sir Hugh Brice, Goldsmith, Maior in the first year of Hen. VII. Keeper of the Kings Exchange at London, and one of the Governours of the Kings Mint in the Tower of London, under William Lord Hastings, the fifth of Edward IV. deceased, 1496. He builded in this Church a Chapel, called the Charnel, as also part of the Body of the Church and of the Steeple, and gave Money toward the finishing thereof, besides the Stone that he had prepared.

Brice Keeper of the King's Exchange.

It is so long since this Church was repaired and beautified, that we now rather look upon what it is, than what it was; and forward to a Repair to come, than backward to that that is gone. We see, it seems to call upon the Parishioners for it, and hear it is shortly to have it. For (as I am informed) it is promised and preparing: the Preparation likewise promising a great deal of Cost and Beauty.]



This Church was burnt down in the great Fire; but rebuilt. Sir Robert Viner Goldsmith and Alderman of London, contributed largely towards the Building; a Memorial whereof are the Vines that adorn and spread about that part of the Church that fronts his House and the Street. Insomuch that the Church was used to be called Sir Robert Viners Church.


J. S.

This Church with the Steeple is pulled down, and rebuilding again very splendidly.