Langborne Ward. St. Edmund Lumbardstreet. 156

Langborne Ward. St. Edmund Lumbardstreet.

Coffin: An ornament of her Sexe, for true constancy in both fortunes: The onely Mother and beauty of her Race, in her time, named Izan Wright by her Father, Edwards by her first Husband: both of this Parish, and also here buried. Her shining to the vaine World (to whom Adversity is Vice, and Properity is Vertue) was eclipsed by a second marriage, wherein she deceased the fifth day of March, An. Dom. 1613. Aged about 66. yeeres.

Here under this place lyeth buried the Body of Thomas Walker, Citizen and Vintner of London. Who deceased the 25. day of January, 1599. Which said Thomas Walker had two Wives, Joane and Mary. By Joane he had Issue eight Children, foure Sonnes, and foure Daughters. Joane his Wife lyeth hereunder buried, who deceased the 29. day of August, 1592. ætatis suæ, 69.
Mans life, betimes try it who shall,     
Shall find no time in it to trust:
Sometime to climbe, sometime to fall,     
Till life of Man be brought to dust.

A comely small Monument in the South Ile of the Quire, East.

Persons, over whom Stones engraven are laid.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel.

Mary Sherbrook, Wife of John Sherbrook of London, Merchant, dyed 1681.

Thomas Horton, Citizen and Grocer; 1702. Aged 75. Also Elizabeth Horton, his Wife, 1696.

South Ile, Alexander Orpwood, Citizen and Dyer of London, 1672.

William Kerwood, 1676.

Mary Dawson, 2 Jan. 1715.

John Brown, Apr. 29. 1713.

This Church was consumed in the great Fire: Rebuilt at the public Charge. Pewed and beautified at the Charge of the Parish, 1694

Church rebuilt.

To this Church belongs a fine Altar Piece of Wainscot. Upon the Pediment in several Places stand the Representations of Candlesticks of Gold, with Wax Lights in each. Between the two Tables of the Commandments stands a Pelican feeding her young ones with her Blood. The Work is supported with fine Wainscot Pillars.

In the South Ile on the East Wall are the Queen's Arms curiously carved with the Supporters: All in Wainscot.

This Church hath an Organ: and a finely wrought Pulpit, all in Wainscot Work. The Organ was erected Ann. 1701. The Benefactors to which are set down upon the Organ Gallery.

In the Vestry is a Table of Benefactors, that gave to the Altar Piece and other Gifts to this Parish. Whose Names are as follow.

Sir Will. Russel.
Tho. Jenney.
Tho. Fielder.
Tho. Lowfield.
Rob. Stokes.
Bridget Elson.
Rich. Thornton.
Peter Lupart.
John Dodson.
Tho. Bishop.
Sir John Sweetaple.
Edward Beard, &c.

Together with the Reverend Dr. John Aucher Prebendary of Canterbury, and Mr. Humphrey Zouch Rector.]

Next is a common Ostery for Travellors, called the George, of such a Sign. This is said to have pertained to the Earl Ferrers, and was his London Lodging in Lombardstreet: And that to the Year 1175. a Brother of the said Earl, being there privily slain in the Night, was there thrown down into the dirty Street, as I have afore shewed in the Chapter of Night Watches. This is now since the Fire turned into a Yard; and called George Yard.

The Parish of S. EDMUND Lombard Street.


Next is the Parish Church of S. Edmond the Kind and Martyr, in Lombard Street, by the South Corner of Birchover Lane.

Parish Church in S. Edmond Lombard Street.

This Church is also called S. Edmond Grass Church, because the said Grass Market came down so low.

This Church was repaired and very worthily beautified, at the proper Cost and Charges of the Parishioners, in the Years of our Lord God 1631, and 1632.



Humfrey Gravenor,
Anthony Bradshaw,

The Expences arising to 248l.

This Church was burnt down in the great Fire: and rebuilt; standing (which scarce any Church in England doth beside) North and South; and the Communion Table placed at the North end of the Church: The irregularity of the Ground so necessarily requiring. To this Church belongs a pair of Organs.


J. S.

No Parsonage House belonging to the Incumbent of this Parish, as it was given in at a Parochial Visitation, Anno, 1693. Yet in a former Parochial Visitation, viz. Anno 1636. there was a Parish House and Glebe of 10l. per ann.

There is a Parsonage House in the Churchyard of S.Nicolas Acons, which is annexed to S. Edmond's. For which the Incumbent receiveth 6l. per ann.

Here was a Messuage called the Bell, with Garden situate in this Parish, belonging to Sir Martin Bowes, a great and wealthy Citizen, and a Benefactor, of the first size, of the Company of Goldsmiths, sometime Lord Maior, flourishing in the Reigns of King Henry VIII. and King Edward VI.]

The Bell in S. Edmond's Parish.

The MONUMENTS in this Church are these:


Sir John Milborne, Draper, Maior, deceased, 1535. buried there by Dame Joane and Dame Margaret his Wives, under a Tomb of Touch.


Humfrey Heyford, Goldsmith, Maior 1477.

Sir William Chester, Draper, Maior, 1560. with his Wives, amongst his Predecessors.

Sir George Barne, Maior, 1586. &c.

D. Joanni Milburno, vitrico.
D. Joanni Chestero, patri.
D. Roberto Tempesto, genero.
Gulielmus Chesterus, posuit.
Elizabetha suo     
postquam Chestera marito,
Sex natos, natas     
octo dedisset, ait;
Non opus in terris,     
nec fas me vivere supra,
Jam sat habes comitum,     
chare marite, vale.
Quam quoniam nequiit     
vivam revocare sub auras,
Quod potuit fecit,     
dum fuit illa super.
Illa ex parte suam     
faciem de marmore duci
Jussit, at ex ista,     
Conjugis ore suæ.
Hac natas, illa     
natos subjunxit, eodem

In the South side of the Chancel, a fair Monument in the Wall.