Langborne Ward. Benefactors. 157

Langborne Ward. Benefactors.

Vultu, quippe albos     
Mors facit esse suos.
Hæc cecedit, manet ille     
super, quando moriturus
Inscius, at certus     
quod moriturus erit.

D. Ioannæ Milburne, secundo marito matri suæ optimæ Gulielmus Chesterus posuit. Anno Domini 1561.

This Monument declares,
that here the corps doe lye
Of him that sought in Science sight     
to publish prudently,
(Among the rest of things,     
the which he put in ure)
That ancient practice and profound,     
that hight of Architecture.
A Knowledge meet for those     
that buildings doe erect,
As by his Workes, at large set forth,     
is shewne the full effect.
All for the love he bare     
to this his native Land:
Yet though he dyed, his deeds doe live,     
and Fame in them doth stand.
Who likes therefore to winne     
such fame as he hath wonne;
Let them take care for Common-weale,     
as here Iohn Shute hath done:
Whose soule we hope to be     
in faithfull Abrahams brest,
With Gods elect and chosen stocke,     
for ever there to rest.
Wisedome and Science,     
above each other thing,
Are Vertues, from the which     
all Fame doth spring.

John Shute, Painterstainer, dyed the 25. of September, Anno Domini, 1563.

In the other side of the Chancel North, a handsome small Monument.

In this Church of late have been buried with monumental Stones laid over them, these that follow:

Buried in S. Edmond Lombard Street.

J. S.

In the Chancel.

Edward and Charles Mompesson, Sons of Edward and Jane Mompesson. Edward, 1698. Charles, 1700.

Edward Mompesson, Goldsmith, Jan. 23. 1704.

In Body of the Church, two Sons of Joseph and Judith Horneby of this Parish: both which departed in the Year 1687.

R. White, the late Wife of Tho. White, 1686.

Frances the Wife of William Wyllys, Esq; Merchant, 1676. And William Wyllys his Son.

Queen Mary's Arms in a Table near the Pulpit inscribed, In memoriam Augustissimæ & Exoptatissimæ Reginæ MARIæ morte præmatura Dec. 28. 1694. c┼ôlo redditæ

There is an Organ in this Church, and a Table here of the Names of the several Inhabitants of the united Parishes of St. Edmund the King, and St. Nicolas Acons, who were Contributors towards the Purchase of it, and building a Gallery for the same, An. Dom. 1701. and the particular Sums of Money given by each. The first set down are Dr. Tho. Lynford Rector, and Dr. Zachraias Isham, Lecturer, who gave 20l. each. And others gave 10l. others 5l. the least a Guinea.]



To the Poor in Saint Edmund's Parish.


Mr. Richard Jaie, Serjeant at Law, hath given to the Poor of this Parish yearly for ever, 45s. to be given in Bread, Coals, or otherwise.

Charities to this Parish.

Mrs. Joan Lowen of Raineham in the County of Essex, Widow, by her Will dated in March, 1569, hath given to the Poor of this Parish, 52s. yearly for ever, in Bread, with the Advantage, 13 Penny Loaves every Sunday to 13 poor People, &c.

Mr. John Torkington, 40s. yearly for ever, in Bread or otherwise, by his Will, in the Year 1571. Payed by the Masters and Wardens of the Drapers Company, or out of his own Corner House situate in the same Parish.

Sir Richard Champion, Knight, sometime Lord Maior of this honourable City, by his Will the 23d. Day of March, 1570. hath give 54s. yearly for ever, in Bread or otherwise: Paid out of the Rent of the House called the Beades in Birchen lane. And 12d. a-piece to each Churchwarden for ever, to see his Will performed.

John Rois, Citizen and Mercer of London, by his Will the 23d Day of August, 1568, to 12 poor People, 6 of this Parish, and 6 of the Parish of Whittington College, every Sunday for ever in Bread, hath given a Penny Loaf to each Person, payable out of his House in the same Parish.

William Watson, by his Will the 19th Day of September, 1586, hath given his Dwelling House in S. Clements lane, to have 40s. paid yearly for ever, to the Poor of the said Parish, in Bread or otherwise.

Mr. Thomas Russell, by his Will, the 7th Day of July 1593, hath given yearly, for the Term of 37 Years, 2 Loads of Char-coals to the Poor of this Parish, betwixt Alhallontide and Christmas: Paid by the Master and Wardens of the Drapers, out of certain Houses standing in a void Piece of Ground in Thames street, in the Parish of St. Mary Sommerset.

Sir Nicholas Rainton Knight, Haberdasher, gave to this Parish (where as it seems he lived) per Ann. 1l. 6sh.

More Gifts of later years.

J. S.

Mrs. Anne Whitmore, per Ann. 5l.]

From this Church down Lombard street, by Birchovers lane (the one half of which Lane is of this Ward) and so down, be divers fair Houses; namely, one with a fair Fore-front towards the Street, builded by Sir Martin Bowes, Goldsmith, since Maior of London: And then one other, belonging to William de la Pole, Knight Baronet, * and yet the King's Merchant, in the 14th of Edward the Third; and after him, to Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk, in the 24th of Richard the II, and was his Merchants House; and so down toward the Stocks Market, lacking but some three Houses thereof.

Great Houses in Lumbardstreet.

*No Baronets in those times: It should be Banneret. J. S.

Noblemen of this Realm, of old time, as also of late years, have dealt in Merchandises.

The South side of this Ward beginneth in the East, at the Chain to be drawn thwart Marklane up into Fenchurch street, and so West by the North end of Mincheon lane, to Saint Margaret Pattens street, or Rood lane, and down that Street to the Midway towards St. Margaret's Church: Then by Philpot lane (so called of Sir John Philpot that dwelled there, and was Owner thereof) and down that Lane, some six or eight Houses on each side, is all of this Ward.

The Bounds of this Ward on the South side.

Rood Lane.

Philpot Lane.

Sir John Philpot.

Then by Grass church Corner, into Lombardsteet, to St. Clement's lane, and down the same to St. Clement's Church: Then down St. Nicholas lane, and down the same to St. Nicholas Church, and the same Church is of this Ward.

S. Clements Lane.

Then to Abchurch lane, and down some small Portion thereof: Then down Sherborne lane, a Part thereof, and a Part of Bearbinden lane, be of this Ward: And then down Lombard street to the Sign of the Angel, almost to the Corner over against the Stocks Market. And these be the Bounds of this Ward.

Abchurch Lane.

Sherburn Lane.