Langborne Ward. Alhallows Stane. 158

Langborne Ward. Alhallows Stane.

ALHALLOWES Stane, Or Stayning Church.


On this South side, somewhat within Mart lane end, have ye the Parish Church of Allhallowes, commonly called Stane [i.e. Stone] Church, as may be supposed for a difference from other Churches of that Name in this City, which (of old Time) were builded of Timber, and since were builded of Stone.

Parish Church of Alhallowes Stone Church.

This Church was repaired in many Parts of it, and very neatly and decently beautified at the Cost of the Parishioners in the Year of our Lord 1630.



Simon Parrat,
Robert Stileman,

This Church escaped the great Fire. But some Years after fell all down, yet giving some Warning of its Fall to the Sexton that was then digging a Grave near the Foundation of the Wall, who conveyed himself hastily away, and saved his Life. The Church is now rebuilt. Sir John Fleet Knt. and Alderman made the Vestry.

This Church fell down suddenly.

J. S.

A very fair East Window of painted Glass, given by the worshipful Company of Grocers, Patrons of this Church, the Advowson purchased by them, according to the Gift of the Lady Mary Slany.

John Ince Attorney, gave the Font, 1683.]



In this Church have been divers fair Monuments of the Dead; namely,


John Costin, Girdler, a great Benefactor: He deceased 1244. His Name remaineth painted in the Church Roof: If it had been set in Brass, it would have been fetched down. He gave out of certain Tenements to the Poor of that Parish, an hundred Quarters of Charcoals yearly for ever.

Of late it is fixed there in better manner than ever it was before.

A. M.

Sir Robert Test, Knight of the holy Sepulchre; and Dame Joan * his Wife, by her Will dated 1487.

*Jane Regist. Lond.

Robert Stone.

Sir John Steward, and Dame Alice his Wife.

[Alice, William and John, Wife and Sons to Thomas Clarel.

Agnes, Daughter to Thomas Niter, Gent.

J. S.

William Atwel.

Felix, Daughter to Sir Thomas Gisors, and Wife to Travers.

Thomas Mason, Esq;

Edmond Wartar, Esq;

Joan, Wife to John Chamberlain, Esq; Daughter to Roger Lewkner, Esq;

William Frier.

John Hamberger, Esq;

Hugh Moresby.

Gilbert Prince, Alderman.

Oliver Chorly, Gent.

Sir John Writh (or Writhesly) alias Garter, Principal King at Arms; sometime laid under a fair Tomb in the Quire, now broken down and gone.

Joane, Wife to Thomas Writhesly, Son to Sir John Writhesly, Garter, Daughter and Heir to William Hall, Esq;

John Writhesley the younger, Son to Sir John Writhesley, and Eleanor.

Eleanor, second Wife to John Writhesley, Daughter and Heir to Thomas Arnold, and Agnes his second Wife.

John Writhesley Son of Thomas.

Agnes Arnold first married to William Writhesley, Daughter to Richard Warmeford.

Barbara Hungerford, Daughter to Sir John Writhesley, Wife to Anthony Hungerford, Son to Sir Thomas Hungerford of Dennampney in the County of Glocester.

All these Names stand in Stow's first Edition, but omitted in the After-Editions, and removed among the Monuments of St. Giles Church without Cripplegate. The Reason is hinted afterwards.]

John Bostocke, Esq;

Christopher Holt.

Sir Richard Tate, Knt. Ambassador for Henry the Eighth, buried there 1554. His Monument remaineth yet; the rest being all pulled down, and swept out of the Church, the Churchwardens were forced to make a large Account, 12s. that Year for Brooms, beside the Carriage away of Stone and Brass, at their own Charge.

And here I am to note, that being informed of the Writhesleys to be buried there, I have since found them and others, to be buried at St. Giles without Criplegate, where I mind to leave them.

Our Holt (alas!) hath stint his hold,     
by Death cal'd hence in haste,
Whose Christen name being Christopher     
with Christ is better plac't.
In Sawton born of gentle race,     
in London spent his days,
A Clerke that serv'd in Customehouse,     
in credit many wayes.
So that altho' we feele the losse     
of this so deare a Friend,
His life well spent well while he was here,     
hath gain'd a better end.

A fair Marble Tomb in the South Wall of the Quire.

John Mun, Citizen and Mercer of London, who deceased the third day of June, 1615. gave towards the repairing of this Church, 100l.

A small Monument in East Wall.

A. M.

Mary Benam, lying here buried, gave 10l. 4s. for ever yearly to this Parish, and the Parish of Saint Olaves in Hartstreet, which is in Money truly performed every Sunday, 2s. in each place to the Poor.]

Beneath in the lower part of the Church, a fair plated Stone.

In the South Wall of this Church, is a Monument with this Inscription.


Before this Place lyeth the Body of Emme Charleton, Wife to Robert Charleton, Citizen and Fishmonger of London; by whom he had Issue three Sons and four Daughters, and dyed in Childbed the 23d of June, 1622, having beeen married 10 Years, 10 Months, and 13 Days; and lived 31 Years, 4 Months and odd Days. She was the youngest Daughter of Thomas Harby of Adstone in the County of Northampton, Esq; by his last Wife Katharine Throgmorton, Daughter of Clement Throgmorton of Haseley in the County of Warwick, Esq; and of Katherine Nevyl, Sister to the then Lord Aburgavenie.

Et genus & nomen nosti, nomenq; mariti,     
Progeniem atq; dies, sic obitum & tumulum.
Te latet ipsa tamen, licet hæc externa tueris,     
Nobilia interius, nobiliora latent.
Nobilitas vera est sanctis virtutibus orta:     
Hanc teneris annis huic dedit omnisator.
Nam cum lacte simul materno Relligionem     
Imbibit, assiduè Matre docente pia.
Posteáq; ut vires crescebant, crevit in illa     
Vera Dei veri cognitio atq; Fides.
Nec sine fruge Fides; fuit alma, pudica, benigna,     
Compatiens, humilis, mitis, amica, bona,
Sic veram vera cum Justitia Pietatem, &     
Facta bonis verbis junxerat illa bona.
Ut Mater natam, Matris sic nata nepotes     
Imbuit imprimis cognitione Dei.
Non specie tantum, sed verè relligiosa     
Et Virgo, & Conjux, & Domina & Genetrix